June 3, 2023

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Water that’s the world anti-doping agency will include it in the list of banned substances and you can remember vividly that shakari richardson american athletes um you know was in the form of a life the sixth fastest woman ever in the history of 100 meters um just before you know she got banned for a month as a result of the um using cannabis during and out of

Competition testing having said that that made her you know miss out on the tokyo olympic games last year and as a result of that decision there are calls for a review but the review is now here and cannabis remains banned by the world anti-doping agency it’s time to turn our attention into football we still have so much in talking about other spots but let’s

Start with football it’s all about the it’s it’s shocking really what’s happening with spanish football especially the women’s nationality remember you’ll get fielder that’s um the coach of the women’s national team of spain um who has been called there have been calls for him to be sacked with 15 players um tangerine their well the internet their resignation

They threatened you know to resign as a result of what they perceived as a toxic culture you know under um miss tutelage what do you make of this really it’s you don’t get to see it so often you know you can have a coach follows with a player or two i mean for example we had mourinho foreign just about three players but you you barely see 15 players and possibly

Even more you know follow with a coach they complain about you know uh miss team selection training sessions um they also complain about management of injuries it’s it’s a whole lot and these are female players remember how male players will be treated it will be different from female players not because they are weaker vessels known far from that but because

You know they have um a unique um being when it comes to the anatomy and all of that so what do you make of this the spanish football federation is standing by him by the way yes whenever that’s the way i was it’s i was wondering why the spanish and physician is standing by him because when you have 15 15 players going against a coach automatically you have lost

Address there’s no competition that that coach can probably win because even if those players are playing they’re playing against their will it won’t be they won’t even play with passion for the for their games so i think generally they should just let the coach go not just not because the players actually want him to go because you just make the same hole again

So have a better a better um chance in going into computer getting good results from there because no matter how they start with the coaches this is the national team it’s not a club team that you can just sell those players yes exactly and get new players so these are the same still the same players you will use so i think letting the coach go probably be the best

Thing best thing okay and um you know quite well that for the spanish um football federation or rather the spanish football one of the rules is that if the players refused to honor invitations um they they face suspension of up to five years and then these players are not you know backing down on their calls for you’ll give you that to go it will be intriguing

To see how this pans out in the coming days we’re talking about you know um the players in one hand i have the coach being backed by the spanish football federation on the other but it’s unprecedented to have players you know sending emails identical emails stating um that they will resign from you know um football or national team duties for the time being the

Spanish football federation has said it’s all called you know some underage players to fill up the vacuum pendant the time there’s a resolution to all of this but it’s not looking good for women’s football talking about the spanish football really but let’s see how it pans out otherwise there’s something attention to nationals and football remember again that we

Do not have um you know club football this week and we’ve had you know players representing their national teams so yesterday that action in the uefa nations league league a group one and then we had croatia against denmark that was a match that was a battle for the top whoever won that was automatically you know assume the summit of that group and just croatia we

Matched 2-1 victorious over denmark what do you make of that match it was not as easy as we expected but um kristen erickson once again shane that is recovered from you know the scare of the heart attack a year ago and yes i would say um crucial i really did try because denmark has over time just been formidable force they have this amazing kind of teamwork where

You can’t really minus ericsson playing you can’t really pick out players i think this is the best player they just they are all together they are very very good and croatia beating them think they they really tried okay okay it’s time to turn our attention now to france yes they were in action against austria and the one that by two ghosts now but it’s all about

Olivier giroud who scored um yesterday the second goal after mbappier had struck and that made him um the oldest player to score for the french national team ever in the history of french football more importantly that goal also took him two goals behind uh france all-time highest goal scorer talking about theory or who has 51 strikes you have olivier zero on 49 and

It’s just a matter of time before it surpasses henry as the highest goal scorer in the history of french football they were in danger they needed to win if they didn’t win they would have been relegated from you know the top tier of uefa’s nations league but they responded in kind mbappe was a turn on the flesh and jiril once again trend that despite being 35 plus

He still has what it takes to mix with you know the youngins what do you expect or what were you expecting rather yes of course i was expecting them to win think fans have had some some inconsistency on on your part and with the kind of quality players that they have i believe they shouldn’t have had those kind of um results that they had so i think this match then

Winning this match was yes very good for them and also the build up to the to the world cup is very very important having the confidence having their players on very good consistent forms with something that really helped them in the world cup and as for jude has has been very very i think a little bit underrated because exactly he he he has had this kind of very

Very good career i would say as as a player as a shoot and i’m very happy for him a great career at mars versace has played for top clubs my name is chelsea arsenal a7 currently and i’m definitely always delivering when it comes to you know scoring goals for these clubs and even the national team let’s turn our attention now to the belgian and the belgian national

Team they were in action as well and the one by two goals to one against worlds four wheels it’s signed sealed and almost delivered when it comes to relegation but for belgium they are right there on course you know to to make a qualification um at top of the table two one it wasn’t scoring expected in terms of probably three four five considering the quality

Of the team but the bronax you know showed up he also had bashway you know for my chelsea player showing up as well um you think um it’s a window just you know be good enough for their world cup preparations yes i think it is good enough for the world cup preparations because having us battery strike and scoring a goal so it shows like kind of bench players they

Even have that can even produce exactly and they they have having debrone that that has been in a very very good form especially in this season has been a very very nice form i think it really helped them in world cup providing every of their players and stay fit without injury jury okay another thing that i impressed last night was netherlands against poland

That was meant to be a difficult game and because the police were at home but lewandowski filed blanks as the polish team lost by two goals to know and he had tottenham how i am outcast to now plays for ayax i’m steven barrowin also getting the second goal in the after gag poll at scott for the dutch national team it’s it’s a brilliant brilliant performance more

Importantly is the the kind of form they’ve shown this year um is you know phenomenal especially when he take into consideration that louis van gaal the coach is battling with cancer i think the team has responded you know they didn’t allow that bad news um they demoralized them you think that they are one of the dark horses going into the world cup and i think

Yes they are because the netherlands have had a kind of quality kind of theme over over time and you know this most of these quality players grew old at the same time unless we left for having that kind of um for assembling that team and making them improve as they are now and i think going into the work of the really impressive impressed okay well talking about

Um nations league we have some matches today but we’ll focus on two key matches you have germany against hungary or on a paper it looks like oh the germans will win that but it will shock you to understand that in that group that has hungary germany england as well as italy it is the algerians who are top in that group and england at the bottom of that group so it

Tells you that football as a veteran will say it’s like biscuit you do not know where it will crack but hey germany against hungary the last time it was you know a draw and i’m just around the germans will be hoping to get the win the germans need to win to get to the top of the table anything outside the win and hungry will stay top of table and most likely you

Know standing a good chance to sell qualification for the finals ufo nations league finals do you think germany can defeat hunger we’ve seen only throughout the course of five games very difficult to beat i i like i say i think i i noticed angry from the last year they played and this is how they played and i was i was like okay how you can’t really i can’t rename

A player that i really know in in that in that same well they defended where they were holding the ball well against very very good teams so i think the match will be a very difficult one for germany though i’ll teach those germany winning when i was i think to be very difficult match for them you know last time hungry trashed england focused until you know away

From home you don’t think they can repeat and no no i think germany has really really improved on under their coach they have really improved i think you just need to improve on getting their um getting on the score sheets and scoring more goals okay talking about that same group you have um italy against england the bigger part and that’s the second match that

Will be taking place today and then for italy against england the italians are still you know and well positioned unlike their um english counterparts who have just two points from four games and need a win it’s a must win match for england um you know away at italy the big question is can they do it’s the last time they played in the uefa nations league they were

Dropped by the hungarians four goes to know that ended at the millennial stadium this time around johnstones won’t be playing he got a red card in the last match they suspended jordan anderson you know replaces calvin phillips in the squad but anderson is also struggling for fitness you know he hasn’t played for liverpool in over three weeks do you think england

Can get the job done against italy they must win they have no choice or they get relegated it’s i would say it’s very very hard because looking at the england team on paper they have they look like jim that has this very very quality players but when when when you’re going when they’re playing i’m like okay is it the same england team so it has been like that for

Like two three four matches so okay going to italy winning i i held that because italy is a very formidable team very the last call um having um being champions of you yes i think they they are very very formidable team and i’ll probably be seeing a draw in the match and the match itself okay

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