March 28, 2023


That’s how you feel when you’re on prednisone happy sad happy sad because we all want to know what is prednisone is what’s it gonna do to me what prednisone is is a paradox it is two things at the same time it’s two sides of one coin and i’m gonna tell you all about that first of all i wanted to tell you the nicknames people who are given prednisone for a long

Time give it here’s a list a short one of what their nicknames are first of all devil’s tic tac poison my meds the evil miracle drug one lady said my husband calls it pregnazone because he gains so much weight on it satan mr moo bloaties magic mood pills and appetite stimulants this one rhymes with witchy and starts with a b i’m not going to say that on this

For my children and the reason she calls it that is because that’s what i become devil’s candy and finally crack for autoimmune people if that didn’t describe what prednisone is i don’t know how else to better describe it for you prednisone is a complete miracle it cured my disease well it didn’t cure it it put my disease stopped it from killing me but it also

Caused tons of side effects and i wondered was the disease actually worse than the side effects it was hard to tell that’s what i like to call the prednisone paradox it’s a miracle it saves lives but it’s miserable it causes so many side effects it is a cure but it is a poison it has more uses than any other drug nearly every doctor every specialist prescribes it

From the emergency room to eye doctors to kidney doctors to heart doctors to lung doctors and everyone in between they all prescribe it because it can help with pretty much any body organ system but even though it’s used for more things it causes more side effects than any other drug when you put all this together it shows that prednisone is a jack-of-all-trades

It can pretty much do anything yet it causes more havoc than any other drug you could say it’s if if you were to choose a gun and drugs are guns if this is a gun and there are other drugs that are guns you might say the top prescribed drug in america it’s called levothyroxine for people’s thyroid medicine it does one thing and it does it really well it helps

Replace thyroid medicine for people that’s it it doesn’t do anything else i mean it helps replace thyroid hormone for people and it does nothing else whereas prednisone helps people breathe helps people’s kidneys stop failing helps my body stop attacking my platelets part of my blood helps people’s vision come back helps rashes disappear so many different

Things and so if you were to make this a gun it would not be a sniper that thyroid medicine would be a sniper it would shoot one thing from a large far away distance and it get it’s precise it does that one thing and it does that one thing really well whereas prednisone does everything but has scatter everywhere it is more like the shot of a rifle that’s of a

And it just goes everywhere and it’s not just the bird you were aiming at but you took down some leaves in the tree and and it scattered shot all throughout the body so you’re not able to have a great um hunting trophy from that animal that you shot because it’s covered in all of those different shots that’s what prednisone does it covers your body with all of

The consequences it causes the osteoporosis leeching calcium out of bones it causes insomnia making it so you can’t sleep at night and the dreaded weight gain those are the top three side effects that you should be aware of those three we’re gonna start over the top three side effects you need to know about are weight gain osteoporosis insomnia or mood changes

It can make you feel completely crazy it can change the way you feel and you need to know about those because there are things you can do about it so that’s i talked about what it’s used for i’ve talked about the top three side effects and i also have a comprehensive list of all the side effects that they’ve ever said come from prednisone and you can check that

Out here then really what we need to know now is how does it work so how is it this jack of all trades helping every different body system well what prednisone does is it interferes with inflammation and it mimics your body’s hormone called cortisol that saves you in an emergency if you are in a drought and there’s no food or water cortisol is what will save

You and get you through until you can find food and water or if there’s a tiger chasing after you cortisol is this stress hormone that is released to help you run and hide from that immediate threat and so when we take prednisone we are taking a boost of stress relief whatever that stress is it doesn’t really matter we need it to help turn off inflammation and

When your body is in that fight or flight moment when it’s trying to decide do i run from the tiger or do i hide from the tiger it doesn’t care about your bones and so what it does is it actually takes out those really important things that have been storing your bones energy minerals so that you can run and you can cope with that immediate threat for example

It also releases sugar from your muscles so that you can run and and from your liver all of these things so that your muscles have the energy it needs to run and survive but if you aren’t actually using up all of that energy on all of those minerals and all of those things that prednisone is making your body release then you pee them out then you have high

Blood sugar and that leads to the side effects so it’s mother nature designed cortisol to be this miracle to get you through a short-term thing but we’re using it as a prescription drug to get you to through a long-term thing and that’s why there’s side effects that’s why it’s happening is because we are trading a benefit with all of these risks and only you and

Your doctor can decide whether the benefit of why you’re taking it whether that’s to breathe or to stop bleeding like me outweighs the risks which is 150 side effects more than any other drug and if you need help deciding that i have an article that i can help you think through that process and talk to your doctor about it finally i mentioned that there are so

Many side effects but there are things you can do about it i want you to know that i personally took prednisone and it was miserable but i found ways to cope and if you would like a list of those top 15 side effects and what you can do about them 25 ways to cope and it’s all based on evidence just click the link below and it will help you to find ways to fight

Back against how prednisone is making you feel awful so that you can take this pill with confidence knowing that the benefits outweigh the risks and that you’re doing everything you can to fight back and to feel well while you’re taking prednisone i’m dr megan your prednisone pharmacist i’m here to help you not just survive prednisone that’s that one side but

Thrive while on prednisone it’s possible you can check it out at the link below signing off you

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