January 26, 2023

In this video, I talk about my year on Bupropion SR and why I am now getting on XL, as well as CBD, seizures, autism, ADHD, anxiety, and suicide. Heavy stuff but I promise it will be okay! Sorry the video is 8 minutes, I don’t know what happened!? If anything I was too brief…

Good morning youtube well i mean it’s not gonna be morning that time i put this video up but it’s morning ash now this is what i look like i just woke up yep and the title of this video is misleading no i have not been on wellbutrin for a year i was on i should have made this yearly wellbutrin video in september or october but i didn’t because i wanted more to show

You guys like i wanted to have nicer hair or like b and a better spot in my life or even you know just like have like a book or something that i could show you and i was just getting out of anxiety thinking about making a yearly video to show you guys and i felt like i didn’t have enough to show you and yeah haha so i didn’t and also how i ended up getting off

Of the antidepressant around that time way before it before i get into that i first just want to say thank you so much to everyone that sent me lovely and supportive messages especially on facebook messenger and all of your questions i hope i was able to answer all of them as you can see i still have my hair we’ll see if i still have it uh-huh you know one of the

Side effects of appropriate on is thinning your hair and i’m about to get back on the egg cells this time but anyway okay so back to why i got off the s are so i got off the srm fall because i thought for three reasons the first was i thought that i didn’t need it anymore and that’s the thing that happens a lot right and here i am thinking i didn’t need it anymore

Even though i was like getting anxiety about making you guys a video so yeah probably i probably should’ve stayed on um but you know reason number two was i felt like it had plateau like that it wasn’t really affecting me anymore or that it had given me everything that i already needed you know i also sometimes feel like i don’t really have depression that just

Might be like doctors not knowing how to so woman who’s like on the spectrum right like an adult woman they’re like you know like if maybe i have adhd and maybe i was just really burned out and it wasn’t because i was depressed it was something else baby and the third reason very important reason actually probably most important reason why i got off of it was that

When i was missing the second pill so with the boop open on sr you have to take it twice a day and i was missing the second time slot i was taking too late and one that what happened i would get a seizure and you know like i could tell they were coming if i knew it was gonna be late but then i just got really bad and i would end up losing cold days because then i

Would be just like so exhausted afterward and like my seizures aren’t like full-body convulsions they’re like absence seizures or like half my body but regardless it’s still pretty bad and like when i was younger it was easier to hide cuz you know i would do a lot of dancing so like oh she’s just having a fit and just wants to like dance it out or whatever i’m so

Like hey it’s kind of harder to do that when you get older and also someone at my new job or not my new job i’ve had this job now for about a year it’s like a part-time job she triggered me with phototrophic like flashing lights and stuff so i was like okay well no i mean when i was younger i would get him once a month and then also like last year when i was taking

Proofing on and also prior years when i was taking this antidepressant i would smoke weed right like marijuana it would help also please do not ask me about this bandaid on my forehead it was giving me intense anxiety and is the other reason why i’m getting back on open honest boop boop open on x-out was because this was giving me suicidal tendencies which we will

Talk about in a second but hold on so back to smoking we need to deal with seizures and epilepsy so i’m older now i don’t obviously wanna be like smoking weed all the time i want people to be taking me even if i’m let’s say just using it for medical purposes so i i was using cbd last year so these are a couple of the products that this is not an ad usually the

Couple of the products that i liked i actually ended up really liking this morning it has like a low-lying logo on it so i don’t know what the dosage is in for any of this stuff i felt like this one it looks really fancy and expensive and it did nothing like i felt like what was even that this the one though like if i felt like i was getting an aura like the pre

Seizure stuff i could take this and be fine and just lay down and then if i did end up having a seizure it wasn’t like it didn’t ruin my day or you know if i even had it at all the other one that i also really liked that i thought was helpful was the swab and it’s empty now i am poor so i don’t know if i will get more of this weed is now legal to smoke in chicago

So maybe i would just try to go back to doing that but i don’t know cuz it’s not the best for my throat and yeah we’ll see really like to protein as well again this is not an ad this is just me talking and yeah so mmm the reason why i want to get back on this no um let me just take it right now for you guys oh they’re really tiny um so as you can see i didn’t lose

My hair i don’t know if i said that or not but that’s like one of the side effects with brick off and on is losing your hair or your hair gets thinner and this is pretty cool i’m not pretty cool this says ll1 5 on it i don’t know if you can really see what this camera does really old no no does it get in okay whatever whatever hey guys here we go take it so yeah

So the reason why i want to get back on it is i want my life to be better right in the event that maybe i do have adhd maybe it can help i mean i don’t really have too much problems writing anymore it’s just more just like publishing i’m like fine with writers just not putting stuff online or out there which i guess isn’t like another confidence or like some other

Issue but um and also just i get affected by seasonal by the seasons and also a couple weeks ago a woman that i really respect killed herself and usually when that happens i don’t know i was like crying i was like i don’t even know this person in real life i just like watch them on reality shows and like here i am thinking that um anyway so just like and then i

Was in uruguay and we went to where a famous chef had eaten one of his last meals before he also killed himself when he was in paris filming a different show and it’s just that got me thinking like when people are full of anxiety like that and you know they have great support networks networks they have great jobs but they’re far away from their families i don’t

Know like i might have to be doing some traveling and i liked at least with propanone it’s really mild or mild enough for me and i felt like it just like kept my emotion steady more like me wanting to kill myself i could be able to talk myself out of it more and like other tips and tricks that i used to use growing up and i still use now all the time one is my

Hair right one on him like have anxiety i can like curl it or like i tend to wear a lot of jewelry so if there’s like something i miss in my day i can like touch it like my necklace or my ring or my watch or just the like pettit smoothly just a little like anti-anxiety hacks and this to me is another one of those so we’ll see we’ll see how i like the xl i really

Like the sr because it was mild oh we’ll see what the the xl does until next time

Transcribed from video
Wellbutrin/Bupropion SR 1 year + CBD, other stuff By Fruzsina Eördögh