December 8, 2022

Just an FYI: Wellbutrin and Vyvanse can not be used interchangeably. These two meds ARE NOT the same thing and DO NOT effect the body the same way.

What’s going on peeps hope everybody’s having a great day great week it’s friday so yeah plans and all that other fun stuff for the weekend you know what’s funny i was thinking before i get into all the stuff with this video i’m a grown man and i still feel weird talking to people about not a random stranger like you know you guys out there just like people that

I know about mental health and the medication that i take it’s crazy because i can tell somebody that i cancer stage four my medication is expensive they’d be like oh man let me see if i can help with that medication they take me seriously if i say i take medication for high blood pressure and i gotta take it they were like yeah you need to take that medication

Boss take it from because you know we want you we want you to live man your kids needs your family needs you you know you got to have a good healthy life i say man i gotta take medication for his adhd i don’t worry about it everybody everybody everybody got adhd adhd come on what are you talking about gotta be kidding me no big deal it’s just your head it’s

All in your head yeah literally it’s all in my head because i can’t talk to nobody about everybody got this kind of you know they just dismiss it i guess because they feel it’s over prescribed or whatever people just imagining things and people do abuse it you know you can’t really abuse cancer medication you can’t really abuse and feel great off of blood blood

Pressure medication i get it i understand but mental health is a real thing like i straight up can’t function if i don’t have the proper you know medication it’s just like you wouldn’t be able to function if you have the proper medication for the blood pressure and all these type of things so you know anyway just need a handle there but it just it just kind of

Irks me can’t talk about it or if you say something everybody get quiet like you know so whatever again i probably should start with this and lead with this but let me just tell y’all most of you that follow me already know i am not a doctor i’m just some random dude on the internet just talking about telling all about i wanted to say talking to tell at the same

Time so okay i’m like yeah looking i’m just talking about my experience all right on vivants using my bra advanced and wellbutrin okay so take this with a grain of salt please listen to your doctor you know whatever i’m telling you you know that works for me just listen to your doctor get your blood pressure checked especially if you’ve taken vitamins and just do

Whatever your doctor says i’m just i’m saying to suggest things all right i got no phd not like that i had to get rid of that because i had this goofy shadow across my face now bupropion or wellbutrin is different from vyvanse and the way it’s different is that vyvanse is a cycle stimulant well breeching is not a cycle stimulant a psychostimulant is a drug that

Affects the central nervous system while butane or bupropion is administered or prescribed for of course adhd but largely for depression binge eating disorder and for people that smoke and they want to stop smoking all right so that’s what that’s for however vyvance is largely prescribed for people with adhd you can research that that’s like you know nine or

Nine times you can see that’s what it’s prescribed for five vance is the neighborhood for it but it’s actually lizdex amphetamine all right the l lesdex amphetamine is a lysine lysine is a protein that kind of protects the the drug all right and it kind of helps to actually helps the drug to go into the brain but before it does it kind of gets cut off because

You got this thing called like a blood brain barrier your brain just letting everybody up in it everybody up in the club whatever it’s going to like you know kind of help to calm things down and not do not let you absorb everything um except that when a drug is synthesized like methamphetamine your brain will take all of it it’s because of the meth part that meth

Part is what messes everybody up meth mess you up man so when you got this in your brain of course you go crazy you’re going to overdose but it’s this uh lysine this protein that actually helped with the synthesis of it in your brain to not be absorbed all at once like everybody to bum rush the club so you got the club goes by vance all right trying to get in

The club and the brain is like hold on a second one at a time all right so there may be 30 of us 30 of us trying to get into the club right the brain is like i’ma let y’all live but the only oil coming in at the same time seeing the meth party all right so they’re just kind of keeping everybody back you could even have 50 people trying to get the club it’s the

Same thing 70 70 milligrams trying to get in the club it’s the same thing all right the brain bounces like chill y’all have to hold on a second one at a time all right as it cuts off the the uh the protein the lysine all right that’s why it works the way it does that’s why it’s so smooth all right like versus adderall everybody kind of come boom rushing in at

The same time all right so that’s the biggest difference so once it gets into the brain all right the brain starts to get flooded with norepinephrine um and these things of course that help us to concentrate you know norepinephrine increases your heart rate uh kind of stops your you know your appetite you know there’s several things that it does it’s a stress

Hormone and it stresses you enough to pay attention that’s why it’s administered for adhd it’s a stimulant they’ve used the uh lizard examphetamine for so many different things to administer to so many different people you know for fatigue they would give it to our war people and things like war people the soldiers uh so now you have wellbutrin well butchering is

Different well breaching kind of keeps the door closed for the party so the party goes can kind of hang around a little bit before they try to dip all right they can’t leave just yet because labor butchering is stopping them from being re-uptaken into the brain and kind of put away into certain areas so now you have the entire brain that’s being flooded you have

One area to blame a brain that’s responsible for reward um you have the striatum you have the nucleus accumbens that’s responsible for reward and whatever that’s flooded it’s flooded it’s all over your brain and the fact is all over your body in fact it kind of looks like meth so in fact when you go get tested you got to let them know they kind of think that it

Is but there’s certain ways to get around that so that’s one of the that’s that’s a huge difference but you don’t stimulate five ass does another thing i have people saying they’ll say things like yeah you know on days that i um you know i i don’t have my vans i’ll just take b program how’d that work because i tried it it don’t work because vyvance is different

You don’t have a stimulant but wellbutrin well butcher will increase your mood i definitely have experienced that but you still kind of you sleepy but you’re in a good mood you know i i don’t know how else to say it because it doesn’t work for me at least um you know and i know that to be a fact because they’re two different things they work in tandem like i said

The best thing i can think of is the club analogy you got the party goers that’s in there that’s that’s your vibrance and the ones that stopping them from leaving so the party can continue is wellbutrin be proprion all right so that’s how that works that’s why i take them that’s largely why doctors tend to administer them together for adhd because people say it’s

Just for depression well you don’t take it by itself i don’t know anybody that takes it by itself i know i don’t take it by itself because i wouldn’t pay attention nothing i’d just be happy all the time all right so anyway god bless y’all um i hope that makes sense you know i wrote that down to y’all the best way i could i’m no chemist no scientist but you know

I just picked up a couple things here and there so all right guys bless y’all i will see y’all in the next one

Transcribed from video
What's the difference between Wellbutrin/Bupropion & Vyvanse By Chris Moses