November 29, 2022

About: I still on my healthier lifestyle kick and I hope you are too! I am taking Topiramate 2xs a day per my drs instructions – follow me on my journey to see how I progress throughout the year. You will learn what is working and what isn’t working. We are family and I am wishing you success along the way!

This motivation here meeting you where you are to get you where you want to be happy wednesday you know it’s time to check in my upload is a little late i wasn’t feeling so great today but i’m here i’m not letting you down it’s wednesday and we are checking in some since i’m late let me just give me the good news right off the bat i like i mentioned there was

Gonna be some great weeks some not-so-great meets this happens to be one of those wait weeks i hope you two are having a very very good week um so let’s see my meals i am consistently eating three meals that may contribute to the weight loss i have a protein shake in the morning or a bowl surreal i have a salad and protein for lunch and i have whatever i want to

Eat for dinner listen this is a lifestyle change i am not going to eat a hundred percent healthy because i know i’m not gonna do that forever so i’m finding my balance bear with me again this is my new lifestyle i i saw a piece of food every now and then so it is what it is hey stop get up walk put your sneakers on remember we’re exercising while we’re doing

This now i had purchased a bike so i am going to start by bike riding for maybe thirty minutes a day so that should be exciting what else i am still sweating a lot and i love it i really think that’s what the five pounds when i’m telling you i’m sweating buckets at this point i just wake up i move ass that’s funny okay no nothing it’s really not that but it feels

Like it i seriously exert a lot of energy if i start gardening or again going for a walk we’re in 20 minutes i’d start sweating now it’s ten minutes and i’m maybe walking at a piece of 4.5 i mean i want a treadmill 4.5 is kind of a slow job for me so this is like a power walk like this you know click open your arms going fast fast fast but yeah it’s it’s kind

Of intimacy but on top of that the humidity outside it helps as well but i can tell like the sticky sweat presses up work out sweat okay this a lot okay but anyway what else is going on uh my appetite it’s still suppressed i’m still thirsty but i drink about two sips of something usually water i still drink the gatorade and i’m satisfied i’m not drinking enough

I have to constantly drink more water i still sip that same diet coke do you remember the dying coal that talked about like three weeks ago yeah it’s still in there i have like three swallows or something i don’t know i didn’t throw it out um the last time i taste i think i said this it did taste like diet coke again at one point it tastes as if it was flat but

It definitely tastes like diet coke i saw yes that’s a good thing so what else my energy level eight out of ten sometimes a 910 but yeah i mean i want complete what the end of the day i find myself more energetic than the start of the day i don’t feel tired when i wake up i actually sleep really really good i get up later than i normally get up which is quite

Interesting and i feel as if i slept for like 12 hours however i actually sleep for eight hours almost to the dot so that’s actually good i go to sleep with ease i am consistent with the two pills i still feel as if i only need one topiramate in the morning and that’s it but i take the two when i speak with my physician i am going to ask her if i still need me

To take two pills now again i just lost five pounds i need to just stay consistent and see what happens but it’s weird because if my appetite is suppressed and i’m feeling energized and everything and one do i really meet – i don’t the other thing is that taste in my mouth where i mentioned it feels as if i didn’t brush my teeth but i know the brush my teeth it’s

Still there i do not like that taste has anybody had that before that just me i don’t like it if i chew gum it goes away by brush my teeth look it goes away again but it comes back it’s almost like white before i need i don’t like it i don’t like better oh i thought i need to carry breath spray and just spray non-stop i don’t like it what else are you walking i

Hope so let’s have a motivational moment because there’s going to be days when you don’t want to get out of bed and it might be because you don’t feel well it could be something physical something mental perhaps it’s some deep emotions that are frustrating you or simply just going through that mind of yours but you know what you’re human and that’s okay you’re

Not to have moments you’re allowed to be down you just can’t stay down take a moment and think about what or why that boat needs you let me say that again think about the what or the why that motivates you what makes you get out of bed or why would you get out of bed each and every morning stop and think about that i mean you feel walking don’t stop but like stop

In theory and think about that i’m gonna pause while you keep walking and really think about what makes you get up every single morning and help you get excited to face a day you’re what or you’re why and for those of you that are not walking i see you i want you to write a comment in the comment section and say my what is and my why is and let us know and then

Those days when it’s hard to get out of bed i want you to think about what you vote and then better yet i want you to come back to this page because i’m going to comment to your comment and when you’re having one of those i’m going to call them off days i want you to come back to page and see what i wrote but don’t come back just to be nosy okay come back on those

Days that you needed so you have something to look forward to okay remember we’re in this together and we all have those days we’re gonna have them and you may not have one for a month from now it’s totally fine that’s great that’s great i mean things are going well but we’re gonna have updates and we’re gonna have down days so prepare okay so remember go on this

Journey together it starts with a single step and guess what we are at week four did you hear what i said week four that’s a month 30 days that’s major i don’t care where we could be where we should be that oh my gosh we could be one pound down that’s still one pound more than where we started if you’re on this journey in the correct fashion this is video 4 so at

Least two workouts have taken place you should be doing one right now as you know topiramate is one piece of this puzzle we have to eat right exercise and keep our mind mind if you’re on this journey with me we have to keep going i had a surprise baby that night it’s late now the five pounds was not the surprise but that was a pleasant surprise for me so i shared

That with you but uh more to come

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Week 5 of my Topiramate Journey- See How I Am Doing! By MsMotivation