June 9, 2023

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Part two episode four yeah so pretty i got since last time i got a lot more energy i was like tired as hell when i was doing that um i’m kind of meddling in the middle of super hype because i got super hyped once i got off and i was doing my own telemedicine video and because i hadn’t take taking the bruce park since wednesday morning it’s friday 2 25 p.m

Eastern so i had to check this since nine o’clock wednesday so i really just trying to see where am i am i gonna panic instantly if i stop taking it um can i get a little bit more energy if i stop taking it just to kind of get overall like gauge of because all this happened so fast and so new i just needed a gauge okay where am i how far am i from normal i just

Had to see i wanted them like sometime i just gotta see what’s really going on and all the way i could see just get off of it a couple days and then i know i was gonna talk to the doctor about it anyway see if it was something new that we could possibly try or what direction was we going in next so because it made me so tired i was explaining that i explained the

Focus thing didn’t um recommend any adhd medicine so even though i think that would probably be the best thing for where i’m at right now as far as focus and needing energy ain’t pretty much just on something we could try something else as far as anxiety or we can try something else as far as and on the last one i said i didn’t have anxiety i mean you know how

It’s like an ego thing with this like especially when it’s all set it’s like people didn’t know me i mean you wouldn’t know like yeah i’m anxious i was meaning more so not like i don’t know how to spell i know i was saying if you walk past the house with a dog i wasn’t saying i didn’t have it at all i think to a certain extent we all do but i was just meaning

You know it’s just ego ego be kicking me sometimes so but it’s like since it make you sleepy how about you try to take over i’m still only on five milligrams so you’re like how about you take both of them at night see how that work you probably sleep good and go from there so i’m debating now do i just stay cold turkey and take supplements and try to bounce back

To normal like that or do i stick with the process take the boost wrong for a little bit let everything build up because i didn’t even give up the full two weeks my father just stayed through from wednesday to friday we will be at all the way at two weeks but now we two weeks ish three days from two weeks and once once i’m taking it for three days i’ll be at two

Weeks on which world so nine o’clock tonight i’m looking at almost eighty percent probably gonna get back home twenty percent staying called turkey and just trying to supplement it out just ate um beyond the meat with some rice plant-based burger and let me show y’all and i took these it’s a whole food supplement so it’s so hard lining up because the camera

Not like center so it’d be like you would think you got something in there yeah you probably can’t see it but it’s anyway it’s a multivitamin got everything in there so hopeful multivitamin plus iron coq10 omega-3 omega-6 turmeric 25 vitamins and minerals three strain probiotic all vegan uh vitamin a vitamin c vitamin d3 vitamin e thiamine right both flavin

Niacin v6 folate b12 biotin copper magnesium chromium iodine zinc uh heart blend fruit vegetable plant mushroom bad shiitake rishi i’m surprised they ain’t got lion’s mane it’s rna boron it’s a lot of stuff in here so i only tell you to take three four four seven i don’t want to put too much at one time or nothing at this point because anything can throw

Everything off so i’m gonna take it like probably do a week or just one week two and two and we maybe stick at two depending on how we two is and maybe eventually jump up but i’ll probably stick at two because what i noticed with a lot of you something unless if you get to that four spot you don’t really need it it’s probably fine you know they want you uh

Coming back more regularly so if you only take a one how much i get 90 capsules so you’ll be taking it for 90 days but if you take three you will be back by another bottle faster so that could play a factor for nine o’clock oh two what i’m two days off so i see um how many percent i might try just to see just you know i do feel a little bit better i do have a

Little bit more spurs energy in spots um oh he was also it was funny because it’s like because i said mine a little different some people were just going through crazy anxiety every day mine was you know stressing is taking the stimulus on top of the fast and all that so it was really all out the blue but like prior to this it wasn’t like i was like tired during

The day or a lot of stuff i got going on but every time i say something he’d be like the doctor would be like uh well it’s probably because i brought even though i was on his uh or i had just ordered the cpap whatever so you’re like were you probably tired because the the cpap like well i would have been tired before all this happened you know we wouldn’t just take

This happening to make me tired because i didn’t have a cpap like that’s clearly the medicine like i was just taking out of there and i wasn’t getting hungry like i was eating really like one time a day for real for most of that event and alexa bro as soon as i started taking this i was instantly like that we laid back lazy look like so thank you yes and i was

Super honest i was like i don’t like that like don’t try to tell me oh it’s like you know what you feeling you know if you eat something and your stomach get messed up instantly and then somebody tried to say oh maybe it was not oh well i just ate this in my stomach yesterday went like so you know it’s that like it’d be weird like that but yeah that’s just my

Experience today sometime i’m just hop on just be talking i’m just wanna you know some people write it out um this like i said it’s the black culture you know a nice safe space to come put that energy out there you know see what else connect black house episode 2 part 4 appreciate you if you’re watching if you comment all that love anybody going through the same

Thing just you know try to stay as positive as possible in those good days it’s bad days some days better than some time you gonna be in your ego about it sometimes you might get down about it but just keep trying to keep the wheel wrong

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