June 4, 2023


Hi there you’re welcome to damiarix care channel where we talk about medications and how to use them properly if you’re new to our channel make sure you hit the like and subscribe button that way you’re able to get a large any time we post our informative videos such as this and also in order to help support our community here at damiarix care so what medication

Are we going to be talking about today so medication for today is called zopidim tartrate so the brand name is known as ambien or intermeso and usually the medications um the medication the zopanim comes in about five milligram and 10 milligram the controlled release form comes in a 6.25 milligram as well as a 12.5 milligram and the sublingual form comes in a

1.75 and a 3.5 milligram so what is ambient used for so ambient is used for a short-term uh treatment of insomnia however i’ve seen patients take this for a longer period of time which is not favorable because once your body get used to the ambien you might have troubles um falling asleep or staying asleep when you don’t use the medication so usually patient we

Use it for about four weeks and then they’ll probably take it maybe like two to three nights in a week that way your body doesn’t um get um in a habit of taking that medication in order for you to fall asleep so the medication is usually taken um right before bedtime uh to kind of help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep for that period of time as well so

What are some of the side effects of ambience so some of the side effects of ambien include headache um drowsiness as well as nausea so they are these are short-term side effects so some long-term side effects of ambien include dry mouth um it can cause back pain and some patient allergy um it can also cause influenza like symptoms so like flu-like symptoms

Um palpitations uh it can make the patient have this drugged feeling um i’ve heard some patients tell me they feel very woozy and kind of get that out of body experience when they take the ambien um usually um this would kind of reduce um a time and some patient might still say they continue to get it so usually in this case that’s why you probably want to take

It like two to three times a week that way your body is not getting used to that feeling and you know you’re able to do well without the medication or sleep well without the medication all right so the medication can also cause joint pain as well as indigestion so like i said these are um long-term side effects of the medication it won’t necessarily happen to

Everyone but just in case if it does these are some of the common long-term side effects that patients have reported while taking the medication so what is a contraindication so who should not be taking ambien so patients will have a hypersensitivity to ambient should not be taking the medication also this medication have been noted to cause sleep driving um

Because the medication is like an hypnotic medication um some patients have found themselves doing things while they’re asleep um and not having any idea of it when they wake up so just in case if this is happening make sure that you are reporting it to the doctor that way they can kind of taper you off the medication and kind of get you to be taking the right

Medication to help treat the insomnia insomnia is a very hard um condition however there are other medication and there are are other techniques that you could be employing to help you sleep better such as you know taking like a lukewarm or cold shower at night uh making sure that you’re um closing your blind avoiding any triggers um before bedtime such as tv

Or like a bright light um making sure like i said that you’re getting your body in tuned right before you sleep like reading a book um those kind of um tips can also help the patient sleep better um if you’re having trouble sleeping trying a melatonin medication um can also help i’ve seen patients take like a benadryl as well for a short period of time to kind

Of help your body sleep better at night well like i said with usually sleeping conditions you want to make sure you um you’re not taking medication consistently for it because what your body is now going to do is it’s going to get used to that medication and you would not be able to sleep unless you take the medication so making sure that you’re employing some

Of those tips in your nighttime routine to kind of help you sleep better without the use of a medication all right so what are some other things that you need to know about this medication you want to make sure that you’re avoiding alcohol while taking this medication like i said alcohol the medication itself can cause drowsiness because it’s meant to help you

Sleep and um taking alcohol can kind of increase that side effect or include increase that hypnotic effect that that medication have and also like i said the medication can be very habit forming so patients may get addicted to the medication after using it for a long period of time so make sure after about four to four weeks you’re discussing other options with

Your doctor in order to avoid these long-term side effects also while you take this medication you want to make sure that you’re not going to operate any machinery that requires for you to be mentally alert um the medication can make you drowsy so you don’t want to do something that you know you need to be mentally alert for after right after taking the medication

Also for the controlled release form make sure that you’re not crushing dividing or chewing the tablets that way it is not quickly exposed to your body and kind of wear off you know after a short period of time so make sure that you’re swallowing the tablet as a whole with a a cup of water to make sure that medication is being exposed or released slowly into

Your bloodstream to help you sleep and stay sleep stay asleep for um that period of time that you wanted to all right well i hope this video was kind of informative for you know and was able to give you insights regarding information regarding the medication make sure you hit the like and subscribe button that way you can get more alerts whenever we post other

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Watch this before using Ambien (zolpidem tartrate). Insomnia treatment with Ambien| sleepwalking By DEMIRxCARE