March 22, 2023

This is the part where my dumb ass tells you all about the time when I accidentally drank caffeinated coffee for a month + and had to increase my meds because my anxiety got so bad. Please laugh with me. Or at me. Either way we will both be laughing 😂🙈

Hi everybody i am back to taco i am back to talk about wellbutrin i have been on it for nine months now and i still really love it however some stuff has happened since i lost my house in a fire and the summer time is really hard for me i don’t know why but i’ve always hit like kind of a streak of seasonal depression in the summer so right now i’m on 300 milligrams

And i have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow to talk about it ever since the house burned down i’ve been experiencing more frequent panic attacks and while she did give me ativan i’m almost out of it she only gave me 10 pills and like i used a half a pill if i’m having a panic attack but that’s only when i can’t get out of the panic attack on my own which

Usually i can i’m still going to therapy and i’m still trying to work through everything but it has reached the point where i have a hard time smiling my real smile and for those of you that have suffered from depression and i’m assuming that most of you have if you’re watching this video or maybe you just like me and you’re following along in which case i but

I’ve noticed like especially at work or just going around throughout my day my smile is fake and i can feel it being fake it’s tough i don’t like that it’s it’s like anything that i normally enjoy or try to enjoy is muted so i am on 300 milligrams i might titrate up to 450 that sounds like so much though and i don’t want to be up there forever like 300 milligrams

Worked so long and i really want it to work again because i feel like that’s a good dose for me however right now like it’s not cutting it i don’t i don’t know why so i’m gonna talk to my doctor tomorrow um i’m just gonna make this all one video when i actually do post it which i uh uh i hate that like i’ve told so many people that 300 is the perfect dose for me

And so i know it’s stupid because like you know everybody has life changes and hiccups and stuff like that but i feel like i’m letting everybody down like by titrating up which again so stupid i’m gonna talk to my doctor about it it might just be the type of thing where we can keep at 300 milligrams and then maybe add like an anti-anxiety thing on top of that but

I’ll see what she has to say and i really don’t want to be on benzos like i just i don’t want that there’s long-term effects of being on that and i feel like they’re too mind-altering like but i am going to tell you guys what she says and what the plan is and then i’ll check back in and let you know how the plan’s going and all that good stuff but i just want to

Let you guys in on kind of like where i’m at what i’m going through i also want to know what is your tell when you’re suffering from depression like if you you know say yeah when i get to this point or when i notice this then i know i’m in depression um mine is definitely my smile like if i have a hard time putting on a real smile or i stop enjoying things that

I normally enjoy or i feel that feeling where i can’t really get excited about anything that is usually a pretty good tell that i’m in it if you guys have a tell that pops up for you every now and then or you know that’s how you know the meds didn’t work or whatever um please let me know because i’m very interested so yeah i’ll let you guys know how it goes so

It’s kind of a long story uh it’s embarrassing honestly it’s it’s embarrassing but i will tell you because i need to so as you can see from the previous clip i um was having a lot of anxiety there you know there was a lot of issues going on and i thought it was probably my meds probably my meds i i had like very intense anxiety and um anyway i i am a uh a decaf

Coffee drinker i think you guys i i’m a decaf coffee drinker and i am always looking for decaf coffee that does not taste like ass and so i found some um mods for those of you that are interested and i got a sampler pack and i had some really nasty things in there like uh you know raspberry white chocolate and bananas foster and um so but it had a really good one

Called um cinnamon roll with it and i was decaf and it was amazing so i went and ordered an entire box of it and so i’m drinking this box i’m probably like halfway through so i’ve been drinking this for like at least four weeks and i had gone to my doctor told her about my um anxiety and everything like that so she bumped me up to um 450 milligrams wellbutrin

The day after i got prescribed that hadn’t even started taking it yet i was sitting at breakfast and my boyfriend gets up to make himself some more coffee and so you know we just use little pods and uh he goes do you want any and i was just like yeah i’d love some more and so he opens the coffee drawer and he’s just like do you have any decaf and i was like yes

The cinnamon ones he looks at it he’s like it doesn’t say decaf i was like yeah no it is so i get up and i walk over there and i look and it says decaf nowhere on it and so i i just have this realization that i’ve been drinking between one and two cups of caffeinated coffee i’ve been off caffeine for years i’ve been drinking caffeinated coffee for the last four

Weeks and that could explain all of my anxiety and how i’ve been feeling and just just like honestly all of it i uh realized that and then i was like well do i take 450 milligrams and so i decided to and i took it for about two weeks it was not fun have you guys ever taken adderall like adderall ritalin anything like that where like you know if you take it you’re

Like woo this is awesome and then you take too much of it and you’re like like that i i that was what it felt like being on that much wellbutrin so i uh came back down to 350 milligrams got off the caffeine and i like i was realizing as i was weaning off of the caffeine that every time i would drink the coffee i would feel really happy and i’m like god dang like

Do i just need caffeine like i don’t even need wellbutrin like i just needed to like reintroduce caffeine into my life i don’t even know anyway i’m back off caffeine i’m back on 350 milligrams uh 450 no 300 milligrams not 350. 450 was way too much for me much too much for me and so i’m not on that anymore but i wanted to at least talk about being on it because

Um i know some of you are like you’re titrating up and down and stuff like that you want to know what it looks like so um i thought i’d at least tell you about the two weeks that i was on it i have not had the balls to tell my doctor yet like be like yeah so all that uh all that stuff i was experiencing it was um it was not uh not the meds it was it was something

That i was ingesting and not not really realizing it so that’s my entire story i am terribly embarrassed and i hope you guys have a good laugh with me because this is ridiculous um yeah that’s all i got hope you guys have a good day see ya

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