February 8, 2023

And welcome to sugar time with dr. k jean lucas and the doctors in the house mornin doc are you gay born into what we talking about today we’re talking about what after metformin is our life after we perform is become now i mean what you’re on them everybody’s on that foreman now that’s the problem like what do you do after that you know that bullets are good and

That foreman corrects the insulin resistance but the pancreas is wearing out over time and so usually metformin is not enough people don’t develop a tolerance to it it’s still working it’s just that the pancreas may not be working or people slacking off and eat they’re not supposed to or not doing their exercise right so over time the pancreas gradually makes the

Less and less insulin so there needs to be something else besides out once you tighten up formula for awhile sometimes your numbers start creeping up and you can tell that by the a1c which is the average sugar test over three months that’s what your doctor does when you go see them and if a wussy is creeping off if it’s over seven or higher then you may want to

Consider another medicine there’s several ways of looking at it one as well i was just really bad i’m going to do better and please don’t give you the medicine rather do better next time like okay unless you i’m you up against you’re nothing of your body you for the whole three months if you’re waiting for the élysée to come down the other thing to remember is

That a or c is three month average so if you were sick or had a cortisone shot or something a major sure go really high like the month before but your numbers are good there’s a reason to change the medicine it was just a blip and it’s gone away now but the able to see you reflects all these high sugars that you had in the past so don’t worry about that one but if

You’re checking your blood sugar and then remaining higher than normal you’re going to need to get us down because the hyatt longer the sugar goes and it’s high the more damage to your body you have so if you start to see the numbers p.w back right it doesn’t matter about a 1/3 as much numbers you’re checking now if you’re only checking in the morning and that’s

The best sugar out the whole day that’s probably not a good thing because a1c is high then you have to go look what’s the highest time of the day is the highest number after supper or you know in any particular time a day after lunch when you go out to eat every day at lunch when’s the highest so you plenty of check at different times in the days you don’t have

To do at the same time every single day especially in the morning if it’s perfect don’t check it in the morning anymore check out other times check it at bedtime check it before supper before lunch treat and cereal for breakfast you’re sure it’s going to 300 before lunch so it’s going to occur a1c go up even if it comes down in the recipe so when you’re looking

For other things to do one is to figure out why your sugar’s high why they let’s see go up is there a particular time of day that’s worse after you do that and say well this is pretty much i can’t control this this is not because i’m eating too much at night or eating too much at lunch and you’ve already done everything you can do to get it down then you look for

Other things that would help your pancreas out and one group of medicines is the dpp-4 inhibitors and that’s januvia or wise etre jente and those help your pancreas may cancel at the right time to help the timing so it helps the blood sugar after eating so if your morning sugar is good but after meal that’s high even if you’re eating really good and it’s still high

Then your pancreas is try not make enough insulin right time it’s a few take one of those with them at foreman and then that should even it out and that’s pretty easy to do but that’s one thing you just look at when the sugar’s high what can correct it yeah it are these these types of additional drugs so they take at the same time now a lot of them are easier to

Take them at for them that others may side effects like januvia one today in the morning or at night what today is all and it doesn’t really cause a lot of problems then there’s other ones if januvia doesn’t work to get your sugar down after meals it’s probably because you’re not making enough of glp-1 which is a hormone that controls your action of your insulin of

Later was made and that’s what that’s when you go to drugs like victoza buy in a true city those newer injections of injects are not info on there just a hormone that helps your pancreas beta for the right time and they think if the pancreas was making enough info at the right time it would wear out fast so those tend to help the pancreas you know survive longer

They regulate the insulin production are they long-acting or do you do need to time them so they are well by you know what’s the only one that really need to be time that was the very first one that came out in 2005 now and so that’s the one that had to be taken pretty much right before you ate but if it turns what so long at any one that’s all that’s once a day

So any time of the day that you would take it it still works all day and it keeps your sugar from going up after meals and make sure that’s hungry so those types of drugs um are doing very well the weakly ones trulicity by duryea and tans iam those are all doing the same thing they’re just not as likely to make you not hungry i mean they make you a little bit less

Hungry but and they don’t have any side effects but they help this sugar not go after you is there is there a test for that hormone going bill women i can’t have enough no none of it not really available that’s well known last for 15 seconds in your blood so very hard after you it’s harder to measure but you can figure out that if you’re sure to go to lay up after

Eating and then it go drop sleater before the next meal then you plan a deficiency that hormone because that’s the one that makes your pinker’s make insulin right as you’re looking at food so that hormone gets really very quickly what you know you’re going to eat so it tells the pinker’s start making it so right away they’re going to eat pancakes for breakfast

What we all want to know on radio is our sugar go then go up arrive when we start talking about there’s the only one you see it when you look at food and your brain says i’m going to eat this you start making that woman your intestine is like everything wakes up your brain wakes up your body and stretchy so i can maybe so when we do krispy kreme story they want

Everybody’s gain weight is that one yes i look at through that gateway there’s probably truth okay all right we’ll have more to come in just a moment doctor kg and lucas here on sugar talk you can find out more at lucas research organ we’ll be back in just a moment

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