March 22, 2023

There are certain situations where you should actually avoid potassium. Check this out.

Hi guys today we’re gonna talk about potassium and when you should not take extra potassium the typical situation is that people are deficient potassium and they need more potassium and it’s actually a rare condition where you would need to cut back okay now when i’m talking about excess potassium you have this condition called hyperkalemia this is too much potassium

In your blood ninety-eight percent of all the potassium is inside the cell versus the outside the cell in order to really know what’s happening with potassium i would recommend taking an intracellular potassium test and you can look it up online to try to find out where you can take it i think it would be a very valuable thing but that would measure how much potassium

Is inside the cell that being said some of the symptoms with hyperkalemia would be palpitations muscle weakness numbness abnormal heart rate and shortness of breath and these are the identical symptoms by the way when you have high blow kelli mia which is interesting so you can’t really know what’s happening based on the symptom you could take a blood test however

These are the top three conditions where you would not want to take potassium and i’m going to tell you why first one is stage 5 kidney disease that would be end-stage renal failure renal meaning kidney so if the kidneys are really diseased you would not want to take potassium however this is rare and potassium normally protects the kidney okay it helps the kidney

Especially with blood pressure in fact it can probably help you lower your blood pressure so just because you have kidney disease doesn’t mean you don’t need normal amounts of potassium so you just need to check with your doctor they’re gonna tell you when you should avoid potassium or take potassium if you have a kidney problem and the real issue with this is that

If the kidney is diseased and it stops filtering and you’re taking more potassium you won’t be able to release it and get rid of the excess amount and too much potassium could be a problem but if you have healthy kidneys it’s almost impossible to develop high berkelium you know too much potassium blood through taking too much potassium because simply your body

Can easily get rid of excessive amounts of potassium mainly from the function of aldosterone this is a hormone from the adrenal glands and the purpose of aldosterone is to retain sodium and get rid of excess potassium so let me just kind of cover this next reason and that’s if you had an aldosterone deficiency and that can come from adrenal failure several other

Diseases of the adrenal gland in which you just don’t have any more aldosterone in that case you won’t be able to regulate properly the potassium and it can go too high again very rare okay addison’s disease this is a condition also rare where you basically lose the function of your adrenal glands and in that state you you lose a lot of weight your skin gets bronzed

The inside of your lips and even your lips can get blue your immune system is very very fragile and you lose a ton of salt or basically sodium so if you were to take excessive amounts of potassium guess what you’re gonna do you’re gonna drive down sodium even more well addison’s disease is a state where you really need more salt in a patient with this condition

Should be taking a ton of salt through the day to actually maintain the adrenal function and they should definitely avoid potassium because this is the mineral that they’re having a problem they have enough potassium but they don’t have enough sodium and as a side note insulin helps you absorb potassium in your cells and if you have insulin resistance like a lot

Of people have guess what you’re generally going to be deficient in potassium you’re not going to have enough potassium in cells which is a more common condition so taking more potassium will help regulate insulin and definitely help insulin resistance alright guys thanks for watching so if you want more knowledge on how to create a healthy body subscribe now and get daily notifications

Transcribed from video
When Should You Not Take Extra Potassium? By Dr. Eric Berg DC