January 26, 2023

Hey guys I finally got around to doing this update. Try to keep it brief try to keep it succinct as per usual it’s way too long. As a bonus I will include another video which is twice as long weeee. Thanks everyone for your likes and your support and your subscriptions I appreciate all of it. I wish you the best of health!!! 

Well hi hello there everybody nice to see you robert here i’m just doing a um so i just did it i just did a video which was going to be my 1.5 month wellbutrin wrap-up but um that video was long i just did it i like literally just did it and i was like oh my god the video is long it’s like a 20 minute video so i’m gonna do this video will be a short video and

Then at the end of this video i go if you want a long experience instead of watching three episodes of your most favorite show on netflix why don’t you just like take a trip with me on youtube right talk about my depression so i’ll i’ll do a quick this is like the synopsis the wrap up of my 1.5 month update i’ll probably post this one first and then i’ll post

A long one after yeah yeah okay so um i think what people really want to know because i got my finger on the pulse of people because i am one um they probably want to know just like how i’m doing okay so i’ve been taking this well mutual now for one and a half months well butcher also known as biprion it’s an antidepressant an ndri a norepinephrine dopamine

Reuptake inhibitor try to say that 10 times fast and um i was taking for depression i was already taking busbar for anxiety i’ve had anxiety my whole freaking life uh and only in in my late twenties that i was feeling depression so i was like man i did everything i possibly could i exercised to eight right i saw a therapist i had a support system i slept well i

Tried to you know have good sleep hygiene just everything drink water that’s important stay hydrated hugged animals whenever i could and with all that despite all that i was just you know super funk and um i was super depressed i’m super depressed and super anxious all the time and i was in school and i was like i’m freaking out i’m in a dark place and you know

Trigger warning suicidal suicidal ideation of the wazoo it was not fun it was a really scary scary time and people who love me were scared and but they were sweet and they were supporting me it’s important to not isolate yourself i know it’s what you want to do when you’re having a dark time but please please please try to be with people and let them know you’re

Having a hard time because people who love you want the best for you and they’ll help you along on your path toward being healthy and happy again okay let’s come out of the darkness shall we so um my anxiety was something that i had experienced all my whole life i took busfara boost boost prone and my anxiety just started going away unbelievable unbelievable i

Wish i knew about it sooner one of the best decisions in my life i know it doesn’t feel that way or doesn’t work out this way for everybody but for me for this guy that’s how it worked out so so far so good i might form a tolerance to it i might you know drop off off this plateau that i’m experiencing right now but who knows i’m gonna keep keep at it my boost bar

I’m taking uh 10 mil 10 milligrams a day that’s it two times uh once one five milligram in the morning one five milligram uh before or with uh at five o’clock well butrin i started taking wellbutrin for anadonia i wasn’t feeling any joy i had no desire to do much anything um just stayed in my home closed my blinds didn’t talk to anybody couldn’t get out of bed

Feeling awful um and i took wellbutrin and that’s what we’re here to talk about today so i am one month one and 1.5 months in and how am i feeling i’m feeling pretty good you guys happy to say knock on wood excuse me feeling pretty good um i won’t say i’m completely out of my funk and but i’m definitely have come a long long way well what butcher does it gives

You energy it’s a stimulant it’s basically an amphetamine and it gives you energy and in the beginning that energy is really scary because you’re still kind of depressed and now you’re like great i’m an energetic depressed person now yay um and uh it takes a while to kick in for me the welbution took about um to really kick in took about like four four weeks um

But in the beginning if i start feeling a difference almost immediately like it’s undeniable how powerful this drug is and i’m taking 150 milligrams excel so that basically is a small it’s a coated enterically coated so you swallow it you eat it with food in the morning and it releases a sort of extended release and releases a little bit of wellbutrin throughout

The day you want to take it as soon as you can because you don’t want any residual butchering in your system when you’re about to sleep because it’ll make you uh not have to give you a hard time sleeping um so how’s my sleep my sleep is much better how my side effects in general much better um i you know in the beginning i suffered insomnia pretty bad i’ll go

Into detail my long video now much better much better how’s my uh another experience that i had side effect was a gastrointestinal stuff uh constipation bloatiness bloatingness that’s a word now you’re welcome websters um i don’t really suffer from that anymore in the beginning again i’ll go into my long video took some supplements for that and helped me a little

Bit along the way but didn’t want to depend on that too much those symptoms are gone anxiety wellbutrin is a stimulant and if you do have anxiety i’m taking boost part for anxiety but if you still have anxiety it could exacerbate that anxiety no doubt about it it gives you energy so if you’re an anxious person you’re like oh let’s pour gasoline on this fire um and

So it might make you a little more anxious but as your body adjusts to it that will slowly go away but you really have to give these drugs time it takes time you know i’m one month and i’m one and a half months in and i’m still get a little but it’s way better than it was so that’s great i still have a lot of energy um i feel like i have a lot of focusing that

I need to do because i’m in school well butane is used off label for adhd and yeah i’m definitely i feel like i was diagno i’m sort of unofficially diagnosed myself with adhd i’m an undiagnosed adhd but i felt like especially in the beginning gave me a lot of focus some of the focus is now dipped now so it’s like a little a lot less than it was initially um but

It’s still there i think i still have an ability to retain focus more than i’ve used to retain um work has been nice i feel like i have energy that sees me through the day i have energy to engage in conversations with people at work i feel more connected to people i feel less kind of like sometimes you’re anxious or sometimes i’m anxious to engage in conversation

Because i’m like do i have the energy for this i can’t talk to you i don’t know you i don’t know if you’re gonna carry your weight in this conversation i can’t do it alone so um you’re kind of afraid to engage for that and for other reasons um and so but i feel like i have some energy like last night at work it was a show but i had the energy to carry me through

I didn’t panic you know i just got the job done i work in a restaurant it’s pretty it can be pretty intense you know um so i’ll be i’ll be i’m going to nursing school and also be working in the hospital helping people just going room to room like a emotional companion animal like i’ll be going room to room like a golden retriever with a little vest on like hey

How you doing just trying to make people feel better um so but you know as a nurse as a student nurse so uh we’ll see we’ll see how this serves me and maybe on my next update and be like hey the hostel makes me crazy and i nearly jumped out of a window um but it was on the first story so don’t worry um so i’ll keep you updated but it’s been it’s been feeling

Good and then my relationships with people i just feel like when you’re taking this drug for anadonia and you’re in depression with you have the depression that like i had depression you just feel like your brain doesn’t work i legitimately thought because i am super duper hyper contract i admit it okay webmd i i’m on webmd like people are on snapchat okay so um

I’m i’m i really feel like everything is wrong with me and for the longest time i legitimately thought i was like i got a brain thing i don’t know what it is but i got a brain thing and i would say that my doctor and he’s like specify um because i just was so foggy all the time i was super foggy couldn’t concentrate just didn’t have any desire to do anything found

No joy in things and now that it’s the clouds are parting a little bit i’m walking into oz everything’s now starting to be a little more technical than it once was um i feel like you just now that i’m absorbing the world and more ways that my brain finds stimulating now my brain is more stimulated um i feel a little bit more clear-headed more i’ve got some more

Clarity okay i don’t want this video to be any longer than 10 minutes there’s maybe a lot more detail probably excessive there’s a surplus in excess of detail on my long video but i just want to say thank you guys so so much for your support for your comments for your validation for your likes and your subscribes um please leave you know uh any messages that you

Want you want to talk about anything like hey rob where’d you get that hat and uh i’ll tell you i’ll tell you where i got that hat this hat could be yours um i’ll sell it to you uh um so you can just make any writing comments write anything please don’t mean no mean things uh only positive things all right guys thanks so much i hope you have a great day

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