February 8, 2023

Welcome back to our channel HOPE.

Hey guys welcome back to our channel and today i thought i’d do a video on how i tried to come off such lean i’ve done a video previously on how i came on it and i thought i would share with you my experience of just trying to kind of lower the dosage a bit so it was summer i finished my second year of my ba and i kind of had the six weeks and i thought you know

What i’m gonna try and just lower my dosage a bit and i was bit foolish i didn’t tell my doctor i should have wish which he must do now i know having done it the wrong way and i was on a hundred and i wanted to cut it down to fifty and me being me being all or nothing i just cut it down straight away i didn’t kind of do it slowly i didn’t do like cut 25 then another

25 just went straight to halfway and yeah when i when i’m on it i feel a bit invincible so i don’t i didn’t kind of think it would make much of a difference now you’ve leave and it actually did so i was glad i did in the summer because i had the time to kind of make that mistake and i i just felt really kind of weird like i was in bed quite a lot and and i and i

Was very kind of tired and very like blurry and i couldn’t really think straight kind of like the side effects when you’re going on it which is really weird so you feel a bit sick and i just didn’t feel all there i think i i mean i know now i did it way too quick and i obviously did it without my doctor’s opinion i always think i know best and i could be a bit

Stubborn so that’s where we’re in a bit wrong so i’ve now gone back up to 100 just because why not like it’s helping me it’s very much available so i just think like don’t be so stubborn and just stay on it and as soon as i went back on it took a couple of days to kind of well went back to my original dosage it took a couple of days to kind of get back into the

Single things but yeah it’s kind of trying to play with other things like maybe i’m just a bit tired maybe um bit stressed but then i went obviously back up to the dose i was on and i feel fine now so that was lesson learned i always tend to learn the hard way so didn’t let myself down on that one so yeah if you are thinking of cutting down think about it which i

Know you probably will anyway but makes you talk to a professional have a think about it if you feel like you’re really ready obviously i wasn’t quite ready to come off it so yeah that was my experience not a very good one but i hope that it will kind of prevent you guys from making that mistake that i did yeah very quick video today but that’s pretty much we have

To say on the subject unless you guys have any questions or anything which um i’d love to hear and again i’d love to hear your experiences or different medications and things like that so yeah that’s it for today next week i need to have a good think about what i’m gonna say i’m gonna be doing a video on an insight of the voice of a mental illness so for people

Outside you don’t have a mental illness and they kind of people these things about those voices on the purse and the sort of being it’s like someone’s head and it will be in very crazy and stuff just trying to explain a bit more about what it’s like and what it’s about and even for someone who does have one it just kind of my experience of x under everyone has very

Different experiences and things like that so yeah that is the plan so i will see you guys next week bye

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What Happened when I Tried to Come off Sertraline | HOPE By Hope with Mental Health