June 1, 2023

What are the medication options available in the United States for weight loss? Which is the best weight loss medication or diet pill? What is the price, availability, and efficacy of the new weight loss medications such as Qsymia (Phentermine, Topiramate) or Belviq? Where can I find a weight loss doctor for weight loss medications or diet pills are right for me?

Hello and welcome to amd memory loss centers of america’s weight loss of melon shop today we are going to talk about the problem of obesity and the new medications that are now available in the united states to assist physicians take care of their weight or obese patients weight loss medications have a very interesting and a bumpy road having had gone through various

Phases where there was a period where there were too many weight loss medications on the market some of them eventually had to be taken off the market because of the complications our concerns for suspects then we had a period where every medication though was presented the fda ended up being denied on various grounds some of them for lack of data some of them for

Various sometimes trivial reasons and the nation had been dealing with an epidemic of obesity as you might know up to seventy percent of the population are either in the water weight category or obese in the united states that is a problem of epic proportions that needs drastic measures unfortunately the fda did not have too many obesity medicine doctors on their

Panels that looked at the beastie medications that were being presented to them until quite recently approximately a year ago fda took one bariatric or obesity medicine doctor and within a few months we have two medications on the market the two medicines that were approved in 2012 for weight loss by the food and drug administration are ksenia which is a combination

Of phentermine with topiramate and bell wink let me first talk about the combination of phantom in which is the traditional weight loss medication along with topiramate which is an anti-seizure neuropathy type medicine the idea behind having two medications together is quite interesting if you look at the brain pathways that control our appetite center there are

Approximately 50 different chemicals that can influence our apt at center unfortunately if you were able to block one of those pathways with one medication the other pathways can compensate so the best strategy then is to try to find two pathways that are complementary to each other by using a combination medication one of the best combinations in my opinion that

Is not available would be the combination of low dose of phantom in about 15 milligrams or so along with a very low dose of topiramate about 25 milligrams or so to start with to be titrated as needed sometimes you could start even much lower the benefit is that you’re blocking two pathways at the same time and at the same time are able to get the benefit at a

Very low dose of each of these medications is that can keep the side-effects low there is a brand name cosima that is available through wait md medical weight loss centers of america and other physicians might also be able to offer it as one of the groups that has started and was anticipating the arrival of these medications wait md is fortunate to have acquired

Valuable knowledge in treating patients dealing with obesity using medications such as the new kissimmee ax or combination similar to the ingredients in kissimmee a– such as low dose of phentermine along with low dose of topiramate the other medication that i was going to talk to you about is called belek the good thing about belviq although it is not as strong

As a medication compared to kasimi a combination is that belly is considered a little bit more safer in patients dealing with complex medical histories such as cardiovascular disease or other medical problems on the flip side it’s not a very strong agents you may get a little less benefit but it is safer the fda has clarified that you can even combine these two

Medications with each other as needed and that is something that i think is very important to consider in the right patient one medication might be adequate for some in some patients there may need more than one so talking to an obesity medicine physician that is trained in the field of obesity medicine familiar with these medications and the various options might

Be the right thing to do and the weight of the medical weight loss centers of america has physicians that are trained and experienced in the field of obesity medicine are familiar with these and other weight loss medications if you are overweight or obese and are looking for non surgical weight loss measures using evidence-based medications and other non surgical

Measures such as low calorie diet exercise guidance and an individualized weight loss plan you may want to consider w8 md medical centers of america that is available online at www amd com that is great md but with w number 8 m.com if you look at the spelling of 8 e ig ht versus spelling of weight that’s w e ig ht wait md thank you and have a great day

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