December 9, 2022

What’s The Value of The Level 5 HYPERCHROME Diamond Now in Roblox Jailbreak (HyperDiamondLvl5)

All right what’s up guys it is your boy dude back again with another jailbreak video alright so in this video we’re going to be checking out where people currently trade for the level 5 diamond hyperchrome because it’s been like two to three months since it came out and honestly i’m expecting to see some really good trade because bro i don’t think the hyperchromes

Have dropped in value because not a lot of people are grinding the hyperchromes as much because it’s pretty hard to get like the diamond hyperchrome is actually the easiest one to get as of right now and that’s because of how fast and how many times you can rob the jewelry store in one go so that makes the diamond hyperchrome the easiest one to get right now and

It’s still pretty hard to get but i don’t know why people think like it’s the train that’s the easiest one like no it’s not like it’s the diamond hyperchrome as of right now and it’s still very very hard to obtain so yeah with that being said let’s hop into the trading hub all right i’m expecting people to offer like torpedoes and brew these and like arachnids

Because bro if anything the level 5 hyperchromes should have gone up in value because people should have realized how hard they really are to get and like no one really grinds them anymore so yeah we’ve got three traits and let’s see all right what do we got buddy alright we got a torreira a macaron is that it um i will pass oh my god what was that all right

Let’s see what void wants to give us all right level five we’ve got a sales here winter camo blue pixel orange level one radiant green radiant green and red and green and exit oh my god bro why are they giving me bad trades all right let’s see what this person has uh he’s got a berlin pink level one orange level one diamond and nah this is not good this is not

Good all right we’ve got ninja man let’s see what he’s gonna give us for it all right so we’ve got a snake bro he probably like duplicated that snake he like probably got an alt and like got money and bought that snake like i’m not trading that oh he declined he knew but honestly like the offers that i’ve gotten i saw a video from like two months ago and someone

Trading the level 5 hyperchrome and the offers i’ve gotten are actually better so yeah they probably have gone up in value i’m pretty sure this is another level 5 right here yeah this is the orange level 5. i think i actually figured out a way on getting the level 5 orange hyperchrome but that video was going to be coming out later all right we’ve got a trade

Here let’s see what it’s going to give us for it a tiny toy car a jackrabbit oh my god what is it all right here we go are you going to give us for it a level 5 orange a level 4 diamond hyperchrome this might be good oh he has a level four yellow too but i got that too wait does he want to give us all this for the level five this might actually be a good trade

No i’m a pass on this i think that was a pretty good trade but like it’s gonna be really hard for me to give this away because of like how much time i put into getting this but yeah i didn’t even think he was gonna accept that trade anyway but the trades have not been really good in this server maybe the people don’t really have that much items or they can’t see

The hyperchrome because if you have your graphics on like low this is what the hyperchrome is gonna look like like it’s like you’re barely gonna notice it but yeah we’re gonna switch servers all right new server and this is what someone is giving us for it to be honest this is like underpay i’m not trading for this i’m expecting to see like torpedoes like four

Torpedoes like bro if you’re not giving me your house in real life like i might not give you the hyperchrome like y’all don’t understand how much hours i put into this like it’s going to be so hard for me to trade it so yeah i want to see some mad trades all right let’s see what eternal wants to give us for it okay we’ve got a brulee okay decent start decent

Start no bro come on bro like stop like this level five hyper chrome is worth more than a torpedo like several torpedo or am i stretching it i don’t know all right chromium what is he gonna give us for it let’s see all right a torpedo there you go there we go spinner rims like this is the rarest atom but i don’t get why this is the rarest like it’s a rim like

Bro okay so we’ve got a torpedo spinner rim checker 2 billion 250 vanta black gold and a beam hybrid this is a decent trade but bro i really feel like this hyperchrome is worth more so i’m gonna exit but yeah that was a good trade i think that was the best trade so far all right let’s see what i show speed has to give us for it oh my god the real ice show speed

No way oh my god but i feel like the real ice shows people would actually be serious about this train alright let’s see what demo has to give us for it um let’s see he’s starting off with a concept bro is making a joke what is this it is like 2 30 a.m right now so maybe that’s why i’m getting like bad trades because probably the people with good stuff are like

Sleeping so maybe that’s fine but yeah i’m seeing a lot more hyperchromes like that’s a level four red i’m sure right yeah and i saw another level 5 orange earlier so it looks like people are like starting to get the level 5 a lot more but i still don’t think it’s dropped but yeah we’re going to come back tomorrow when it’s actually day time because i don’t know

What the trades i’m getting right now like bro all right it is morning time right now and hello it’s vg i don’t know if you guys know who that is but he wants to trade from my level 5 hyperchrome so let’s see what he’s going to offer for it there you go all right this guy right here got him i i tried him yes all right cool cool cool oh no cap all right cool

Cool beans cool beans there you go all right let’s get it go here yeah i’m trying to do the journey to uh one tupido uh for one hypochrome so that’s mean eight torpedo is going to become a hypochrome all right let’s gotta go here what are you what uh what do you offer uh yeah yeah yeah yeah okay uh let’s see hello royalty what’s up what’s up what’s up all right

What do you want to do what do you want uh tr how you doing dude yeah let’s see what this guy want here hello i’m moon hello hello all right here we go here that’s a nice uh let’s see mr pearl hater new stream hello i want about eight eight torpedo for what happened dude hyphen car is much less than a torpedo now but he won eight okay all right i was obviously

Kidding when i said eight torpedoes but i personally think the level five diamond hyperchrome is worth about three to four torpedoes like i’m not even kidding but yeah that’s why he had to trade for it if you have a level five hyperchrome do not trade it for one torpedo you’re just gonna make the level five hyperchrome value go down so yeah all right let’s see

What glitch is gonna give us for it a sales here um that’s two though all right we’ve got josh over here let’s see what he’s gonna give us for it that’s a decent trade but yeah i’m gonna skip on this all right let’s see what this person is gonna give us for it a brulee that’s too low all right josh wants to trade us again but let’s see he actually like has a lot

Of hyperchromes so but that’s an even lesser trade right oh my god all right let’s see what this person is going to give us for it is celsius rolex oh my god this is so long all right let’s see come on bro like give us good trades like oh my god all right let’s see what storm trooper is going to give us for it uh we got a celsius tiny toy car a vietnam a banana

Car um a pixel skin and actually this is a decent trade but we’re not gonna be charging for this all right josh wants to trade us again let’s see what he’s gonna give us all right he’s giving us a level five hyper purple level five yellow level five orange oh my god he’s definitely trolling yeah but he is definitely trolling oh my god yeah he is definitely not

Trading for this all right i got kicked out of the server so let’s try this one more time all right i feel like i’m gonna get better trades in the server all right we’re starting off with a macaron hyper pink two hyper horn two and hyper red one okay he just added radiant green and this diamond encrypt rim nah all right let’s see what blade is gonna give us for

It we got bloxy carbon fiber try on and oh my god bro let’s try this so low all right model is gonna give us a dune buggy a bloxy and m12 pixel skin and some other skins and the spoilers so i’m pretty sure this is underpay but i don’t know all right we’ve got someone else with a macaron airtel and some other hyperpurple level one and hot orange okay all right i

Think we’re done with this i’ve seen enough alright so we got a couple decent offers but i wasn’t actually gonna trade the hyperchrome right now because i just got it and i am actually trying to get the hyper shift so i’m gonna be holding it but uh yeah it seems like people think it’s dropped in value a little bit but i don’t think that i think it’s like still

The same value or just like a little even higher or maybe they just don’t have enough to actually make it a good trade but yeah i was getting some weird offers like bro but tell me what you guys think about the level 5 hyperchrome and what you think the current value of it should be in the comments down below and if you guys enjoyed this video make sure to leave

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What People NOW offer For The Level 5 HYPERCHROME Diamond ft. HelloItsVG (Roblox Jailbreak Trading) By Tr Gabe