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The only antidepressant which not affect weight gaining the only antidepressant which increased dopamine and normal epinephrine in spring is the only and depression which used to make smoking situation which she won is one buttering this video we we’re gonna talk about well buttering a chemical characters uses side effects how to minimize side effects drug drug

Interaction drug food interaction drug disease interactions and i can answer the most frequent asking questions let’s go world between chemical characters active ingredient named after bio propion pure proper concentrations it comes into to concentration 150 and 300 milligram forms it comes in four forms film coated tablets sustained release tablet extend the

Release tablet and tablet okay t have to have that is that we have four will be xo is 24 hours we have to take the second dose after 24 hours okay oil availability usually the pi availability from brand is higher than the bioavailability from generics okay execution completely excreted in there okay mechanism of action will put in x by two mechanism of action

Number one dopamine no significant reuptake inhibitors dopamine and no epinephrine we uptake inhibitors it increases the amount of dopamine and no ignition in the brain okay number two competitive antagonist for nicotinic receptors so it is used for smoking physician or for quit smoking okay uses uses the main uses for when bathroom is major depressive disorder

Mdd major depressive this organ is characterized by a person who’s suffering with depression and suicidal attack this is the most serious stage of depression okay seasonal anxiety disorder seasonal and anxiety disorder what means by seasonal it is anxiety comes from season to other it comes from from season uh to other okay and number three is quitting smoking

Quitting smoking side effects there are a lot of side effects for wood between but i abbreviated them to three types of side effects on cns on central nervous systems on weight on heart okay saying is on central nervous system it causes agitation it causes insomnia and headache okay on weight the only antidepressant which cause weight loss weight loss there is

A study which make there is a study on 12 12 types from antidepressants number one not affecting weight gaining is well battery is the only one which cause weight loss is will be okay for some persons for some persons this is not side effect this is added value yeah i want something to to avoid weight gain i i have depressions but um i i have a fear of increasing

Weight if i used antidepressants the only solution in this case is what decrement of pure profile for me not not that it is added value it’s a competitive value uh also the last one from side effects of major set if it it first heart beat attacks yeah it it makes hot beats like this okay how to minimize side effects how to make side effects focusing side effects

Like agitation and insomnia is the best solution so it should not affect or what should not cause drug drug interactions from my point of view is melatonin we have to take melatonin before sleeping by two hours and do not interact with world battery and also i advise anyone who taking some medications contain propion or wellbutrin to take omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids for headache i advise by something otc medications like paracetamol weight loss as i mentioned it is not side effect it is not side effect but if anyone is suffering from anorexia without any other eating disorders i advise him or have to take something which contain vitamins minerals amino acids in the same a product like for example optimum

Nutrition serious mess powder or mastic powder from muscle tick company okay it is supplements sports nutrition something like this not affect at all or not interact with well veteran first heartbeats is the the the only solution from my point of view is to making in doing any cardio activity any exercise okay especially aerobic exercise especially aerobic exercise

Interactions of contra indications and the life disease interactions usually there are a lot a lot of dragon dragon directed interactions but uh i gather to for you the most frequent drag dragon interactions with the propagation medications for example um with now inhabitants of monoamine oxidase medications with benzodiazepines with bug tickets we have to avoid

We will betray with all of these medications also drug drug disease interactions based on the whole suffering from scissors disorder like epilepsy okay eating these orders eating eating its orders especially uh anorexia nervosa it is completely avoided with persons who are suffering from eating disorders okay uh panic and phobias disorders the final thing in

This video the most frequent asking questions okay this is the most important thing in my videos and the most important of the most added or competitive value in my video question number one doctor are suffering from depression and anxiety can i take wolverine in my point of view we have to avoid it we have to avoid veteran with persons who suffering from anxiety

Because it may it may increase anxiety okay the best question number two the best time to use it the best time to use from my point of view the best time for for using woodpecker is the start of your day after after sleeping okay after awakening a question number three is the best to avoid weight gain is it the best to avoid weight gain yeah it is the best at

All it is number one number one anti-presence which not cause weight gain with not cause weight gain in addition to it may cause weight loss okay doctor i suffered from bipolar disorder can i take what between there are two types from bipolar bipolar type 2 and bipolar type 1 bipolar type 2 who suffering from depression episodes more than manic episodes okay from

My point of view no problem for bipolar two persons not suffering from depression episodes to take it but you have you have to take something another thing which make mood stabilization more destabilization more disappointing of antipsychotic ways well but usually under supervision of your psychiatrist not from yourself okay but for bipolar one from my point of

View not recommended for by polar one because it may motivate many episodes okay what about hair loss to be honest it goes hair thinning hair thinning okay otherwise you would take something for some shampoo from high quality company like faulting like vichy this these types of shampoo increase hair volume increase hair volume and increase hair thickness okay

Um and also these types of shampoo that contains silicone sodium lowell sulfates and others harmful ingredients for hair uh sexual desire what about sexual desire yeah usually almost all people who thinking anti-person suffering from uh lose sexual desire low sexual desire okay but with word but again there is no at all any deficiency in sexual desire i

Agree i i totally guarantee this i totally guarantee this for you and i get about all the sections on the status in the description okay other solution for smoking yeah there is another solution for for a smoking physician called the medication called champex shamrocks okay i’m gonna make a complete comprehensive video about it inshallah in the show the last

Question is doctor this medication always not available yeah what better way always not available in the egyptian market in saudi market in other markets and all worldwide not available usually uh almost not available okay the other solution is to take alternatives i already forgot to talk to talk about alternatives here in egypt alternatives a product called

Vex for me okay for products here in egyptian market are uh alternatives for world potential that contain alternatives which contains the same active ingredient okay in the early market okay uh i already i already finished this video i hope it is helpful uh and highly informative for you uh don’t forget to make subscribe in my channel don’t forget to support us bye bye for now see

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