November 29, 2022

A viewer asked me about my meds asked me do an update on my meds so i’m on citalopram citalopram ten milligrams i always asked for the lowest dosages because i find that medicine really affects me trapped trial tram and the lobby trend i was on 75 they helped me to 300 which gave me horrible heart palpitations so i had to go in i give it a good try because they

Always want to stay on good try so i did and i finally the heart palpitations were too much and they fought me on 150 it’s excel fine and fifty milligrams you pokken hcl xl hundred fifty milligrams hey kitty wat soaks like i don’t know and also different do you know the difference i don’t know move on oh yeah can you not so slide here i don’t know i have tore it

All for pain guy has muscle relaxers and i’m gonna have to go sit down oh i gotta take this one with me okay i don’t know that there’s a tour it all work not so much i take one and you’re supposed to only take one every four hours or something oh my back is really sore um at each one i usually wait an hour if i don’t know if any difference then i take another

One sometimes they take a ya job i think once it took my headache away but no i don’t also difference my back pain i don’t know because i’ve been taking mostly and i have headaches oh i haven’t really knows if they’ve helped my back pain i don’t know they came in a ceremonial just gave me these sandals can death candace fart in anyways all hot it spelled out 32

Milligrams i was asked for the lowest milligrams because i find it pills always really affect me i really feel these actually lower your blood pressure but they gave them to me for my headaches so i have never been able to stand like even when i was little ah as a child i got a quote back out here because i could be quiet sleeping people here when i was a child i

Remember standing on a chair because my mom and aunt had so wanted me a dresser man had made me a dress and they let me stand on the chair to hem it and i started to black out and my mom said i could never stand like i remember on a wool versus mom and she’d be looking at patterns and i had to sit on the floor i was going to block out and then we’d get into lineups

In the store and i had to sit down because i was going to block out if i didn’t sit down so this is always been a problem i cannot stand for long periods of time i have to sit i start to sew rosie i start to all they say lightheaded but actually when you start to feel real woozy you start to get real heavy and dark in the head when you start feeling parent paso

Anyway so these lower the your blood pressure and they usually give you four high blood pressure but the doctor want i don’t have high blood pressure obviously but the doctor wanted to try me arm for my headache so i mine oh great you know so i started off at a half a one i took a half of one for about three four days then i tried a whole one three or four days

And as you can imagine i was lucy oh i was just lucy all the time my head woozy and i had that anyways it feel like i’m going to pass out and anyways so i had to stop him i have to make an appoint my doctor go talk to her about these now and let her know i should phone chris facebook so i’m not taking these can deaths are 10 30 milligrams because i have a problem

With low blood pressure and my headband woozy anyways so i just can’t i just i just feel – it’s no good – travis and 10 milligrams and well be turned in 150 milligrams daily how are they making a difference i really have no idea i don’t know i feel like me i take my vitamins i feel like me i don’t take my vitamins i feel like me sometimes one knows the difference

With the iron because i can’t store iron so i get a time of these iron and i will admit you know i do i like i feel great but sometimes i did meyer and i feel a difference but i take my b and c and different things and i have well i have slippery elm and marshmallow root and dandelion and stuff that my mom sells vitamins so she helps with these and therefore my

Stomach of course though my intestines i know it’s a difference with them for my stomach but i eat kale and spinach and asparagus and brussels sprouts and melons and red bell peppers and blueberries and bananas and apples you know i know the difference in my system and how my system works but i don’t have more energy and i don’t feel better at a half avocado i

Have two eggs or i have tuna for the protein in it yogurt you know i’ve always tried to eat healthy but even if i’m not eating the healthiest now for me not eating healthy is eating rice and chicken because like just i mean i don’t get to vegetables what i always are ii always like take my fruit go have fruit though i don’t know i just always feel the same as a

Long short but do these help i don’t still feel like me i still have days i’m in bed and i saw days where i do a little bit more i have days where i do the less and i have days where i do a lot more but then i sleep more and i have day is no different i tore it off for pain and i have muscle relaxers for the pain in my back again do they help i take one tour at all

When i have a headache and i wait an hour and take another one you know supposed to you supposed to take mary for hours but if i have a really bad headache i’ve taken a tour at all wait an hour take another one sometimes it’s taking the edge off and i think once made it go away but overall no the tour tour are not helping my headaches how they help my back pain

I really most even take them for headaches because i really take hate taking pain meds you know they they hurt your liver your liver house you know process all this stuff lots of relaxers that take at night i don’t i had well i took one one night and then i felt really really sleepy all the next day but i often have days like that anyways i don’t know if it was

The muscle relaxer or if it was just one of those days and i haven’t tried not a much sense so but i do have them up there i should give them another go tour it all i don’t know like i say some no they’re not helping i’ve had a lean 375 again i have taken one i’ve taken two and sometimes headaches don’t go away once and while they will so i don’t know they always

Say do the help i don’t know sometimes yeah some sometimes no sometimes not at all sometimes a little i think when you have a headache it’s what’s causing it is it the change in the weather or is it a muscle strain and my neck because i have not problem um i don’t know i think you know do you need an aspirin do you need to turn on do you need a aleve do you need

A motion you need an aspirin i think it depends on what’s causing it and you don’t know what’s causing it usually so anyways that’s what i’m doing you know the first thing the doctor says or the citalopram and the wellbutrin helping i just feel like me i don’t i don’t know and i wonder if i should be taking them i don’t know my days are the same some days are a

Little better some parts of the day sometimes are better and i sleep throughout the day and i don’t sleep and i do sleep and i tired and i a little bit more energy one day and then i end up in bed it’s always been the same so anyways as much is that isn’t so great that’s the update

Transcribed from video
Wellbutrin. Citalopram. Sandoz-candesartan By Annette Shaylaina Summerfield