January 26, 2023

LDS Hospital certified nurse midwife Lupe Cruz tells ABC 4’s Jessie Miller how to choose safe over-the-counter medicines while pregnant. Lupe advises steering clear from most medications during the first trimester and keeping it simple thereafter.

Well i think kaylee can attest that when you’re pregnant it’s a little tricky trying to figure out what medicine you’re allowed to take you want to keep your baby safe but if you get sick during the pregnancy it’s crazy you don’t know what to do so lupe cruz is here she is a certified nurse midwife from lds hospital thanks for being here and kind of letting us know

What over-the-counter medicines we can take so let’s talk about let’s talk about this let’s jump right into it so most most providers would agree that you probably should steer clear of most things in that first 12 weeks that first trimester everything’s kind of building the organs and everything and so you want to be really careful not to try to avoid things as much

As you can in any medication after the 12 weeks then you’ll you’re a little bit better off to be taking medications which is sometimes hard though that’s when i find it the hardest because that’s when i’m usually the sickest is like the first 12 weeks is where you’re like i need some kind of relief you know i’m 16 weeks now and i’m like okay now i’m starting to feel

Good now my body’s starting to feel a little bit normal i’m getting energy back so yeah the first 12 weeks are hard so you’re talking about like nausea and vomiting queasy yeah there are some there are um unisom and b6 you probably heard about those combinations that help if that doesn’t help they have formulated one that is a prescription that your provider can

Give you a prescription for and that really helps but but that again that’s prescription it’s not over the counter but drinking plenty of fluids is really good putting flavors in your fluids like lemon slices a handful of frozen strawberries things like that rather than the sweet stuff like you know that way water kind of has a funny taste that first trimester so

You want to put those fruity flavors in them with natural fruits and it really helps that’s such a good tip to be able to do that now i think it’s funny because there are so many things with pregnancy that you need medicine for you feel like that are caused by the pregnancy headaches back pain things like that what would you recommend for someone who’s pregnant to

Take to help with those issues those kinds of things you want to stick with tylenol if your pain is so severe that you feel like you need more than tylenol then you need to go to your provider there can be like i said prescription medications that you can get but we like for you to stick with the tylenol yeah i always care to avoid ibuprofen why is that it’s not

Good for your liver and it’s so it’s not good for your baby oh that’s so good to know okay so you’ve got those ailments coming with pregnancy but do you get allergies at all are you okay for spring i think i think i’ll be good i get itchy legs when i’m pregnant so i’m like i don’t think that has to do with allergies but but it’s something i mean it’s something

Annoying that you’re dealing with pregnancy and something you’re maybe wanting medication for what do you do for allergies for allergies so you can take things like benadryl claritin works really well too um some of those things you can take those are the over-the-counter medications for the congestion the stuffiness that you get or the runny itchy watery eyes

That kind of thing for the creams you can do like a hydrocortisone so you can use that or also just keeping keeping you know lotion cocoa butter lotion that kind of thing helps to keep your skin moist because it’s kind of especially in the belly it’s stretching so you get all that itchiness yes what about cold and coughs i’m hoping we’re kind of getting out of

That season but for pregnancy what are you supposed to do right so you want to stick with things that are more individual don’t don’t get the um all-inclusive cold and flu medicine because they have different ingredients in them so you want to be really careful with that so robitussin the cough it’ll say dm um those are the good ones to take the robitussins um

So you want to stick stay away from the multi-symptom medications that’s an important thing to do okay another thing that a lot of us get with pregnancy is heartburn but something you can do for heartburn right so tums is good mylanta those are really good stay away from really spicy foods that’s my first my first suggestion i know it’s hard sometimes when you’re

Craving those things if you’re gonna do that i would say tums is a really good one mylanta well one last question with that when you’re really wanting to get that baby out at that don’t they say maybe get some spicy foods is that why you should get it they do say that um some people it works for them and other people just makes them sick so um yeah i think baby

Comes when they’re ready to come baby comes well hopefully baby’s not coming for a while for you but yeah so excited thank you so much lupe for being here for more information a list of all the medicines that are good when you’re pregnant go to ldshospital.org healthy living we’re going to link them from our website and hey brian what’s coming up next

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What medications are safe to use during pregnancy? By LDSHospital