June 4, 2023

Here is week 2 and 3 taking the SSRI drug called Lexapro that is commonly prescribed to people diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

Hey guys so uh we’re i’ve just started my second week on uh five milligrams and this is day eight and um yeah you know at this point i mean there aren’t really any side effects um so i’ll probably i don’t know i’ll probably talk to my doctor at the end of the month and see and talk about going upwards i don’t really see a difference in um i guess day-to-day

Only thing that i do notice is different is you know i’m not having crippling attacks or um panic attacks or unable to work or unable to do regular things but at the same time i’m not feeling better if that makes sense and so i think more often than not i’m just i just have this feeling of wanting to wanting to do something to to curb just this like underlying

Emotion of anxiety and then depression under that um i don’t drink i don’t do drugs i don’t um yeah i’m not an alcoholic about any of those things um thankfully but i can see and i can definitely feel i can definitely feel and i can definitely understand how a lot of people um turn to alcohol or turn to drugs or other forms of addictions to you know to feel

Better uh when times are tough because i definitely feel that desire i definitely feel that pull but i’m not going to do any of those things and going to stick with with medication hoping things will pick up so in short day eight you know don’t feel anxiety free or depression free um i guess i do feel slightly better but that underlying feeling or those lulls in

The day where anxiety is high or maybe there is a single panic attack just that feeling of discomfort is so it’s enough to warrant this like desire in my head to want to take something the reason why i say that because in the past when that what happened when anxiety was worse i would take cbd i would take tinctures oils pills and that would calm me that would

Fix the problem for two three hours and then when it wore off i would just take it again and pretty much you know self-medicate in that way but it one it wasn’t cost effective and two it just um yeah it just it just wasn’t i just didn’t like the fact that i had to keep doing it remembering taking it everywhere with me you know not all of them are great tasting

And for me the oils worked more than the pills worked better than the pills i don’t smoke i don’t vape so it just wasn’t like a long lasting solution which i’m hoping that you know lexapro is a long lasting solution so we’ll see what happens uh we’ll see how the rest of this week turns out and then you know we’ll see what the doctor recommends about going up to 10

Milligrams um yeah so um this is the start of week three first day of the third week and it’s probably been um the hardest day of three weeks um had several panic attacks today or anxiety attacks and um i did start to notice that whenever something triggering happens and um and and i have a particularly you know triggering moment that i will tend to forget the

Week prior so on saturday no friday had a particularly trigger triggering moment in the morning and then um the rest of the day was fine even the rest of saturday was fine but it was always sitting in the back of my head and then sunday was like good and bad um but i guess because i focus so much on i don’t know i guess the the moment or whatever experience it

Kind of clouds my my mind and my thinking and prevents me from thinking about the week as a whole and just deserving in on the negative so today’s monday monday evening and you know i’ve had maybe about three anxiety attacks not feeling good feeling hopeless feeling negative overall and um yeah like some really low lows and um i know some people say they have

Really low lows and and our overall you know could be overall fine which is basically what i felt like the whole whole second week was pretty pretty good you know um i felt good more or less but i also haven’t felt like significantly better um if anything i’ve just felt a smidge better and just like anxiety and depression is a little more manageable so yeah i

Mean this is start of three of week three and i’m not feeling too good i wish you know that i could take cbd or something or um something to mitigate the the lows but i know i’ll have to talk to my doctor so only one more week and it’s looking at this point maybe you know i might move up to 10 milligrams um i know a lot of people say that you know five doesn’t

Really do anything and there’s a lot of sweet spots or magic numbers that people describe magic dosage that people describe that once they hit that 15 or 10 or 20 or who knows you know that kind of life just kind of turns around or or you know lex pro just isn’t for them and then you know taking something else entirely and i hope that’s not the route that i take

But i just thought i’d check in uh this is the start of week three and significantly bad suffering most of the time from like not memory loss like i can remember what i’ve done but just struggling to remember and more intense anxiety attacks so you guys updated update uh it’s the day after yesterday when i had a pretty bad um you know some couple bad episodes but

Today i feel great i felt a thousand times better um still taking my medication around 10 a.m in the morning and feeling really positive feeling really hopeful feeling really feeling at peace and um looking forward to getting back to normal rhythm so i think it also did help that i had therapy last night um i do have therapy weekly uh every monday at 7 00 pm so

I think that did help a bit process some things and i know that the day after or a couple days after therapy usually helps uplift my mood and yeah give me a positive outlook online so all right so we are uh now in the middle of week three and um i finally got to talk to my doctor after a recommendation from the therapist and you know he really wanted to see if

I could go up to 10 milligrams so i talked to the doctor and got the okay and i’m uh currently recording uh day two of 7.5 so my doctor wanted me to yeah to take 7.5 for four days again uh until i could pick up the 10 milligram prescription uh to get my body used to it so as to not jump from the five to the ten and uh on the second day here uh it’s about three

Pm take my medication 10 am every morning and i currently am super super tired i can i feel like i could easily nap for an hour at least but feeling pretty good otherwise you know other than that before then it’s just been on and off um good days bad days but the low is particularly just pretty depressing uh so seems like whatever had happened whatever the five

Milligrams did do for the two weeks kind of just uh stopped which is why you know i was recommended to see if i can go up to the 10 so here we are at 7.5 and i’m feeling pretty tired but not nauseous and um emotionally okay um better better than better than i have been so um i should pick up a prescription in two more days and then we’ll see how i start reacting

To 10 milligrams i will say though that i do feel like my weight is starting to stabilize so i am going to the gym two three times a week but um i feel like i’m starting to slow down on the amount of weight i’m losing and just um maintaining the weight that i’m at so i don’t know i haven’t been counting calories so i don’t know if i’m at a calorie deficit or or

What’s going on there but i should probably pay more attention to that because i do know most people say they have trouble losing or trouble gaining or don’t trouble at all so but that’s just one thing i feel like i’ve noticed is i was losing about a pound a week and now i’m just sort of fluctuating going up one down one staying the same but yeah feeling really

Drowsy today don’t think i’ll be able to take a nap but we’ll see what these next days bring you

Transcribed from video
Weeks Two and Three on Lexapro (Escitalopram) By SoCal Explorer