March 28, 2023

Hello there! Today is an 8 week update on Pristiq.

Talk about my mental health journey uh today   i just wanted to talk about my updates with the  medication i am currently on pristiq and viewspar   i’ve been on pristiq now for eight and a half  weeks and i just recently upped my dose from 25   to me i have only been on it for 12 days   i have noticed some side effects uh

Just including  drowsiness and a general fog drowsiness is   actually pretty uncommon with buspar according  to my psychiatrist usually it makes people   more energized and even sometimes a bit agitated  because of the boost in energy i have not felt   that way i’ve been really sleepy um so i’m still  adjusting to what times

I take that medication   anxiety because i’m on the lowest as possible   tolerate it i will be increasing that dosage   and that is more of a therapeutic dose for the  kind of anxiety i have i have not noticed a huge   benefit to upping my dose from 25 to 50 milligrams  of pristique i wish i could say i had but  

It’s possible that i will just kind of be a late   upping that dose but he has read literature   the medication passed filled with 50 milligrams   so we’re just going to stick with that and up the  abuse bar to see if we can level up the anxiety   that way i also want to talk about the downfalls  of how i’m feeling in this

Medication because i   want to be honest with you guys the real honest  truth is i’m only seeing minor results as of now   when i do see results it’s nice i’m laughing more  often i have moments where i feel more present and   moments where i can brush things off more easily  if i get upset however i’m still having more  

Bad days than good and my pace issues i’m still  experiencing depersonalization and derealization   dissociation and are actually pretty difficult   to treat i’m finding out it feels like this is  taking forever and considering i’ve been kind of   out of commission because of my mental health for  over a year now i’m really getting

Impatient and i   really want to see results i know i’m not alone  in that feeling i was sick of feeling this way   and i still feel like i’m not functioning   even 80 most of the time but that’s  and the longer i don’t feel relief the more i feel  like i struggle because i slip into the idea of   if i’m just stuck feeling

This way forever   with anxiety or depression will know that   reality that things will change i’m scared and   even happening to me i’m confused as to why   i’ve been on this medication for two months and  not noticed the change that other people have   um but the truth is my journey is unique some  people will

Start medication and they’ll feel   are people like me who will try multiple  medications multiple holistic remedies and   still be a year-end and not know how to overcome  it no matter what it’s important to not give up   have days where i just feel like laying in bed   don’t let myself do that because there’s  

Worth fighting for and i hope that you guys   feel that way too so make a couple suggestions  of things that have been helping me through any   chance i get to pet a dog or a cat or anything  like i have some friends that have animals and   because pet and a dog there’s nothing like it   any way or capacity that makes

Sense to them if   that’s close to you helps you go for it if   writing freely um what comes to mind works   for you go for it if making youtube videos or  even just videos you don’t show anybody helps you   to where they’re not festering then go for it   in some fashion so i feel like i don’t have to  hold on

To it also when you do that if you do   share it it gives others the capacity to relate  to you i know this isn’t probably the video all   of you wanted to see it’s definitely not the one  i wanted to make but it’s the honest truth some   days i’m good and other days i’m very not good i  just appreciate you guys checking in and

Sticking   i said is helpful in some way or another   and if you want to see more and just subscribe  i update when i want to and when i feel like it   yeah thank you i’ll see you guys later bye

Transcribed from video
Week 8 Pristiq (desvenlafaxine) Update + 2 weeks on BuSpar (buspirone) By Anxiously Bri