May 29, 2023

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Your doctor prescribes this for you because i’m not a doctor so don’t listen to me i’m not a doctor don’t listen to me i’m not a doctor don’t listen to me just making that clear greetings everyone and welcome to my channel fleeting beauty by simply kim today i’m going to be talking to you guys about a pharmaceutical medication that i had given a whirl and i just

Wanted to let you know my thoughts on spironolactone so hi guys i’m talking to you guys about something that a lot of you have probably heard of um i am a person that has some hormonal imbalances and so my doctor recommended that i give sparing a lactone a try and i don’t know if i’m saying it right or not sorry folks but i’ve heard it called spiro heard

It called spironolactone spiral i think the actual drug itself is called aldosterone and i’ll put that up on the screen somewhere but we’ll just call it spiro today spiro is actually something that doctors will give to women specifically who are suffering from pcos which is polycystic ovary syndrome i believe pcos and pcos is basically um where you’re as a

Woman your body is making too much of the male sex hormones and that can lead to acne hair loss so especially right in this area if you think about men when they lose their hair so the male pattern baldness that happens usually about here um we’ll our hair will just start to thin out a whole lot right there hirsutism which is basically facial hair on a woman

Depression there is problems with you know fertility and then of course obesity so there’s lots of um things that happen with women that have pcos and i would say that um spironolactone is often prescribed to people who have acne um if you go out there on youtube you’re going to see spironolactone and how it’s helped with acne that’s like a huge one that you’re

Going to see everywhere and then there’s a lot of the male pattern baldness a lot of women are using it for that as well so it’s really treating the symptoms of pcos my reason for taking it were for all of those reasons that i just listed and it was mostly for me just dealing with thinning hair was a huge one and then of course i have acne as well and i’ve always

Had acne since i was probably like 12 or 13 years old so i wanted to do something about it because now you know hey 40 years of having it is long enough so we’re thinking acne um is another big thing um with pcos so think acne hair loss facial hair um depression obesity and then infertility it just really messes up a woman’s life when you think about it so the

Spiro actually comes in to save the day because it’s actually going to reduce your testosterone levels um and and that automatically by default means your skin is not going to be as oily you’re going to experience fewer breakouts and your hormones are going to balance a little bit more so you’ll be a little less ornery maybe and then the depression and so on and

So forth is supposed to take care of itself i personally did not have a super great experience for the month or two that i was on the prescription drug as you all know i don’t like prescription drugs so i must have really been feeling desperate to actually do this so now here i am today rethinking everything again i’m thinking about how it works i just wanted

To tell you guys how it works it reduces testosterone it reduces acne breakout especially hormonal breakouts which are typically very you know cysts on your skin it’s very painful for a lot of people it actually does impact your menstrual cycle now remember that spiro is prescribed to women who are having infertility issues because pcos affects your fertility so

Think about that so now you’ve got spyro who is actually going to come in and help you regulate your menstrual cycle this is whether you’re 55 or you’re 35 some of us don’t want to have no period right now and i would be one of those people all right moving on um it does work okay so testosterone levels will decrease but guess what estrogen levels will increase

And if you watched my soy video you know what happens with estrogen yes estrogen will make you shapely even when you don’t want to be shapely so it does actually give you curves sometimes you don’t want no extra curves sometimes you already have curves and you don’t need any extra curves and that was my situation so some of us who take spyro will experience a

Bump in cup size or maybe two um so uh it’s not really necessarily a good thing i’m joking about it but it’s actually one of the serious side effects of taking spyro is that your breasts could enlarge um they could be very tender um they could also be very itchy um viral can actually cause you to have itchy skin and it has something to do with your liver and

Getting rid of toxins so think about your liver working overtime and possibly not being able to keep up with the process of you taking a diuretic the diuretic is now causing you to have to urine um so it’s working overtime because it’s trying to cleanse and you know detoxify things that are going through your body and my understanding is with spyro it does a

Very special thing with with spiro it’s like it releases water retention while holding back potassium so in that whole process just think about your poor liver is just working overtime to do it that way that’s the way that the drug is made to reserve your potassium so that’s another thing to be concerned about is that your potassium levels need to be checked

Ever so often to make sure that you don’t have too much potassium i experienced a lot of muscle spasms and that’s one of the side effects that comes along with spiro second to last thing that i experienced was that i was very fatigued like my energy level was so so down like i couldn’t even sit and watch a whole movie without feeling like i was i don’t say i was

Feeling like i was gonna sleep i woke up asleep if that makes sense like i would wake up like this like how did my face get down there of just being very lethargic um and then the other part of that was i got super depressed and that was really unusual for me because i’m really in a mode of trying to keep myself pretty positive but i was just really impacted

By everything under the sun and i would have to say that that has something to do with the estrogen probably i i would only guess that maybe i was experiencing pms like all the time you think about it like what do you experience when you are going through are about to start your period you’re very emotional your breasts are tender it seems like you’re you’re

Swelling up you know this is supposed to be a diuretic i should be actually losing water retention but i actually felt like i was actually blowing up and it was probably just me gaining weight because of the estrogen it just was not pleasant okay so the one thing that i loved about it if i have to find something is my skin was not oily at all like it was really

Really nice now see i stopped taking it which i understand is not something that you should do abruptly which is what i did because i was like really freaking out about my breasts getting larger and about the itchiness and all that stuff um and about the fatigue and then about the depression i was like okay look and i was on 50 milligrams just to tell you that

I was at 50 milligrams um but all of that stuff going on i was like okay skin you won’t have to try to behave because i can’t keep doing this and as soon as i stopped taking it i started getting pulled up and i immediately started breaking out like i have so many things going on on my face right now that i am really 100 not used to i just don’t break out like

This i got something over here here i mean it’s just there’s just a lot of things going on with my face right now um and i like i said i’m oilier than i usually am so i’m just not real thrilled about the skin change but my energy is definitely back and i do feel less depressed and weighed down everything is not making me want to cry um so i don’t know it’s a

Trade-off but anyway i’m just letting you guys know what happened to me so i i had all of those things so uh the breast pain the itchiness i thought my new bras were making me itchy i didn’t know what was going on um my mental and my mood was bad muscle spasms um i started having longer menstrual cycles and i was actually at a point where i really wasn’t having

Too many periods um unusual fatigue and then the other one was like increased thirst and i that was hard for me to tell because i don’t love water but i think i was drinking more than normal but i tried to drink a lot of water just because i try to you know for my skin sake some other side effects are you know kidney problems sexual function so men if you’re

Taking it uh women too i would imagine that that probably impacts your ability to enjoy yourself fully i’m just saying um spyro is probably helping lots of people with their acne and i’m seeing all those videos and people look amazing and everything but i’m like what about all these side effects are they experiencing all these things and they’re just ignoring

Them like i only see their faces like if they stood up with their breasts be like you know out to the wall i just don’t know how no one is pointing out the negative side effects of this medication because there are so many of them that are just not worth it to me i i just don’t understand it here’s the other thing so it’s supposed to help with increasing you

Know improving your hair loss right so i was seeing where some people were like that doesn’t happen for a while in fact your hair will probably start to thin before it gets better so i’m like you’d be for that but like i said there’s just these pros and cons but like the cons are just could be deadly depending on how extreme they are and i just don’t know if that’s

Really worth it to you all to consider doing this drawing for the sake of thickening your hair and not having oily skin and not breaking out as much when i think about my major issues the things that i feel like i just can’t really live without i really would focus on certain things that i could probably correct with a natural method and so for me that would be

The thinning of the hair the hirsutism the my mood definitely which i think could be rectified with an adaptogen that would help me with my mood and help me to get my cortisol levels down there’s lots of products out there that we could consider trying for a minimal amount that would be worth avoiding the kinds of spiro truly for the hair there are dht blockers

Out there the dht blocker by advanced trichology and it’s a dht blocker that also has immune support so it’s actually got both of those benefits in one and i was looking at their product online i’m planning on doing a review but i will link them in the description box because they just sounded like they were really they really have a good product so that you’re

Taking something by mouth but then there’s also a topical that you can use for those areas and the pictures of the before and after pictures were just crazy and i think it’s worth trying over spyro for decreasing your hormonal acne and oily skin there is a product that i just learned about called acne tame and i’m going to link that in the bottom i’m planning on

Buying it myself and trying it and letting you guys know how well it’s going or if it’s just a dud um ashwagandha i actually just did a video for ashwagandha and that’s an adaptogen it actually helps your body to deal with stress by reducing your cortisol levels and when your cortisol levels are reduced your body will actually stop storing fat like i was talking

About um you’ll sleep better you’ll be more alert and so on and so forth it improves your mood it’s a mood balancer so ashwagandha there’s been studies on it if you want to learn more about it i will put my link to my video somewhere so that you can go and learn more about it and i also will have links down below on how you can buy it in pill form and as well as

You can get it in a liquid form which is really fast acting i really like the liquid um and then herzetism hirsutism dealing with you know the fuzz and the facial hair and the plucking and the pulling and the whatever you do um there is there are a couple of options that are kind of a permanent solution to that because nobody wants to do that on a regular basis

It wouldn’t be nice just to get up and not have to worry about such things so i reckon i’m recommending um a cream called vanica and it’s a topical cream it is prescription so you would have to get a prescription for it it’s very costly i mean you’re getting a tube i didn’t bring it with me but you’re getting a tube that might be this big maybe two maybe three

Ounces are in there i have to apply it to the areas that are giving you trouble once or twice a day and i’m telling you the moment that you stop using it is when that hair is gonna start growing back um so it’s the same thing with anything else that you do you’ve got to brush your teeth every day you gotta comb your hair every day and if you didn’t do that when

Your teeth fall out so i’m just saying sometimes we don’t want to adapt to doing things on a daily basis that would actually benefit us and that’s unfortunate because we just have to learn how to add things into our regimen so no you can’t start using like you know the hair loss products that i know a lot of us have purchased like the rogaine or whatever as

Soon as you stop using rogaine your hair is going to stop growing so yes so the vanica is a great product it costs just under 200. for that and so but it’ll last you for a very long time because you’re only using it on certain areas but it it should stretch for a very long time but it is costly so think about spending you probably will go through two bottles a

Year so if you don’t mind doing that i would suggest bonika there’s also electrolysis some people are scared of electrolysis because they say that it can leave scars behind on your face i will link um to the acne tame the ashwagandha and the dht blocker down below the vanica you would have to talk to your doctor about trying to get a prescription for that but

That’s it everyone so spyro is out for me um i think i’m just gonna deal with uh some of those other issues but the ones that i can take care of i’m running to my ash ashwagandha i am running to try different products that are an alternative and healthy version um the acne tame and then the bht the dht blocker as well i i just feel like i need to do something

Else my overall recommendation if you care about my little old opinion because i’m not a doctor i’m not a medical professional at all i’m just sharing my experience with you um my final recommendation would be to use it if your doctor has prescribed it if he is giving you this medication he has already weighed the pros and the cons and felt like there was more

Benefit for you and your health to take it follow your doctor i would highly suggest considering some alternatives for your hair loss for your skin um for your mood there’s lots of things that you can do that don’t have to do with pharmaceuticals and especially not spiral with all of the side effects yeah so that’s my take on it um please share if you guys are

Having a really good experience with spyro and you are not having these side effects that i’m having with the muscle you know spasms and all that i would love to hear from you because i’m only seeing the bright side of spyro um the only people that are talking about the co the cons of spyro are medical professionals who want to warn you um i’ve also heard this

Other doctor that was giving this long research presentation about spyro and he was like i will never ever ever give that to my patients and i was like wow um yeah he didn’t have good things to say at all about it um i will share that link as well if i can find that doctor’s presentation i’m looking for information i like to do my research and that’s why i like

To make these kinds of videos to share with you guys so please like and subscribe and click the notification bell because like i said i will be making more videos like this and sharing my experiences with you so thanks for joining me at fleeting beauty by simply k i will see you next time bye you

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