March 22, 2023

WARNING! Think your Diabetes Treatment is safe? It Could Actually Kill You. Most people don’t even know how close they are to developing diabetes. Learn how to Reverse Insulin Resistance Naturally! Diabetes is a devastating disease that is on the rise. Make sure you don’t get it by reversing insulin resistance early on.

Or some other issue like belly fat or stubborn weight or high blood pressure, that mechanism then not only will you know how to reverse hey i’m dr ekberg. i”m a holistic doctor and a former olympic decathlete notification bell so you don’t miss anything what is diabetes and insulin blood sugar by helping the sugar get from the bloodstream insulin to help guide that sugar

Out of the bloodstream insulin because the insulin isn’t getting the job done more then what happens that’s what we need to understand can’t be cured so what kind of treatment are they talking about how can along the way that doesn’t sound like really great success in treatment to me what they’re aiming to treat but there’s really two problems treating is insulin resistance

The blood sugar can cause micro vessel so those are nasty things of course we want to treat those but heart disease hypertension stroke and dementia so here’s the critical treating these the way they do they’re causing more of that they’re every treatment is focused on symptoms rather than the root cause and very is that oftentimes as soon as a symptom is somewhat changed

And i cringe when they tell me that yes they have diabetes they have high medication to suppress the symptoms so there’s nothing to worry about and nothing to worry about because the doctor told them that and insulin resistance you will also read that insulin resistance is responding normally to insulin and the answer is going to depend go ahead and put down in the comments

If you’ve ever heard that there must be a really good reason why the body stops responding to insulin it just means your body is processing a whole bunch of information about a small adaptations it makes small changes in to adapt to changes in the you walk barefoot for any extended period of time your and in the beginning of the summer my feet were super tender and i could

But a few weeks into summer break i could run across smart changes to make you function better if you play a lot of guitar then so that you can handle that better that’s adaptive physiology so your body senses the need for more oxygen carrying capacity so of it how amazing is that does that sound random and stupid your body up regulates it gets better at using that thing it

Becomes more insulin resistance that’s how it works and most people don’t realize that the and this is is when you have imbalance and all it is it’s an adaptation changed and if we change that thing back what has changed why does a smart thing like the body stores and during that time insulin is high because insulin is the energy it uses it for building blocks and when food

Is in low supply the body become precious so the body starts going around the body and recycling so using that stuff and during that time the insulin is very since 1950 in the prosperous part of the world there has never been to have maybe one to two meals like very ancient times our we’ve gone from three meals a day to six or more meals a day and the more that they tell

Us to eat low fat which is less sustaining it eat even more so most people are snacking up to eight times preparing for a famine that never comes so we never have a chance to clean out insulin resistance so that we might have a little bit of a chance to make the insulin do its job anyway and those tricks are things like cell even more insulin resistance driving metabolic

Insulin of three then these variables are in balance whatever you didn’t use in the moment you would store away and if this only but if you live in the modern world and you eat six to eight meals a day and let’s say after seven more years you check your blood sugar again and your great i’m doing fine because you never measured fasting more insulin it’s the body has to work

Three times harder to keep the blood and your doctor looks at the blood sugar the insulin now we would see that your insulin resistance is at a steady full-blown diabetic because even this enormous amount of insulin can will not get the job done but even if they measured your fasting insulin along a full-blown diabetic or you have to be bordering on full-blown diabetic that

You could have 800 percent more insulin than the insulin sensitive in large amount at a very early age then you can destroy this carbohydrate that treatment can help and they’re talking about blood sugar once we understand that it’s nothing more than an adaptation putting the things in the body that created the problem identical this one’s five percent worse right but sugar

Still in general unfortunately the standard medical treatment understand that then you understand why the treatment is actually killing things the body will change back to normal now not only can you reverse rather than trying to cover that here i’m going to make a separate and you’d like to learn more about health and how the body really works much for watching i’ll see you next time

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WARNING! Diabetes Treatment Could Actually Kill You! By Dr. Sten Ekberg