June 9, 2023


Moon face moon face this is what i looked like when i was on prednisone i had moon face actually here’s another picture that’s also what i looked like while i was on pregnant zone it was not me i looked in the mirror and i couldn’t see myself i couldn’t see me i couldn’t see the megan i knew i was my face was round i had bags under my eyes my cheeks were red from

Hot flashes i couldn’t sleep and so those bags got deeper and deeper every day prednisone interferes with your appearance today i’m talking about number seven on the top 10 things people wished they’d known before taking prednisone i asked thousands of people that question and these are the results of that survey so number seven is moon face they wish they’d

Known that they could get this round round face that they would not recognize themselves in the mirror that they would feel like a totally different person even their mood would be different at least that’s how it was for me i didn’t recognize myself on the inside or the outside thankfully after nine months on it i was able to get off of it and i do feel like

Myself again there is hope there is hope but it took a long time i thought i was just going to be on prednisone for a few days that there’s no way i would have the moon face because i thought i would be able to just go home from the hospital on the prednisone in my 10 days and i’d be done and it wasn’t like that prednisone doesn’t usually cause moon face in

10 days and so i thought i’d be fine but no nine months later i definitely had that moon face over and over and over again every time they tried to taper me down i’d get it again when i’d go back up it was gradual but it was definitely there so now i want to read you some words of people in that survey what they said about moonface this one wondered i wish i’d

Known that i would be on it for 44 years and counting and that gave me a normal life but also gave me a fat torso skinny legs cataracts stretch marks thin skin moon face bags under my eyes hump back and achy bones whoopee i didn’t make that up those are somebody’s real words i could have said the same thing except i didn’t get the hump back some people get a

Little pad of fat back here the other word for it is buffalo pump combination of buffalo hump and moon face and round torso big bat fat belly look like you’re pregnant when you’re not when you’re a guy that combination is called cushing’s syndrome it was named after a guy who discovered that people who had a disease that caused them to have high cortisol would

Get these weird fat depositions they would get the moon face the chubby cheeks and the brown chin and the fat on the neck back area and the fat on the belly and so they named that lovely thing after him mr cushing’s thank you mr cushings we sure love you just kidding and so moon face is a symptom of having prednisone mimicking cortisol that hormone in your body

And the combination of all those makes the fat go weird and makes the fat get off your arms and legs and redeposit on your face and back and neck and tummy and so you don’t want to do that you don’t want to feel that way you don’t want to look that way you want to see yourself again you want to go to that wedding with confidence but the prednisone is interfering

It does go away as the dose goes down there is hope but it happens and it’s awful so this was number seven of the things people wish they’d known before they were given a prescription for prednisone i’m dr megan your printed zone pharmacist and i’m committed to helping you find ways to not just survive taking prednisone but thrive while taking it and i have a

Whole series about moon face i’ve got a blog post and how to embrace moon face because you can signing off as dr megan your printed zone pharmacist and if you found this valuable and helped hopeful and helpful please subscribe and share and help others on prednisone know that there is hope signing up you

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