March 24, 2023

Dr. Jawad talks about the difference between cortisol and insulin resistance.

Other one this dr. chauhan in the short video i’m going to explain the difference and the similarities between cortisol and insulin resistance and how that pertains to your body now what is cortisol cortisol first is produced in the adrenal gland and cortisol is part of our stress hormone also – it’s it’s part of our immune response cortisol stimulates the

Immune system to release white blood cells – again to heal the body what happens is again it’s release during times of stress it’s our stress hormone now in long-term stress when you have just chronic stress the cortisol is being dumped into the system what happens is that the cell becomes resistant okay it’s like a lock-and-key method so what happens when too

Much cortisol is flow around the cell it does in the bloodstream it doesn’t get into the cell because the cell shuts down so the hormone is not going into the cell and what’s happening it what’s called it the receptor downgrades when you have too much of something the body wants to downgrade because the body always wants to be in a steady state so you don’t have

Cortisol going into the cell but what happens and you have too much cortisol floating around the blood system now again this is a safety mechanism now the caveat is cortisol levels vary throughout the day so it’s typically high in the morning it kind of takes a dip it goes high it takes a dip it goes high and it takes a dip typically by nighttime so to actually

Have to measure the cortisol levels in the bloodstream it’s very very hard to do what will happen is that typically to do it is that you are going to be at a very very again it’s almost like the end stage of adrenal failure so this is why it’s hard to measure the cortisol through a blood stream this is why i always recommend doing the spit test throughout

The day you want to fill about five test tubes throughout the day because the levels vary all right now the catch-22 about cortisol resistance and the symptoms is that you could have both symptoms it just varies throughout the day so again if you have too much circulating again – too much circulating course all in the blood this is where you get high you know

Deposition of belly fat their high blood pressure decrease sleep because decreased sleep what happens at nighttime while you’re sleeping course a level should actually take a dip now if you have too much cortisol in your body this is where it’s going to interrupt the sleep because remember what cortisol does cortisol is our stress hormone it awakens us loss of

Protein decrease bone down to these so again if you’re not pulling up if you’re losing the protein you’re losing the bone density and because cortisol is our stress hormone and you have too much floatin on your system and cholesterol cholesterol is actually good for us cholesterol is actually the repair system i always call it cholesterol is the arterial band-aid

You’re going to actually increase cholesterol levels due to stress due to circulating hormones in your bodies and constitutive stress and i’ll acid reflux what’s going to happen is that your if you’re in a constant go mode you’re not making enough stomach acid to close the valves to prevent the acid reflux so often times people who have gerd or acid reflux are

Always stressed out now again you could have the same symptoms they fluctuate so again too much cortisol so i’m going to get too much none of course all it’s getting to the cell because again it’s resistant this via chronic inflammation people who are stressed out are always inflamed because what is cortisol do okay what happens is that now they have an immune

Response so if you can’t if you don’t have enough cortisol go into the cell where they give you they give you prednisone people are in chronic pain and stressed out they give you prednisone which is what cortisol all of the to allergies because what does allergy allergy is an inflammatory response so again if you have low of course i’ll get into the cell this

Where allergies occur asthma memory too much flown cortisol shuts down a memory very simple if anybody have ever taken an exam test anxiety they don’t remember however they remember the next day why because being stressed out shuts down the part of the brain called the hippocampus which is involved in working memory stress so again so again if you have high or

Low flow of course so it’s very similar symptoms are very much the same okay so let’s bring it into insulin so what happens if you have too much insulin in your system the cells become insulin resistant you have too much flow and insulin it’s not getting to the cell the cell down again downgrades and it blocks this have we become insulin resistant now this is

Where the pancreas comes in okay because a pancreas is phenomenal organ it’s an endocrine and an extra cream organ so insulin is produced in the pancreas it’s released when you have a sugar because a function of insulin is to basically say drive nutrition into the cell so what happens when you become an insulin resistant the cells don’t get nutrition and they be

And they get starving your cells are starving because you have too much insulin flowing around your the blood is not getting into the cell okay so again what’s gonna happen so with insulin resistance if you have too much this is where again you’re thirsty because why because the cells aren’t getting the nutrition and they’re starving you’re thirsty all the time

Excessive urination dry mouth belly fat wow belly fat with high insulin and belly a thought with high cortisol it’s pretty much the same high blood pressure high blood pressure inflammation inflammation you’re feeling tired all the time why those cells aren’t getting they’re not getting the nutrition that they need so what’s happening is that you become tired

Your memory gets at okay but also too now you now you have low you have low insulin going to the cell so this is we get irritable lightheaded sweet craving you’re craving sweets all the time why because you have too much insulin and it’s not getting into the cell so you’re craving food your brain needs sugar glucose first and foremost to function and if it’s not

Getting that this is where you crave sweets you’re hungry all the time headache weak you’re weak because again your your body is not getting the proper nutrition and your anger your angry the time so basically the cells are starving so as you can see here what triggers it cortisol resistance is due to stress too much stress will cause cortisol resistance what’s

Happens in some resistant sugar how do you hide enough how do you calm them both down first you change your diet around what’s ever again what’s ever increase in that insulin you have to decrease it and one increases insulin sugar stress you have to learn how to manage stress now here’s the one thing now again this is how it all bleeds together so when you have

Too much cortisol in your system what happens it turns the body proteins in the glucose which in turn so now you have too much glucose around flow around your system which become insulin resistance and this is we become a distant where again the possibly of diabetes increases so you don’t actually have to be a diabetic because your excessive because you have

Excessive you eat a lot of foods okay you can become a diabetic how just by too much stress all right hope you enjoyed the video i’ll see you next time thank you hello this how did you odd please subscribe to my channel for more up-to-date videos and thanks for watching

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What is Cortisol and Insulin Resistance? By TheJDocRealMinute