June 1, 2023

Our first video in a series of videos explaining the different medications little one is on while fighting Cystic Fibrosis. As always if you have a question feel free to ask below!

Hello everybody my name is jeff this is but that’s a couple weeks we’re gonna go over some of the different medications that hayley’s on relating to cystic fibrosis now keep in mind these videos they’re gonna be really short we’re just gonna go over what medication a week and this isn’t all the medications that cystic fibrosis patients use this is just our on

Medications that haley is on for the specific mutation that she has and even people that have the same mutation that she does she can also be on different medications keep that in mind you have slime that’s right all right daily so what is this first medication that i’m showing everybody it is your puffs thing you do have to use it do you know why you have to use

It yes so this is a bureau it is the same stuff that folks that have asthma it’s the same stuff that they use for asthma however haley here does not have asthma but what it does is we put this in the chamber here actually so the doctor said that even adults still use the chamber it’s still a good idea to use the chamber so what’s cool about this is you’ll put the

Puffs in here and then she’ll breathe in the medicine now it says there is 180 puffs do i have to change it so the reason a cf patient has a butyl is to open up the lungs so that when she does her best she can cough out the junk cuz we want her to get that junk out of her lungs to keep her lungs as healthy and as clear as humanly possible and i’m hoarding like

Pink yes you’re owning looks like a pink blaine so that wraps up the buter all like i said we’re gonna do this series all right the next couple weeks and we’ll go over all the different medications that we’re on if your this is your first time watching one of your on one of our videos keep in mind that i am still in just one second i’m still running miles for the

Cystic fibrosis foundation every ten dollars that is raised i’m running one mile so feel free to visit that link below as always if you like any of our videos make sure that you hit the like button please share leave us comments we like to read them i read them to haley here and then she gets a kick out of it like to say put me in the video haley what do you want

Sean well they can’t see it if you were there mm-hmm that’s an amethyst alright thank you for watching and we will see you next time stand up my will see you next time can you put that in the video maybe we’ll see

Transcribed from video
What's Albuterol and why do we use it for Cystic Fibrosis? By The Cystic Fibrosis Life