June 4, 2023

It isn’t a surprise when physicians prescribe pain pills for pain associated with some injuries medical conditions or diseases it might surprise you when they prescribe muscle relaxers to take instead of or in combination with pain pills if your condition causes muscle spasms these medications can help make you more comfortable when you might need a muscle relaxer

Your doctor might first suggest you try an over-the-counter medicine like acetaminophen tylenol or ibuprofen advil to treat your pain but if those don’t work or you can’t take them because you have another issue like liver problems or ulcers you may need to try a muscle relaxant muscle relaxants are ideally prescribed for acute rather than chronic pain they may be

An option if pain is preventing you from getting enough sleep because muscle relaxants cause drowsiness they can help you get rest when you take them at night karisoprodol orphenadrine cloroxazone methocarbamol cyclobenzaprine metaxalone and dantroline karisoprodol orphenadrine cloroxazone methocarbamol cyclobenzaprine metaxalone and dantroline muscle relaxants

Work by relaxing the muscle so that it no longer contracts some work on the central nervous system while others work directly on the muscle muscle relaxers are only available in prescription form and they typically come in tablet capsule or liquid form some are given as injections and cannabis extract is sprayed in the mouth the doctor will prescribe a drug that

Is right for your condition you can’t buy this type of medication over the counter never share your prescription with other people or take someone else’s muscle relaxers also don’t mix them with antihistamines or alcohol the different drugs on the list of muscle relaxers act differently some are better for use in some conditions than others although all of these

Drugs can cause drowsiness they differ in the other side effects they cause loss of appetite nausea stomach pain dark urine and yellowing of the skin or eyes confusion headaches or general muscle weakness some side effects are minimal while others can be serious one example is that of cyclobenzaprine which can cause heart problems or heart failure some muscle

Relaxers can lead to dependency if taken for too long for example if you take diazepam for longer than two weeks you can become dependent on it if that happens stopping the drug suddenly will lead to withdrawal symptoms these include vomiting anxiety and insomnia people with certain medical conditions shouldn’t take certain muscle relaxers those with stomach

Ulcers or epilepsy diabetes or mental health problems are advised against taking baclofen those with lung problems should avoid diazepam and dantroline isn’t advised for people with heart liver or breathing problems over-the-counter options for muscle spasms otc treatment is recommended as first-line therapy for muscle spasms caused by conditions such as acute

Lower back pain or tension headache this means you should try otc treatments before prescription medications nsaids acetaminophen combination of both nsaids acetaminophen combination of both your doctor or pharmacist can help you choose an otc treatment non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs nsaids nsaids work by blocking your body from making certain substances

That cause inflammation and pain nsaids are available in generic and brand name versions they’re typically sold over the counter stronger versions are available by prescription nsaids come as oral tablets capsules or suspensions they also come as chewable tablets for children side effects of these drugs can include upset stomach and dizziness ibuprofen advil and

Motrin naproxen aleve acetaminophen acetaminophen is thought to work by blocking your body from making certain substances that cause pain acetaminophen is available in generic and brand name versions it comes as immediate release and extended release oral tablets and capsules orally disintegrating tablets chewable tablets and oral solutions the more common side

Effects of acetaminophen can include nausea and upset stomach do i need a muscle relaxer muscle relaxers are usually prescribed for acute pain conditions due to their risk for misuse and addiction we often worry about taking pain pills for their high addiction capacity many people don’t realize the high risk of abuse and addiction that applies to muscle relaxers

Too carisoprodol for example is a type of muscle relaxer that comes with a relatively high risk of addiction because of its strong relaxing effect some of these drugs have a tranquilizing effect that makes you feel calm when you use them all of these factors go into the decision your doctor makes when prescribing muscle relaxers even if you are given one it might

Take more than one to find the one that works best for you if you have a painful condition that involves the muscles you might be given one of these medications stopping muscle spasms can help reduce your pain while your body heals the medication also improves the mobility of the muscles considering the potential for harmful side effects it is important to provide

Your prescribing doctor with a complete medical history women should also let their doctor know if they are pregnant or plan to become pregnant some muscle relaxants are rated safer for use during pregnancy than others

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