March 28, 2023

A quick video explaining what has helped me and what hasn’t helped with my fibromyalgia.

So today we are going to discuss fibromyalgia how it has affected me and my life and what i’ve done to combat it you know anyway um for me a lot of things that i’ve worked well first off let’s start with what i was feeling as anyone with fibromyalgia y’all know it just hurts especially in morning time you have trouble sleeping at night the sleep part didn’t come

To me until later where i had trouble sleeping i’d wake up three four five times a night it would just be so irritating and i’d feel tired all the time and even when i wasn’t waking up at night i’d feel tired all the time and i would just hurt so bad okay one thing your doctor will try to put you on gabapentin well gabapentin for me i don’t know about y’all

But it just simply did not work come to find out it’s a medication i’m highly allergic to um if i take one little 300 milligram or 350 milligram pill of gabapentin it makes me a belligerent drunk like seriously to the point where i am um stumbling everywhere clearing my words you know just the person you don’t want to be around you know what i mean so i let my

Doctor know they let me know it worked too they’re like i don’t know you can’t be on this medicine and work here i’m i’m like wailing me just go painting well now i see you can’t i didn’t know i wasn’t sober not because the cabin pittan but yeah seeing myself later i i saw but anyway so they trapped me on lyrica next lyrica i actually felt buzzed on lyrica like

I got an alcohol buzz you know didn’t bother me too bad i guess but what did bother me is i couldn’t remember anything um i thought oh well they say fiber fog you know so i have fibro fog no i get fibro fog and i know what that’s like um this is lyrica intentionally making you forget that it’s just one of the side effects is being completely um forgetful all

The time over the smallest things and believe me it will drive you crazy so i was on lyrica for about a year um it is addicting i became addicted to it it got to where i had to wean myself off what happened with that is i thought everything was good i thought oh well this medicine is it you know this is what’s really going to help me with my fibro right oh my

Gosh we had a 75 inch curved tv and my equilibrium was off i was um playing antique with the kids in the house and um i was chasing them around the house trying to tag them and next thing i know my foot bumped into the tv stand and down comes wobbling this 75-inch curved tv right on top of me never again while i take lyrica so i’m like okay well maybe it’s in my

Head i guess maybe i’ll just try not to take medicine because my spouse obviously doesn’t want me taking lyrica anymore and can you blame him but anyway so i went without taking anything for a while and it was the most painful excruciating time in my life and i am not anyway trying to advocate for um narcotics but lyric has a narcotic anyway right i mean first

It wasn’t no now they’ve obviously labeled it narcotic because kids are getting high off of it they’re taking it taking it in large quantities to get drunk what i found to help me 100 and this is a little controversial is benzodiazepine valium um xanax xenx don’t help as long xenix might help for the day and then it’s gone you know um then you’re hurting again

Didn’t throw my equilibrium off it didn’t make me slur my words i’ve been able to function completely fine i’m on it right now actually and you probably didn’t know until i admitted it but anyway uh i prefer valium though or klonopin if um if that’s what you can get try that because it lasts for days you know keeping your fibromyalgia under wraps um xanax is

Kind of like a 24-hour band-aid but um doctors will sit there and say oh well benson has a penis just putting a band-aid on a problem okay well what is lyrica and gabapentin doing because it’s not getting to the core issue of the problem well i still didn’t 100 have my energy back when i was uh started on benzos but i was definitely a lot happier with being

Able to remember and not being so forgetful that’s when i realized okay this isn’t just fabra fog this was really lyrica making me forget my life well um yeah so the energy problems and waking up in the middle not didn’t just go away i have to take sleep meds and sometimes that don’t help but um what helps with my energy you’re probably gonna think i’m and

You’re like oh i tried it a multivitamin multivitamin and a cheap mens daily uh vitamin um a lot of people who have fibromyalgia are lacking magnesium um and if you drink soda every time you drink a soda it just eats up your magnesium and since i’ve been taking these vitamins and it’s been probably a month now oh my goodness like the vitamins with the benzos

Big difference like i don’t even feel like i have fibromyalgia even on my bad days when i’m really upset about something or anxiety is you know up to here wherever you can see that’s really high but anyway i it’s still an affect my body for some reason my nervous system wasn’t affected by it to the point of where my body would hurt but um yeah uh definitely i

Definitely have issues when i don’t have it but you have issues when you don’t have any of your fibromyalgia medication whether it be an antidepressant whether it be gabapentin or whether it be lyrica i thought lyrica was it you know i was like oh this is the miracle no no honey lyrica will just slow you down make you forget your life and you won’t even know it

Then some people believe that it helps them so much that they don’t even want to take a chance of getting off of how is that person i’m like you ain’t taking my lyrica from me i mean i had a vacation that was ruined one time because my lyrica didn’t get packed and we were gone for seven days thank god you know i’m halfway through the vacation we were in mexico

And in mexico you can buy a lyrica over the counter so you best believe i went in there and bought some lyrica and i felt better but it’s because i was addicted to it and i was having withdrawals did not know you could get addicted to lyrica i was never warned about it or anything you can get addicted to benzodiazepine too you just need to do your research take

Your medicine responsibly i’m not sitting here trying to advocate for narcotics or i’d be like hey you know why don’t you get you some hair and watch it no i’m sitting here telling you what works for me you know and that is a bento and a daily vitamin let me show you what kind of vitamins i take on a daily okay so yeah these are just equate one a daily one a

Day um men’s health um it supports heart health normal blood pressure and immune health and energy metabolism the big thing in here that has helped me is the magnesium the zinc and i’m sure the vitamins helped too in some way i mean but since then yeah i’ve taken b12 shots i’ve taken a little bit of everything you know when you have fibromyalgia you’re scared to

Death especially when you don’t have a diagnosis you don’t know what’s wrong you just you know you have all these issues and i just want you to know that if you’re suffering from it my heart goes out for you you know my heart goes out to you i’m very sorry and i hope that you can find a solution that works for you um i’m not saying go out and try my thing first

I’m saying if all else spells for you um all these medications that they put you on and try you on you know try this maybe it will help try the vitamins first and if they don’t help then you might need a benzo i did and i hate just brag on them but they have really really improved my quality of life like a hundred percent oh my gosh watch some of my old videos

And watch how i am now and the 100 difference i feel great like great um i’m really happy i really am finally happy and it would be a shame if i didn’t tell everyone what the happiness is from and i’m glad i found it i’m glad i finally found a way to feel normal a way to manage and deal with this disease thank you all for listening um like and subscribe if

You want to know more about my tragic life and what what’s going on and stuff because believe me i’m an open book been through it all have a good day

Transcribed from video
When Lyrica and Gabapentin Don't Help Fibromyalgia By Cody Adams