June 1, 2023


Here’s my little brain being messed with by prednisone prednisone is a miracle drug but it causes surprising effects i surveyed thousands of people and i asked them what do you wish you’d known about prednisone and they told me the things they wish they’d known i created the top 10 list of things they wish they’d known and today we’re talking about number six

Number six is mood these things in the brain is things that make you feel like somebody else like is taking over your emotions your mood your mental health but it’s not you it’s the drug doing it so this is what somebody said you i wish i’d known that you are a completely different person while on the drug the devil drug excuse me it’s horrific it changed my

Personality along with all its wonderful side effects people described irritability rage anger emotional changes lack of joy and just feeling tired prednisone famously causes roid rage because prednisone is a steroid and it makes you feel uncontrollably angry that moment from when you could normally tolerate goes you flip your lids so much faster you go from

I’m a little bit angry too oh my gosh i’m exploding in anger so fast there’s not really any in between that somebody cuts you off on the freeway and you’re just like i’m gonna take him down right now it’s not you it’s the drug but it’s not just that it causes anxiety jitteriness oh you feel like somebody’s chasing you because it’s prednisone is mimicking cortisol

The hormone that your body secretes in emergencies to save your life so that you don’t die when that tiger’s chasing you so that you can survive but it leaves you with this anxiety this miserable uncontrollable jitteriness panic attacks it can range all the way to psychosis and steroid they have this thing called steroid psychosis people have to be hospitalized

Sometimes usually it’s mild most people can handle it but sometimes it’s so awful that they need to be hospitalized or need prescription drugs or even electro convulsive therapy to cope i’m so sorry if that’s you suffering that right now but just know it’s not you it’s the drug you’re not going crazy the drug is just causing you to suffer side effects and you

Need to be able to cope with that and if that requires a prescription drug then that’s what it is but thankfully prednisone’s there to save your life and these other drugs are there to help you cope with those side effects there are miraculous drugs available today that our ancestors just had to suffer from their mental illnesses but we have miracle drugs that

Help us cope today other people said i wish i’d known how bad the anxiety would be and how long it lasts after i stopped taking the prednisone i get asked that a lot well when do these side effects go away and for some people it lasts a long time for other people it goes away like that stop the prednisone the side effects stop other people it could last a couple

Weeks a couple months even up to a year some people suffer dementia they forget and that usually goes away in most people it goes away but sometimes it doesn’t sometimes it causes permanent dementia prednisone can cause so many complications so many side effects i know i felt that roid rage i know i felt jitteriness even my hands shook when i was on prednisone

But when i got off of it they went away they’ve been away thankfully i feel like myself again i have my own emotions again it’s the drug is gone out of my system and i am me there is hope that you will feel like yourself again but while you’re on prednisone get the help you need tell people if you’re feeling unwell there is help and hope available and i want

You to know my best tips i created this prednisone checklist the top 10 mistakes that people make when they’re taking prednisone and i gave you details about how to cope page after page after page what you can do about it what you can do about those miserable side effects i took prednisone and i know how it feels and i know that you need help the people just don’t

Understand how it really feels to take prednisone i do i’ve been there and i’ve i put my best information together for you in the prednisone checklist if you click the link below you can get access to my best tips and i want you to know that next week i’m going to be talking about number five and it is going to help you find out about the fifth thing that people

Wish they’d known while taking prednisone signing off as dr megan your prednisone pharmacist i’m committed to helping you not just survive while take you taking prednisone but thrive while taking prednisone you

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