May 29, 2023

President Biden on Thursday tested positive and has since been treated with paxlovid and an albuterol inhaler.

All right so president biden has been diagnosed with coca-19 so to get the facts we’ve turned to our medical expert dr paul coley jump in um i heard that you might have a medical a very serious medical diagnosis opinion regarding jeff’s i do not only is it a legal crime as mark just said medically it’s contraindicated jeff because what does that mean you are amazing

It’s not a good idea it’s the opposite of a good idea you’re trapping little virus particles near your nose and mouth when you wear your mask it doesn’t fit quite as well and on a personal level i hate it wow this makes me want to keep it even more i was going to take it off this weekend but welcome to another week of jeff’s museum i love it i live my life

First fight okay i got to be the one let’s get back on track sorry al’s got a little hey yeah look fun too it works for him it works for him she’s right it’s just officially and i’m always honest i actually like the stash on you i dig it all right let’s get into some medical exams uh obviously dr coley unfortunately uh you know president biden has covid are you

Worried that he’s like on an inhaler like how worried should we be about our commander-in-chief right now you know i’m starting to get more worried now than i was this morning because we just heard that they started him on an albuterol inhaler which helps relax the airways in the lungs and helps him breathe a little bit better that’s for people with asthma correct

Yes but it can happen when you’re infected you know with any kind of cold but what that tells me is that that his lungs are reacting to the inflammation now it could still be inflammation up from his nose and mouth that’s going down into his lungs but if it’s starting to get into his lungs then we need to watch his oxygenation really carefully because that’s when

We worry that it’s developing into a pneumonia or an infection of the lungs wow wow i did not know that about the uh how do you say albuterol inhaleral wow that’s good to know all right president biden has begun a round of what they call pax lavid so everyone get used to saying that what is it and what are the side effects so it’s an antiviral medication you can

Get it over uh at your pharmacy it’s a pill you do need a prescription for it but essentially what it does is it reduces the intensity of the symptoms it reduces the duration of infectivity and it makes you less likely to end up in the hospital now if you got coveted tori you would not be eligible for pax lavid because it’s only for people that have underlying

Medical conditions or at high risk for progression like a president who’s a little bit older but i actually think that pretty much everybody should get packs of it if they get covet so i really hope that the fda starts to make a case to give it out to the general population because it’s it’s a good medication it does have some side effects mostly altered taste it

Can also change the way your other medications are metabolized in your body so you sometimes have to stop medications in the case of our president we have to stop his cholesterol medicine and his blood thinner while he’s taking this pax levitt wow so where are we as a country doc because if you ask a lot of people are like it’s over it’s something we’re going to

Deal with just like the flu right it’s here forever but it’s not a big deal where are we medically with covid right now it’s not over and it’s not like the flu because the magnitude of the number of deaths and hospitalizations that we’re having from this is several fold more so every day a plane full of people are dying from covid still today so even though the

Variant we have currently is milder we have the vaccines we have the boosters we have the paxlavid to help people we need to keep our guard up guys because there’s infection everywhere around us and we just need to make sure that we don’t expose ourselves to that risk over and over again so with that being said should everyone go and get it a booster now since

Infections are so high but i know a lot of us can’t go get a boost right i tried to get one i couldn’t get one they sent me away like i was in the room yeah so we’re talking about our second booster because everybody should get the first booster yeah so hopefully we’ve all gotten that everyone is eligible so three shots you know the first two and then the booster

The second booster the reason they’re turning away the younger healthier people is because the bang for your buck is not as much there remember this is a two-year-old vaccine um so that booster is the same booster we’re giving from two years ago and so basically it protects you from infection for about eight weeks um but after that you’re still at risk so i will

Tell you guys to get your booster in the fall hopefully we have the new variant specific boosters then but right now you’re not going to get that much protection and it is going to be immune activation don’t get the summer clearance booster back to school the red banner we appreciate you as always thank you so much for chatting with us if you have a question you

Would like to have our dr coley answered write to us on social media or email at info we will be right back or dml now you

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What to Know About the Albuterol, Paxlovid COVID-19 Treatment President Biden is Getting By Daily Blast LIVE