January 26, 2023


Hair skin fingernails teeth all the strange things that you wish you’d known about prednisone i’m dr megan you’re printing his prednisone pharmacist and today i’m talking about the number eight in the list of 10 things that people wish they’d known about prednisone i took prednisone for nine months and i wish i’d known some things even though i’m a pharmacist and

I’d gone to school and i learned about it in the textbook but i didn’t really know how it felt until i took it myself really high doses for a long time and so i discovered things that they didn’t really mention in those textbooks things like has to do with a brush i’m going to read you one of the responses to the survey i did of thousands of people on prednisone

What they said they wish they’d known this is what this person said i wish i’d known about aches and pains insomnia the length of time on it ten months started on a massive dose what i would need to take with it how much hair i would lose and weight i’d gain that being said it did save my life that’s the thing about prednisone it does save your life the balance

Of the benefits and the risks it often is a miracle at least it was for me i didn’t bleed to death but it exerted its cost and its cost was steep so many side effects so much suffering my condition didn’t seem that bad and yet i had to suffer all of these terrible side effects one of them was losing my hair probably lost a third of my hair i had to cut it

Short to get rid of all of the straggly parts at the end where it had gone really thin it wasn’t fun but other weird things hot flashes bright red cheeks it was terrible feeling like a middle-aged woman going through menopause in my early 30s prednisone causes so many things to happen that you never could have predicted i’m going to give you a few more quotes

Of people in that survey this person said i wish i’d known that i’d lose between possibly more 1 4 to half of my hair while on the devil’s tic tac every wash clumps would fall out that’s exactly how it was for me it was about a third another person said i wish i don’t it would destroy my skin another person said i wish i’d known my hair was going to fall out

And i would get moon face it changes your appearance you look in the mirror and you’re like who is this person i don’t recognize me so i created a video about how prednisone makes you feel too old in an article all about it how about how it makes you feel like a middle-aged osteoporotic old woman when you’re not so i created an article about hair loss what you

Can do about it there are things i wish i’d known i had no idea at the time that pronoun was going to cause it and then to be honest i didn’t really want to do anything about it because my hair’s so thick as it is i didn’t really want to have all that hair back oh well it came back thankfully it took a long time and in that article i go through the details of

How long it took finally i want you to know next week we’re going to learn in video number seven about other physical changes that happen that people wish they’d known before they took prednisone signing off as dr megan your prednisone pharmacist you

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