June 1, 2023

This is an update to my previous video: Wellbutrin saved me and then stopped working.

I have started this video already like 25 times i don’t know it’s so hard to talk to camera and i keep messing up well anyway so hi i am back with an update video to my previous video of how wellbutrin stopping to work and i have three main things to say and i have my notes so i’ll be looking down so number one is that i went to my doctor and she upped my dose

From 150 milligrams to 300 milligrams and i was hopeful that it’s gonna bring the whole productive um amazing feeling human being in me back but nothing happened actually and i read somewhere that the maximum dose of wellbutrin is 450 milligrams although as i understand the standard dose for most people is 300 milligrams i was hoping that my doctor would even uh

Even more increase the dose to 450 milligrams but and i suggested it to her that maybe we could try that but instead she said that we should add another medication that i could try in combination with wellbutrin something even more stimulating as i understood but in the end um she didn’t prescribe me anything because as i go to therapy every week we kind of notice

That my mood started to improve gradually and we decided not to rush with any new medications so it’s been a few weeks now and the only thing i’m taking is 300 milligrams of wellbutrin and i’m actually feeling quite fine so the second thing which is the most important thing in my opinion is that when i went to my doctor and explained to her that i feel really really

Low that something is wrong that wellbutrin isn’t working and that i experienced this amazing feeling of being so productive and so motivated and stuff she told me that i had experienced a wellbutrin honeymoon phase and at first i thought that it was just an expression she used but then i googled it and turns out it’s a thing when people start taking wellbutrin

In well for it varies for uh people but it’s like usually i don’t know like one week two weeks three weeks um people start experiencing like this face this honeymoon phase slash euphoria that gives you this uh idea that your depression has gone away that it’s been fixed it’s been cured and you are now this amazing productive person and you can do literally anything

But then the effect stops quite abruptly and as i understand a lot of people even experience like a drop in their mood and in their productivity right after and this is what gives the impression of medication uh stopping to work and this is also what happened to me which is why i was so desperate and so unhappy and i thought that something was really wrong with me

But while in reality it was far from it um and while i was googling about this whole uh wellbutrin honeymoon uh thing i came across a reddit thread which i thought was quite uh useful and helpful and i will share it uh i will share the link down below um but the main main question of that post was is it possible to regain that euphoria and that where that balbusian

Honeymoon is it possible to get it back um and from what i read from all the experiences that people shared in the comments and stuff unfortunately the answer is no you cannot really get it back although gradually your uh like your mood and your general feeling is definitely improving but nothing really comes uh close to what you feel in those first couple of weeks

When you start taking wellbutrin also probably not all people will experience this um yeah so just be aware of that and this leads me to the third and last thing is that after reading all this information and after reading uh what other people went through and that nobody really was able to get that euphoric feeling back i stopped waiting for it to come back and

What is even more important i stopped regarding that euphoria or that honeymoon phase as a standard of how i should feel as a healthy person as a mentally healthy person because in my opinion regarding that as a standard of how you should feel every day is just it just creates unrealistic expectations um and unrealistic expectations is something you definitely

Don’t need when you’re trying to battle depression when you’re trying to overcome it so if you have that high standard and you cannot um keep up with it and you don’t feel it then it gives you kind of the impression that something is really wrong with you and it could can even um set you back and hinder your overall progress because you think that your treatment

Is not working while in reality probably it is working so what would be great i guess if people would share more uh their experiences and information about this whole um wellbutrin honeymoon slash euphoria phase and what i wish my doctor would have told me well it would be great that she would have told me that this euphoria phase is possible but it would be even

More important if she would told me that it’s not going to last and that i shouldn’t regard it as this um like state which is depression free because she actually mentioned that that it’s kinda unnatural to feel that way uh especially if you are not a person who has this kind of character of being like super energetic and super motivated and active if you don’t

Have it like naturally then you experiencing this uh phase on wellbutrin it’s just uh just like um almost like a side effect of starting to take this medication and it will not last so yeah that’s uh those are the main things that i wanted to mention and to talk about and i hope this helped at least one person or that you maybe learn some valuable information

For your mental health journey especially if you are taking wellbutrin or planning to take wellbutrin and yeah um maybe if you have any questions or comments anything just write them down below and i will try to answer if i can yeah so don’t give up guys and i’ll see you next time bye

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Wellbutrin update: When honeymoon phase on bupropion is over By thecyankat