June 4, 2023

I know i ramble alot but i try to squeeze out as much as i can underr 10 minutes even though i can go for 15. I just wanted to give INSIGHT on Lexapro, the cost, side-effects, personal experience to give YOU an idea of what to expect. Trust me, a doctor or psychiatrist WILL NOT tell you much, so video blogs about this stuff is important. Any questions please leave comments, i usaully answer within a day. For some this may be boring, but for others this is important information, tips, what to expect and when, how it feels etc…

I’m doing a i guess the last update on lexapro and i’m done with the medicine completely no need for it at all and it’s been a while since i’ve taken it quite a bit and i had to kind of get back on it again and got back off of it and well over a month i’ve kind of compensated and replaced it with a something more natural you know what can i say it’s work is

It expensive with no health insurance yeah it’s you know a pharmacy a famous pharmacy has basically i think it was at $84 for 15 pills you do the math with 30 i doubt it’s 160 it’s a little bit less i don’t understand why medicine cost more if you get less and it costs less if you did more another question i’ve been wondering about what if all this medicine and

Lexapro you know is my doctor was so pushy pushy and i know how psychiatrists are they’re put their pill pushers now i understand they want to give you the most expensive newest medicine now out there i don’t know if they get some kind of incentive or some kind of percentage from you know get you the go to a pharmacy and get this medicine i just could not afford

To do something like that it was just too much money it helped me a lot it gave me this little boost just i don’t care feeling the deal with things that i sadly cannot do without some kind of assistance it’s really hard i mean i didn’t just sit there and just gave up and say well let’s just do it let’s just how the chemicals help me out a little bit here or a pill

You know there was a lot of steps for me to get that far to that point you know don’t think anybody wants to spend money to go see a doctor because spend more money to go to a pharmacy to buy something like this luckily my doctor was a little bit kind mean free samples quite a bit actually but he’s kind of stopped i don’t know why i’ve replaced it with 5htp which

Is a mood support and this interesting official kind of help that it’s not a bad withdrawal from lexapro which to get this kind of wushi feeling in your head not like brain zaps from paxil that’s a whole different story totally different you know i described them as little wishy mild headaches you know some iv you aspirin or something i’ll take care of it i’ve

Been taking these combinations some people would like this combination some don’t some have different ones etc so i’m do weed i can’t do that don’t care for it i don’t know my party just brutally rejects it i can’t do it what else can i say i don’t know if i do take much as opinion and ativan at night for sleep and it’s still working fine it’s been like that for

A while a little too long without of him but all in all and all this experience but i don’t know if it’s more casa peen or lexapro that’s making me gain lots of weight i mean you could go back and launch videos of me from a year ago or two years ago and then fast forward of this video and i’m having this right here i don’t care about it you know i’m not too not

Too ashamed of it it’s getting to the point i’m having to buy bigger pants a size 36 from a size 31 all in two years it’s kind of you know it’s kind of hard it’s like this medicine i can’t pinpoint it but smart as dependence doing this or lexapro when it’s say it’s 70% lexapro and 30% murtaza clean or you know the way around it’s doing this to me you know i’m not

Gonna lie partly it’s fast food you know bad dieting but you know i just know this medicine just gets you extra boost is kind of mana key kind of a let’s go get something else to eat you know blizzard or ice cream and something you just don’t need or an extra trip to the refrigerator and oh hold on and on and on and on so i’m just gonna take it easy i am completely

Cut down my ativan 2.25 milligrams finally and i’m at as a kind of seven point five milligrams i’m down to 20% of my medicine intake if i want to do this medicine wise or numeric wise which is pretty good and hopefully this will decrease more and more but this lexapro has done a lot of game weight problems for me don’t know if for time something has anything to

Do with it i’m pretty sure it does but just for your information just watch it it it will just i mean before you know it you’re stepping on that scale and you’re hitting 180 190 200 or in my case 218 pounds i’m 6 foot 2 so i can compensate a little of that but then you see your selves on slicer and six genes and then you know here i go i can lose weight pretty

Quick i’m pretty sure and i’m gonna have have all these pants now that are size 36 to compensate my new body and i don’t i guess i’ll sell them or get rid of them or something when i do lose this weight pretty quick a waste of money really alright i’m taking responsibility for weight gain and it does happen pretty quick people that work don’t really notice it or

Anything like that but you know the majority there are obese people so you know for them it’s not much for me since i’m already skinny no offense for nothing i mean come on from you know 180 pounds to 220 218 it’s kind of you know it’s kind of a little roller coaster ride right there between to 18 to 20 it’s the skin to me so i’m just kind of saying a little

Farewell video to lexapro it’s helped a lot it’s just too expensive it’s it did help a lot it really did in that moment if you do need something like that just to help you try to everything your power to just you know handle your stress or your depression or whatever it is it can help and it does it pretty well after you know if you do it every day if you take it

Every day for at least over a month you’ll see the results kick and people say oh it works after three days i don’t believe that you have to give it at least a minimum if you want to speed things up at least two weeks but i want to say a month before you get the full benefit if it helps you get that little rough point in your life so i don’t want to go back on it

It’s too expensive like i said i just overeat so much on it and i still don’t know i could at least know for a fact naps and something just taken mirtazapine which is antidepressant that you take at night and ativan which is you know small dose 25 milligram this i can now pinpoint if it is mortiser peanuts doing this i’m pretty sure it probably is probably both of

Them or all three of them really but all in all my goal is system completely lower myself off this medicine i’m getting there i’m 80% close to it and so for all you do that that’s just now taking lexapro for the first time you know let it get in your system it’ll work it’ll help you you know anything from the generalized anxiety disorder for you know a little mild

Anxiety attacks that you do get in the mornings i mean it works it really suits everything it makes it more smooth you deal with it de-stress and all that kind of stuff it’s not good to have something to help you help you well it’s hard to explain it really is i’m kind of lost for words here it was like this big hurting right in front of me and everything was just

So fuzzy i don’t know if that makes any sense but one she stopped taking it that curtain lifts up and everything seems more vibrant and you see everything that’s there that you wish you didn’t know like a a hefty bill that you have to pay that’s pretty big like an electric book for an example i see an electric bill that i normally do get and now it’s just like my

God it’s horrible and my home lexapro i just kind of didn’t care and i dealt with it and i paid it i would rather you know have an emotion to deal with it realistically instead of being behind lexapro it kind of defeats the purpose of me telling you to take it but for a while it’s good for a long time i don’t i don’t see it being beneficial europe it’s you know

You’re the one it can only judge you that pretty much so just the last update on lexapro and just to see how you people could get some kind of idea more insights on this you know experiences like this on youtube will help a lot of people doctors aren’t going to give you much inside they’re just gonna give you the prescription note and send you off and you know

You pay your bill when you leave the office so it’s up to people like us and etc that you can win sign up on it good luck

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"Well you know" Lexapro part 2 (escitalopram oxalate) By masterpsychosis