March 28, 2023

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Hello welcome to my channel subscribe or like if you like it today we are going to talk about the medicine fluoxetine we will explain its mechanism of action its side effects its dosage its uses its contra indications its warnings pregnancy and indications the trade names of fluoxetine are prozac m prozac weekly rapi flux fluoxetine mechanism of action selectively

Inhibits the reuptake of serotonin by cns neurons what is fluoxetine and what is it used for therapeutic indications and dosage of fluoxetine oral route adults and elderly major depressive episodes recommended 20 milligrams daily review and adjust if necessary within three to four weeks after initiation of treatment and thereafter as clinically appropriate

Maximum 60 milligrams per day minimum duration 6 months obsessive compulsive disorder recommended 20 milligrams per day if after two weeks the response is insufficient increase gradually up to a maximum of 60 milligrams if there is no improvement within 10 weeks reconsider treatment maintain treatment beyond 10 weeks in those patients with response long-term

Efficacy has not been demonstrated more than 24 weeks careful and individual dose adjustment to keep the patient on the lowest possible effective dose periodically re-evaluate the treatment bulimia nervosa complement to psychotherapy 60 milligrams per day efficacy not demonstrated for more than three months in all indications doses higher than 80 milligrams

Per day have not been evaluated elderly not to exceed 40 milligrams slash day max 60 milligrams slash day children older than eight years and adolescence moderate to severe depressive episodes if no response to psychological therapy after four to six sessions initial dose 10 milligrams daily careful and individual dose adjustment to keep the patient on the

Lowest effective dose after one or two weeks it can be increased up to 20 milligrams per day re-evaluate treatment after six months for responding patients if clinical benefit is not achieved in nine weeks reconsider treatment mode of administration of fluoxetine oral route administer in single or fractionated doses during or between meals contraindications of

Fluoxetine hypersensitivity in combination with mao eyes do not initiate treatment until five weeks after discontinuation of fluoxetine or with fluoxetine until two weeks after discontinuation of the irreversible maoi and the day after with reversible maoia warnings and precautions with fluoxetine hepatic impairment history of seizures unstable seizure disorders

Epilepsy mania hypomania bleeding disorders hepatic dysfunction patients with congenital long qt syndrome family history of qt prolongation or other clinical conditions predisposing to arrhythmias such as hypokalemia and hypomagnesemia bradycardia acute myocardial infarction or decompensated hf diabetes ect elevated intraocular pressure were at risk of narrow angle

Glaucoma concomitant with oral anticoagulant drugs that affect platelet function or increase bleeding risk careful follow-up in patients with a history of suicidal events and with a significant degree of suicidal ideation before initiating treatment children and adolescents under 18 years of age if a decision is made to initiate treatment monitor the appearance of

Symptoms of suicidality or mania hypomania and follow-up on pubertal growth and development gradually taper the dose over a minimum of one to two weeks to avoid withdrawal symptoms risk of akathesia psychomotor restlessness and ventricular arrhythmias avoid concomitant administration with tamoxifen fluoxetine hepatic insufficiency caution decreased dose interactions

With fluoxetine contraindicated with maui’s potentiates action of drugs metabolized by type 2 d6 adjust to the minimum therapeutic range those of narrow margin for example flechenide econide carbamazepine and tricyclic antidepressants may reduce the effect of tamoxifen potentiates the effect of oral anticoagulants risk of occurrence of serotonergic syndrome

With tramadol tryptans lithium tryptophan celleduline increased adverse effects with hypericum perforatum avoid with alcohol pregnancy and fluoxetine some epidemiological studies suggest an increased risk of cardiovascular defects associated with fluoxetine use during the first trimester of pregnancy the mechanism by which they occur is unknown epidemiologic

Data suggest that ssri use in pregnancy especially in late pregnancy may increase the risk of persistent pulmonary hypertension in the neonate pphn in addition although fluoxetine can be used during pregnancy caution should be exercised especially during late pregnancy or just before delivery as some effects have been reported in neonates irritability tremor

Hypotonia persistent crying difficulty breastfeeding or sleeping lactation and fluoxetine fluoxetine is excreted in breast milk so caution should be exercised when fluoxetine hydrochloride is administered to women during lactation effects of fluoxetine on driving ability fluoxetine may produce sedation dizziness therefore patients should be instructed that

If they experience sedation or dizziness they should avoid performing potentially hazardous tasks such as driving or using machines side effects or adverse reactions of fluoxetine decreased appetite insomnia anxiety nervousness restlessness tension decreased libido sleep disturbances abnormal dreams attention disturbance dizziness dyscusia lethargy drowsiness

Somnolence tremor blurred vision palpitations flushing yawning vomiting dyspepsia dry mouth rash urticaria pruritis hyperhidrosis arthralgia frequent urination gynecological bleeding erectile dysfunction ejaculation disorder nervousness chills decreased weight persistence of sexual dysfunction

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