February 8, 2023

This video looks at Amlodipine side effects and presents 4 HACKS to reduce side effects!.The main question asked in this video is : What are the side effects of Amlodipine?This video also looks at Amlodipine dosing and administration, as well as how Amlodipine works.

In this video i’ll show you four hacks to reduce  and minimize those side effects. coming up.   this channel is about tips and advice to promote  your health and to help you stay young. therefore,   think your health and hit the subscribe button.  how does amlodipine work? amlodipine belongs to a   class of drugs known as calcium

Channel blockers.  the brand name for amlodipine is norvasc.   blood pressure. it works by relaxing and widening   blood vessels. this lowers your blood pressure  and makes it easier for your heart to pump blood   around your body. amlodipine can be also used  for the treatment of angina. amlodipine works   the doses

For amlodipine are 2.5 milligrams, 5  milligrams and 10 milligrams. in older adults   and titrate slowly and if you’re younger or   a higher dose such as 5 milligrams. usually,   when titrating the dose up i wait 7 to 14 days  before changing the dose. in my experience for   better control of coronary artery disease and 

Chronic stable angina patients i end up titrating   to 10 milligrams daily. of course, the higher the  dose the higher the chances of side effects. so,   are the side effects? feeling tired or drowsy,   gi side effects such as stomach pain or nausea,  flushing and redness and feeding warm especially   in the facial and neck area,

Worsening chest pain,  heart palpitations or fluttering of the heart,   extremities, feeling dizzy and the feeling   you might pass out, muscle rigidity tremor and and  abnormal muscle movement. your doctor will not use   amlodipine if your blood pressure is too low and  if you have a condition called aortic stenosis  

Into the aorta. your doctor might not use this  drug if you have unstable heart failure or if   you’ve had an allergic reaction to the drug in the  same drug class your doctor won’t use this drug   as well. if you’re finding value in this video  don’t forget to like, comment and share and hit   that notification bell and that

Subscribe button  as well. why can’t i say subscribe? four hacks to   reduce side effects! i tell my patients to be  patient,you like that little play with words?   the most common side effects include headache,  flushing, feeling tired and swollen ankles.   these usually improve after a few days.number  two if you do have

To stop amlodipine because   of side effects, do not stop taking amlodipine  suddenly. it is better to slowly decrease the   dosage over a period of time. your doctor may  advise you to take sublingual nitroglycerin   for any breakthrough angina. number three. if you  do have leg and ankle swelling do not stop taking  

Your norvasc until you speak with your physician.  i do not recommend putting you on a water pill   other side effects you will be dealing with   not only with this pill, but you’ll be dealing  with another pill as well. i’ll rather reduce the   dose of your pill or switch you to another class  of a medication. you can talk to

Your doctor about   those options as well. another option would be  walking more and in that way you are activating   your calf muscles and improving your circulation  and in that way the extra fluid in your ankles and   legs can be shifted. number four. to avoid early  morning dizziness, get up slowly from your bed,  

Take a couple minutes and sit at your side of the  bed. otherwise, you can always take the medication   having side effects from norvasc also known as   amlodipine? and if you want to see more videos you  can click right here or click right here or click   right here or click right here. have a good day  and think your health. i

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What are the side effects of AMLODIPINE? 4 HACKS to reduce side effects! By Think Your Health