November 29, 2022

If you’ve been prescribed gabapentin by your doctor, here’s what you may want to know to keep yourself safe.

As most folks know i recently had surgery on my cervical spine and in addition to being given a prescription for an opiate a muscle relaxant i was also prescribed gabapentin and i took it postoperatively with the mindset that this was just going to allow me to take fewer opiates and i think it effectively did so i took as few opiates as possible and even starting

To wean off the muscle relaxants but i stayed on the gabapentin for a few additional days when i went off of it and maybe that played a role on me then not being able to sleep as well okay or just tolerance bobby became tolerant to it i think listen you’re taking gabapentin and you suddenly stop you can have a seizure so you have to taper off the medicine very

Very slowly but you know travis made a great point he said you know it allowed him to not take as many opiates but what we’re seeing in the community is that drug users are realizing that gabapentin potentiates the opiate it makes the opiate more powerful and we’re seeing it being cut with heroin now so people are combining these and they’re not realizing how

Unbelievably dangerous it is but i think the numbers are up to support that because the ohio board of pharmacy where we know the epidemic for opiates certainly is the strongest recently reported that in one month gabapentin was prescribed as the number one drug and 9 million more prescriptions and yeah and the withdrawal effects are really severe and they get

Tremors they get sweaty and then we know that in the last eight years actually there’s been a 90 percent increase in emergency rooms for symptoms related to the off-label use of gabapentin and i think what’s scary is this is really a non regulated drug you know it’s not the regulation by the dea in most states and because it’s generic guys it’s very cheap so very

Far it’s so so cheap i’ll tell you we got a lot of comments from people who have used this drug here just a few of them i’ve had withdrawals from this drug for over a year and it’s been the worst withdrawal i’ve ever had far worse than heroin and benzos for me gabapentin withdrawals feel like a mix between opiate and benzo withdrawal with a horrible psychedelic

Twist it is a nightmare another person wrote i go to three different doctors for this med doctor shopping as you called it i cannot believe my psychiatrist at the addiction clinic is the one who initially prescribed me this now i know that it’s my own fault for even thinking about whether i could abuse this med but unfortunately i’m already in too deep i hope that

We’ve raised awareness for patients for physicians obviously we need to start thinking at a higher level of controlling the substance and just be aware i think this gets back to any individual out there anytime a doctor prescribes your medication just be very clear why am i taking this how long do i need to take it what is the lowest possible effective dose you

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What You Need to Know About Prescription Gabapentin | The Doctors By The Doctors