June 1, 2023


While you’re on prednisone all you want is sugary deliciousness right all you can handle is just i want to eat more and more and more of it i’m dr megan your prednisone pharmacist and i took prednisone and i wanted to eat the entire pantry i wanted to eat all the sugary things right now even if my stomach hurt i wanted it all and i wanted it now is that how

You feel while you’re on prednisone i did a survey of thousands of people taking prednisone and i asked them what do you wish you’d known before you took prednisone and they gave hundreds of responses i compiled them all into a list and i’ve created the top 10 things people wish they’d known while taking prednisone and today i’m talking about number nine that

Candy wrapper was a clue it is that prednisone can cause diabetes it can cause high blood sugar it can cause you to gain weight people wish they’d known that prednisone is a glucocorticoid that means it’s interfering with the metabolism of glucose your body’s sugar the way your body gives your food into each cell that amazing miraculous little molecule that

Helps you use up the delicious food that you ate so you can’t eat the way you used to because prednisone is making your blood sugars go sky high which makes your insulin go sky which makes you hungry which interferes with your leptin they’re all messed up while you’re taking prednisone and that causes you to gain weight and get the moon face and feel awful and

So hungry you just feel terrible one person described it like this i wish i’d known that i was gonna have a bigger appetite and gain weight along with having moon faced and insomnia and those all are just this vicious cycle you have an insomnia and so you’re more hungry because the hormones that would make you feel full didn’t get to happen because you weren’t

Sleeping and so then you’re hungry and so then your blood sugar goes up and it’s just a vicious cycle towards weight gain and moon face another person said i wish i’d known about the diet i needed to follow while on prednisone no salt no sugar no caffeine and no high fat pretty much just eat lettuce and you’ll be fine well i might disagree with a few of those

Things but still you have to be really careful while you’re on prednisone what you eat another person said carbs are the enemy finally a this person asked i wish i’d known the proper diet and nutrients to make me come off them healthy wouldn’t that be nice to have known that before they were taking prednisone before they gained 10 of their body weight yeah it

Would have been nice to know so when i took it i was as careful as i could be i did not want to gain weight i didn’t want to look different but when i looked in the mirror i couldn’t recognize myself and it was miserable and so i wanted to create something so that when i have to go back on prednisone because i have an autoimmune condition that i could do so

With confidence and so first i figured out exactly which nutrients that you need we know that we have to be really careful with sugar but which ones do we need and i discovered that prednisone depletes 10 nutrients and i created a list of those and foods that contain those nutrients those are the things you should focus on and avoid those refined sugars at all

Costs i created that the nutrients you need list check it out below and i also have a few videos about it the nutrients you need and and the foods to avoid finally when after i created that list i discovered that i could put that all into a capsule to make it easy for you to get the nutrients you need the ones that prednisone steals and i created neutronized

Zone for people on prednisone it’s got a morning and a bedtime and they work together to restore those nutrients you need so that you can recover from taking prednisone i secrete it for a selfish reason for myself so that i would feel so much better but then i’ve discovered the people who’ve taken it it’s changed their lives they finally feel like themselves

Again so if you want to feel like yourself again get yourself some neutronized zone at nutrinized.com signing off as dr megan your prednisone pharmacist you

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