November 29, 2022

Hi yall! SO so sorry for taking literally a year to get back to you all about my progress since the beginning of my wellbutrin journey. Thank you so much to everyone who engaged with my last video- mental health and bringing people together is a passion of mine. The world is a better place with us talking about looking out for each other in whatever ways we can. Thanks for watching!

What’s up you guys it’s lucy and i’m back with another video an update video finally um i know that i was just in mya for a long long time i’ve been on tiktok kinda you can follow me on there i’ll put it down in the link below it’s kind of true to totally different worlds tick tock versus here but um i’m finally back with this video and i know that it’s long awaited

And i’ve been telling you guys in the comments i’m gonna give it to you for a really long time so i’m gonna just get right into it update on wellbutrin i am actually no longer taking mobuturin um and i will tell you all about it so when did i stop taking it would be the first question i started taking it however long ago that was i only took it for about three

To four months now um why did i stop taking it was because i felt like as amazing as it was and as much as it was a big life-changing experience for me it just stopped working like i didn’t feel like it was doing anything anymore for me that i felt like now maybe that could have been just the big change from how depressed and how much i was struggling and then

Feeling so great like you know for pretty quickly you know for a while that maybe i was looking for that big change still and i wasn’t getting it i’m not exactly sure but to be honest i just didn’t feel like it was working for me anymore now did i regress and that’s why i didn’t feel like that no i didn’t regress i kept doing really well i just felt like it wasn’t

Because of the medication anymore and that can actually be something that’s really dangerous with certain medications any medication consult your psychiatrist and see what they say about weaning you off i did i was weaned off of it i wasn’t i didn’t just quit it cold turkey um which you cannot do with antidepressants at all it doesn’t matter what kind it is just

General medication like it’s hard to just stop something and then expect your body and your mind especially something that’s dealing with your brain not to react um like really react so i stopped taking it yeah like it worked for me for a few months i stopped taking it um and weaned myself off of it and i still felt great now i went all throughout 2021 without

Being on it i believe i made that video in 2020 when the pandemic had just started and no i started taking it september and i think by like february 2021 i was completely off of it so i was on it fully i believe for like three to four months and then started weaning off of it like the fifth or sixth month and then throughout 2021 up until now i’m probably a

Full year off of it a lot of you may be wondering will i ever get back on wellbutrin am i against it am i still for it do i still feel the same about it um because you may be watching be like well damn she said that this would be great and it would change my life but you know it changed hers and all that stuff and then now i’m telling you well i stopped doing it

Um like i said i didn’t stop doing it for bad reasons i stopped doing it stop taking it for bad reasons um or because of negative side effects i didn’t have any of that i just had all good things to say about it it worked for me but as far as getting back on it in the future if i ever felt the way that i felt then absolutely it worked for me once um it got me

Out of a really really deep dark place it was the edge i needed to to have the advantage to get life going again for myself um with that being said i don’t want you guys to interpret me as the type of person that is just like i was a little sad for a little minute and now i’m great like no i like really really struggle with depression like it’s um i’m like haha

But i like to like make a lot of my situations but truthfully like depression has been something since i was nine years old when i went through hurricane katrina like that’s when it first started for me i’m very prone to it um you know i do i do cope with it very well and i do continue to live a healthy life and push forward regardless of how i feel like i said

I have a baby and she’s not a baby anymore but i have a i have i’m a mother so you know that to me is like my driving force to keep going i’ll do anything for that little girl to see me happy and i’m sure a lot of you who commented on my last video you can relate to that um so if i ever needed to get back on it i feel like yeah i would i’m not against it it’s not

It’s not a big deal to me so what am i doing now i don’t have this medication that i’m taking that takes the edge off things for me um it wasn’t working for me after a while i don’t know if it would work for me again what do i do now to cope with my depression anxiety aed all those things what what is my natural wellbutrin now or not natural wellbeing trim so now

I would say i have a little bit more of a routine um i try to have a little structure to my life i’m a very eccentric person and i’m very up and down like i have days where i want to do everything i have days where i want to do absolutely nothing and i tend to be very lazy by nature i just am so um but when i’m too lazy and things get away from me my depression

Just spikes my anxiety spikes because i’m depressed and i don’t have things done um like today i stopped everything i was doing to make this video and afterwards i’m gonna go pick up my baby and i’m going to clean my house top to bottom and organize everything because it’s just overdue that’s one thing your home your space it means everything so i am trying to

Adopt better habits when it comes to that and keeping everything organized and in tune and that makes waking up and cleaning before i wake up i mean cleaning when i first wake up cleaning before i go to bed just a little bit you know just tidying up wiping some things down so that when you wake up or when you go to sleep you feel refreshed you don’t feel like you

Don’t wake up with this big to-do list and your back’s against the wall it’s not how it goes also um every day i take vitamins and i know it sounds really like simple or whatever but i definitely felt like my body was like depleted and my energy levels were low so some of the vitamins i take i can do a whole video on that but um and why i take all of them but i

Take a probiotic i drink probiotic i like the kavita brand um i drink a probiotic i take a probiotic i have um i’ve i’m on i can never say it’s spironolactone for my acne i’m breaking out really bad right now as you can see i’m trying to get those hormones under control um my acne medicine that i just started i take that every day i take gummy bear hair vitamins

I just love the way that they taste and if they work for my hair then even better i’m trying to grow my hair out then i take vitamin c i take either a thousand to two thousand milligrams of vitamin c a day and i started about two months ago macaroon and ashwagandha um that is supposed to that specifically i take for depression and anxiety that is supposed to help

Um i also have two different tinctures that i take um one that’s like uh tinctures are like herbal and herbal type of thing and herbal oil and one of them is like for sleeping because i don’t want to take melatonin and stuff like that and it’s hard for me to fall asleep because my brain is racing and then another one is like for during the day it’s supposed to

Be like a type like a for adhd it helps you be productive and keep your energy i also take b12 b12 is amazing for my energy levels um other things i do i started i started a habit tracker so this month of february i’m really trying to do everything on my habit tracker i have like 10 things that i want to do every single day and um i try to do that and marking

Them off the list helps me because when you’re depressed it’s hard to it’s hard to feel like you’re doing anything right you know you don’t you don’t even know where to start like you don’t know that like one of them is make my bed now my bed is not made very well i just kind of threw it together um and i was on it and sitting on it and stuff making my little notes

But um every day as soon as i wake up like i make my bed it doesn’t have to be perfect it doesn’t but it i’ve already done something i wake up i’ve already done something when you have depression it’s hard to even know where to start so i started my habits and another thing um that’s really changed things for me is uh is therapy so i started therapy which i was

Really hesitant because i don’t have a good history with therapy i had a not so great therapist before so that was um a hurdle for me but i started therapy and i started reading certain books which i can do a video about those two and all of these things combined have just been really refreshing for me dealing with my depression my anxiety my adhd every day of

Course there’s gonna be something that i don’t know like we’re gonna have good days and bad days every day there’s gonna be something you have to like retrain your brain to think differently that’s the thing it’s depression for me at the point at this point in my life is all about the little things i’ve always said little things add up to big things the little

Things have um contributed to be just getting into that crippled depression phase or anxiety or you know just getting stuck not knowing where to start so when i have like this representation like my habit tracker i can see okay i’ve done this it’s not necessarily outside gratification that i’m searching for but it’s interior because i’m not giving myself enough

Credit like i’m doing something like i’m doing i’m doing things i’m doing things every day whether i feel like i’m not doing anything or not because for me my depression i would beat myself up a lot about like oh my god just snap out of that like just just just get up and go just you know snap out of it you can’t live like this and yeah that’s part of it hyping

Yourself up but the other part is um is the little things they’re really important especially for me you know depression is not necessarily linear you guys it’s it’s life is not linear you know like we we’re not on this like regular regular standard path that you know society likes to make you feel like you’re supposed to be on it’s not what life’s about um it’s

Your journey it’s the way you choose to do things that is healthy and best for you and the people around you and um for me depression looked like a really really really really really really dark place that i couldn’t seem to get out of and i didn’t know where to start so i started with medication um after the medication helped me get a few steps up up onto that

Ladder of like happiness i chose to do what felt good and was good for me and i’m just still doing that every single day um that’s all i can really say you guys i actually could say a lot more but i don’t want to talk your ear off so with that being said i’m gonna wrap this video up i know i’ve been rambling for a while um i hope you guys can relate i really

Want to be more consistent this is about to be put on put on my habit tracker every day every day make a video that would be really cool i have a lot of good ideas i’m gonna actually get rid of my first two videos and i’m just gonna start with mental health videos um i also have a tick tock you guys it’s a little different side of me um that you can see it’s at

Did you see lucy d-i-d-y-o-u-s-e-e-l-u-c-y my instagram is at uc lucy y-o-u-s-e l-u-c-y why did i not know how to spell that you see lucy did you see lucy and then i’m here on youtube like comment subscribe for me um let me know if you watched my first video and if you have more questions i’ll make a part two if i need to because i know i kind of owe it to you

Guys i took forever so let me know what you’d like to see what you want to talk about i’m a very spiritual person i’m very open i’m open-minded i’m down with whatever so what you guys want to talk about i’m here for you i’m here for me i’m here to try to make the world a better place so whatever i can do to be a part of it you guys you let me know all right i’ll

See you in the next video it’ll be sooner than last time bye you

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