March 28, 2023

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This video i want to share with you what cymbalta is used for some real dangers that you should be aware of when it comes to this drug as well as give you a few other other ideas better options now before i begin down below i’m giving away a free video based guide on dietary supplements as well as herbal medicine now cymbalta is a prescription drug it’s mostly used

To treat depression anxiety fibromyalgia as well as nerve problems in nerve pain and fibromyalgia really is muscle pain there’s a theory that is caused from nervous nervous system problems now like all prescription drugs it’s going to create a bunch of free radicals that breaks down the body that’s a side effect and free radicals are very unhealthy they create a lot

Of health problems they contribute to the aging process there’s always a chance an allergic reaction for example someone can experience skin rash trouble breathing as well as swelling in certain areas but that’s not the big danger the real danger has to do the liver and urinary system in fact what was it done in 2008 the fda have this list 20 drugs they feel people

Really should not use due to the dangers and guess what this drug was on that list due to it damaging the liver and the urinary system and it gets worse there’s another huge danger with this drug and that is that it can be addicting okay now according to addiction calm many people take this drug for any length of time develop something known as discontinuation

Syndrome stories of people living in this hellish nightmare scenario after they stop taking this drug in and sad stories of people losing jobs and family members you know going through this horrible experience and when they stop taking the drug in fact over 50% of people list using his drug develop this this nightmare symptom okay and it gets worse surprisingly

There’s more dangers in fact there is a study united states national library mess and that people who took his drug fell down more than people who took a placebo so you can fall down more now the good news is there’s other options and i’ll just throw a couple ideas out there for depression if you take an omega-3 supplements that’s a great idea for fibromyalgia

You can try something like turmeric and ginger to help with the inflammation which reduces the pain that’s an idea plus you can exercise more now the thing with alternative medicine and supplements and herbs is they can be wonderful it can save you a ton of money and they can do some great things for people the bad news is there’s some confusion there’s some crap

Out there and doctors don’t really push it they’re more likely to push drugs now to help you i clay this whole video guide all about giving tips on these products we can save you money to make it much easier to buy these products and can do some wonderful things so i know you love it so we’re with your time and i really think you should check it out it’s free if

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What is Cymbalta Used For? Dangers and Other Options? By kwhitsitt1