February 7, 2023


Uh i don’t know why but the gym actually became very intimidating for me um you want to know why um it’s because i see people from my high school sorry i’m going to try to do it let me say it again hi hi guys welcome back it’s me really quick i do want to say thank you thank you thank you so much for participating in this week’s community post as to what video you

Guys wanted to see this week and stay tuned for next week so you guys can vote on what video you guys want to see and let’s get right into the video welcome to my weight loss update this is my second week on buproprian side effects may include dysenius nausea okay so girl for those of you who don’t know i recently went to a doctor who is specializing in obesity

Medicine that sounds so bad but it’s not bad being overweight and being obese isn’t a negative thing it’s just a stage in life but yeah for those of you who don’t know i did go to that doctor and um she prescribed me bupropion well actually i picked it out of the four options she gave me so a quick explanation as to what bupropion is it is an antidepressant

Right but it’s more so of an upper medication so it’s supposed to give me more energy you know to like work out and just to be more active so that i’ll be able to lose weight before i get into how bupropion has made me feel and how it has worked for me and my symptoms from it i do want to say that i have lost four pounds super happy about that i have lost

About four pounds within a two week span which is great it’s not too fast it’s not too slow i’m right in the sweet spot hopefully i’ll keep progressing with bupropion but as like i said before it has barely been two weeks i’m still going to see how i feel week three and four and i’m going to see if my weight loss keeps progressing from there also for those of

You who don’t know my guy now recently diagnosed me as pre-diabetic so that’s also the reason why i’m on this weight loss journey but yeah that’s super exciting that i lost four pounds um i hope i keep progressing and i hope i keep losing weight now don’t get me wrong losing four pounds is great but also on the other end bupropion has made me more emotional um

I find it a lot easier for me to cry and before i used to cry maybe like three times a month and i feel like i’ve cried a year’s worth in just this past two weeks i have not cried more in my life than in these past two weeks i just felt so much emotion and it was so powerful for me especially when i was praying to jesus especially when i was praying to god if

You guys want to change your life if you guys feel like you’re stuck pray also i have been going on this spiritual journey to become closer to god and every day i spend at least 10 minutes praying with god and he has changed my life i’ve become so much closer to god and it feels amazing i feel love and i feel peace and i’ve just i’ve just been filled with so

Much love but not just love but i’ve i’ve felt a lot of hurt this past two weeks and i don’t know if it’s again and again i don’t know if it’s the medication that i’m on or but other than going through an emotional rollercoaster every single day when i pray i’ve been feeling really good i haven’t felt any nausea dizziness um any of the symptoms that are commonly

Found when taking bupropion the only side effect that i have is not even listed as a side effect i’ve just i’ve just been super emotional and super tapped in to my feelings and my emotions and my soul but yeah all that soul stuff and souls and were souls you know the banks i have no idea if it’s the medication or if it’s just me or maybe it was my monthly cycle

Maybe i was just like how hello maybe i was just going through it but i don’t know what have i been doing as for a workout so i have still been doing a lot of cardio i’ve been doing about 30 minutes of cardio every day um and every time every time i do my cardio workout i record a little bit of it at the end and i just do that to mark it um in my phone that

Oh i worked out this day worked out that day worked out this day and it’s really helped me keep track and um i’m also taking this footage so that i can eventually put it all into one huge weight loss journey video i don’t feel comfortable seeing my weight right now but i will say my weight eventually when i not complete my weight loss journey because this

Journey is a lifestyle change and i can’t just do this for a little while and then stop like i gotta keep doing this forever you know like it’s it’s never gonna stop i just gotta take baby steps and take every day one step at a time have i noticed any changes i have noticed a little bit of a change but obviously four pounds isn’t just a huge drastic change and

Actually today my dad said that my stomach area looked a little bit smaller i love that for me i do feel good i feel smaller but when i look in the mirror i see a little bit of a difference but um i think it’s gonna take a lo losing a little bit more weight for me to actually you know like okay yes i am losing weight i’m on the right track speaking of changes on

My body um random fact but i noticed that even when i was younger my arms have been a source for carrying fat for some reason my body just wants to put arm like for some reason my body just wants to put fat in my arms so i think my large voluptuous sexy arms are going to be the last to go which is great i love that for me we’re just having a great time over here

Yeah my arms are bigger than you okay but for a second imagine if i had a boyfriend don’t worry babe i’ll carry the groceries two trips are for losers and chubby arm gang oh that was fast did you guys see that that was fast oh my gosh that was even faster you want to see how fast i can punch you want to see me do it again out to you if you know where that’s

From spongebob what am i going to change moving forward so i am going to tweak my diet a little bit um just incorporate less carbs to see if that will increase my chances of weight loss i am also going to incorporate some yogurt because one of my lovely subscribers suggested that i try yogurt with peanut butter and it just sounds super yummy so i’m going to

Try that so thank you for your suggestion if you guys have any anything if you guys have any other recipes or things you guys want me to try just leave it in a comment so that i can see it and try it out yeah i’m going to do that these in the next coming two weeks and um hopefully in a month i’m going to be reporting good news okay and also aside from just only

Doing cardio i’m going to incorporate lifting weights and all that like such as um i’m still gonna do my 30 minutes a day and uh i’m looking forward to looking absolutely juiced looking super shredded and pumped super excited for these weight lifting gains man i’m gonna start taking oxy shred i’m gonna start taking pre-workout i’ll be going to the gym i’m just

Kidding i’m like scared of the gem uh i don’t know why but the gym actually became very intimidating for me um you want to know why um it’s because i see people from my high school sorry i’m gonna try to say it let me say it again just kidding just kidding i see guys i see guys from my high school and i’m a little nervy i’m a little nervous i’m nervous but

Yeah um i’m nervous to go to the gym because i do sometimes see people from my high school or just people that i know of i don’t know i just get nervous going out in public guys that’s pretty much been it um lost four pounds which is good i’m still doing my 30 minutes a day bupropion makes me cry makes me emotional either that or it was my period um but

If it was my period that was a hella strong period that i had i’m going to do less carbs more proteins that’s going to be good for me i’m going to drink more water i’m excited to see what these next two weeks have in store and i’m excited to see how i’m going to feel in the next two weeks but yeah thank you guys so much for watching this video um don’t forget

To like comment and subscribe it’s free it’s literally me inside your phone or your laptop screen and yeah i post new videos absolutely every single saturday and sunday and don’t forget to check out my social medias if you want to this is um a journey we’re all on this journey together everybody line up i’m gonna punch your tickets all about the choo choo train

Lolly boy all aboard i’m so blessed and thankful that i have you guys on this journey with me you guys really do motivate me so much more than you know thank you thank you thank you again so much for participating in my community post and look out for my next community post on monday oh don’t forget to be kind to yourself don’t forget to love yourself because

You are who you are and you are beautiful and i appreciate you and i love you thank you for being on this journey with me bye you

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WEIGHT LOSS PILL JOURNEY UPDATE: two weeks on bupropionšŸ’Š By Natalie Di Grazia