March 28, 2023

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Hello and welcome to the plexus news on one hand doormat exciting shortage of doctors but on the other hand six states namely delhi karnataka kerala tamil nadu punjab and goa have more doctors than the wh er norm of one is to one thousand people majority of doctors in these states are unwilling to move to state suffering dr. crunch so ultimately the question

That arises is whether merely producing more doctors is addressing the shortage issue in public health and rural areas the union h ministry has started rules for in pharmacies to regulate the online sale of medicines across india the decision has been taken to ensure accessibility and availability of genuine drugs from authentic online portals to the patients

According to the regulations any person who intends to conduct business of a pharmacy shall apply for the grant of registration to the central licensing authority through the online portal of the central government the iceman para jeong rok yogena will be launched on september 28th in uttar pradesh benefiting one point one eight crore families of the state the

Health minister said that the treatment of 1315 diseases along with medical tests including x-ray mri and ultrasound will be covered under the scheme the scheme will also entitle the treatment of serious ailments like heart attack and cancel researchers at cleveland clinic university of oxford and university of london have discovered a novel imaging biomarkers

Which can predict cardiac mortality by measuring the inflammation of fatty tissues they have developed the perivascular fat attenuation index as an imaging biomarkers to quantify inflammation this new technology may be useful in preventing and detecting patients at risk for future fatal heart attacks a study published in the journal circulation demonstrated

That epic salmon is a safer choice than warfarin to prevent stroke in patients with dallas’s dependent and stage kidney disease and atrial fibrillation the study also found that patients on standard dosage of epic seven of five mg twice daily had no rates of stroke and that compared with those on 2.5 mg twice daily dosage wh o–‘s new guidelines supports the

Use of low-cost second and third line medications for type 2 diabetes it also promotes the use of human insulin for controlling blood glucose level antibiotic patients this new guideline give you the newer tabitha’s medicines and concluded that these medications are more expensive and their benefits are based on weak evidence according to a study published in

The journal the lancet over 16 lakh people in india die every year as a result of poor quality of health care the main reason for the loss of life is the insufficiency of primary and hospital healthcare facilities the study reported 84% cardiovascular deaths 81 percent vaccine preventable diseases and more than 60% neonatal complications due to the substandard

Medical care the go ah state government is all set to launch a diabetic care program on 20th september the program aims to map the diabetic population through a registry and provide them with free insulin the hats minister said that training will be provided to the staff which will enable them to run foot clinics at primary health centers some district hospitals

And the goa medical college nowadays conditions have become a significant public health concern every year more than 8 lakh children seek treatment for concussions for the first time cdc has issued guidelines on treating concussions and children these guidelines provide knowledge and tools to the doctors which are needed for the best outcomes in mind traumatic

Brain injury patients from these guidelines the public has agency has highlighted fights key practice changing recommendations such as avoiding routine imaging in pediatrics for my traumatic brain injury using age-related symptoms for diagnosis considering patient’s personal characteristics and family instructing the caregivers on customized returning to activity

Counseling parents and patients to return gradually to non sports activities after proper rest share your feedback on these guidelines for commenting below these were the latest happenings in the medical field brought to you by dark lexus one of the large online community of doctors stay tuned for more every thursday at 6 p.m. happy dog flexing you

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