May 29, 2023

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Having difficulties minimizing high potassium levels hi there viewers today we bring you a video that can help you lower your potassium level high potassium also known as hyperkalemia occurs when potassium level increases in blood this electrolyte is essential for nerves and muscle function but once the potassium level rises it starts affecting your body negatively

If the condition is mild it can be solved by modifying the diet but if it is serious you need to talk to the doctor so today’s video is all about dropping potassium levels we will discuss important points from what food to include and what not to include in the diet what can be done to reduce potassium content in food and who are under the rest before we discuss

All of this hit that subscribe button to stay connected with our channel what foods to eat if you have high potassium usually hyperkalemia doesn’t have symptoms unless it gets severe high level hyperkalemia symptoms are muscle weakness fatigue nausea cramps chest pain and breathing difficulties however blood tests and urine tests can help in knowing mild rays in

Potassium levels in the body during routine health checkups your doctor will let you know your overall body condition if you have hyperkalemia the first thing the doctor will ask you to do is modify your diet modifying your diet is effective when you have mud hyperkalemia it can be treated at home without having to go under major treatment basically you need to

Eat low potassium food to drop your potassium level vegetables and fruits are rich in various minerals including potassium and you need to avoid them however there are some vegetables and fruits that are rich sources of necessary nutrients and low in potassium so you need to focus on those types of food more fruits like apples berries grapefruits beers peaches

Plums oranges watermelon and pineapples are low in potassium you don’t have to think twice before eating any of these fruits besides fruits and vegetables there are low potassium foods such as pasta noodles rice cake bread but not whole grain wine cookies without nuts and chocolates and pie without high potassium ingredients can be consumed by people with high

Potassium levels whole grain nuts and chocolates are high in potassium and they are not to be consumed tea and coffee are recommended but should be taken in limit just knowing foods to lower the high potassium levels might not help much you also need to have a good understanding about foods that are loaded with potassium so that you don’t consume foods that

Trigger potassium levels in your body fruits with high potassium are bananas kiwi mango papaya pumpkins cantaloupe dried fruits avocado and pomegranate you have to stay away from these fruits until your potassium levels drop to normal and high potassium vegetables are beets black beans broccoli brussels sprouts kohlrabi okra potatoes spinach tomatoes lentils

And rutabagas so you have to avoid diseases made from any of these vegetables however there is a trick to lower potassium levels in the vegetable and that trick is leeching but remember only vegetables with high potassium are to be leached in the leaching process vegetables are cut then soak in the water for at least 2 hours and rinse them the drawback of the

Leaching process is along with potassium you are also removing essential vitamins and minerals from the vegetables so this process of minimizing potassium in vegetables limits the supply of electrolytes which can result in nutrient imbalance in the body leaching process is only recommended when the potassium level is above normal once the potassium levels reach

A normal level you have to stop leeching don’t overdo it along with fruits and vegetables you need to avoid certain fruits like coconuts french fries cream soup ice cream molasses peanut butter potato chips tofu and yogurt it’s totally understandable avoiding high potassium food is overwhelming but it’s only till your potassium level is high your doctor

Will tell you when you can eat your favorite food are you thinking what’s the normal potassium level if your potassium level is between 3.5 to 5.0 it is considered normal and if the potassium level is above 6.0 it’s life-threatening in this case avoiding and including certain foods might not help much doctor can suggest that you go under medical treatment

Are you at risk of hyperkalemia normally hyperkalemia happens to those who are living an unhealthy lifestyle or who are having kidney problems in some cases increased potassium levels in the blood can lead to a serious heart problem as well kidneys have many roles in the body and one of the many types of kidney is to store the right amount of potassium in the

Body if the potassium level is too high kidneys will remove excess potassium through urine and when kidneys are not working they will not be able to remove extra potassium when this happens potassium in the blood can build up to harmful levels and if you are drinking excessive fruits or vegetable juice it can raise potassium levels drinking juice of fruits or

Vegetables which are high in potassium can undoubtedly cause hyperkalemia but drinking too much juice of fruits and vegetables low in potassium can also cause hyperkalemia you’re asking how let’s clarify with an example apples are low in potassium and obviously you can eat them but when you make apple juice you will need at least three medium-sized apples

Which means one glass of apple juice has three times more potassium than normally one apple has and this is how juice can trigger potassium level in the body even if you are drinking juice twice or once a week it can trigger potassium levels people who are taking drugs to prevent the kidney from losing potassium are also at the risk there are drugs that can

Prevent the kidney from removing potassium and can cause potassium levels to rise some medicines should not be taken more than your doctor prescribes discuss all the medicine you take with your doctor and follow accordingly plus high potassium can be the result of poorly controlled diabetes people with high blood sugar levels can cause damage to the kidney and

Eventually the damaged kidney causes hyperkalemia if you are a diabetes patient and don’t want more health issues then you surely want to control your blood sugar level also a person with congestive heart failure is at risk of hyperkalemia too so just be aware you don’t further damage your health was this informative like and share our video stay connected we

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What Foods To Eat If You Have High Potassium? By Fourth Panda