March 22, 2023

How do you know when it’s time to use your Albuterol inhaler? In this video I will explain, with the backing of many seasoned asthmatics, when it’s time to use your “rescue” inhaler.

Hey guys just a quick video today to discuss this so this is an albuterol inhaler and this is commonly called at least in the country that i live in the united states of america this is usually known as a rescue inhaler or a emergency inhaler and the problem with that terminology is that it would lead you to believe that you are only to use this if you are having

An asthma attack or pretty much just dying you want to know what they call these in the uk they call these relief inhalers reliever inhalers and that right there changes the entire way that you look at these so usually when you’re asthmatic you’re going to have two different types of medicine you’re going to have some sort of a steroid an inhaled steroid that you

Take you know once or twice a day to control your asthma symptoms and then when you do have asthma symptoms arise you hit this to help control your symptoms it relieves your symptoms it is not just for relieving an asthma attack see ideally as an asthmatic what you are looking to do with your controller medication is basically live your life like a non-asthmatic

Somebody who does not have breathing discomfort somebody who does not have tightness in the chest you know and all the other unwelcome symptoms so a rule of thumb for me and it’s a rule of thumb that might work for you as well is if you’re even thinking that there might be a chance that you need to use this then it’s probably time to use it because that is exactly

What this is for this is to relieve your asthma symptoms the caveat to this is basically that you just do not learn to rely on this medication for full-time treatment so for example what i mean by that is i’m currently actually experiencing asthma symptoms so i’m about to hit my inhaler before they get any worse or just to suppress the little bit of breathing

Difficulty that i’m having now so the reason why i feel the need to do that is because my breathing discomfort i believe has stemmed from the fact that i’ve been home all day well what do i have at the house i have five animals i have the other cigarette smoke in here there is dust you know the house was built in the 40s so i’m sure that there’s mold so there’s a

Lot of triggers trapped in this house that are going to bring me breathing discomfort when i spend all day here but here’s the thing i’m not going to take this every day nor are you supposed to take this every day just so i can live at home you know this is to help get me through while i make changes to help manage my asthma symptoms so i don’t have to use this

Again so at my house it’s probably time to do a real deep clean it’s time to buy an air purifier it’s time to get the cigarette smoke outside you know i need to take steps to improve the air quality inside my house so i don’t have to end up relying on this and my regular controller medication keeps everything under control for me the same thing goes for those of you

That need to use this before exercise so i have breathing difficulties when i exercise too i don’t necessarily have asthma induced exercise but obviously when you have asthma and you exercise it exacerbates your breathing a little bit but the thing is i exercise seven days a week that doesn’t mean i should be using this seven days a week so while you’re figuring

Out your exercise routine and while you might be having to adjust the dosage on your controller medication or change your controller medication while you’re having symptoms or when you have exercise induced asthma you can use this as a preventative usually take about 15 minutes to 30 minutes before your exercise to help relieve any symptoms that you would have

See and that’s even a suggestion from the manufacturer and that tells you right there this is not just an emergency medication they’re telling you use it before you even have symptoms when it comes to exercise-induced asthma so you don’t develop symptoms so bottom line if you need relief from your symptoms no matter how minor they are if you are experiencing asthma

Symptoms that is what this reliever inhaler is for as long as you are not exceeding dosage limits and as long as you are not long term having to use it every single day this will definitely bail you out and make you feel better living with your asthma so i’m going to repeat again as i said earlier rule of thumb if it comes to a point where you’re looking at your

Reliever inhaler and you’re thinking you might need to use it use it that is what it’s there for to relieve symptoms but again the idea is to use this to help manage your asthma symptoms while you figure out your controller medication and while you figure out what needs cleaned what triggers you need to get out of your life so that way you don’t have to use this

Long term hopefully in this video i’ve given you a little better guidance on exactly when you should use your inhaler i hope you get to a point where you do not need to use this inhaler anymore and you’re able to control your asthma symptoms with just your controller medication but again that is what this is here for if you need to use it use it just don’t exceed

The dosages and don’t become reliant on it try not to use it every day but again you might go through a period where you just have to so while you learn to live without it use it when you need it

Transcribed from video
When To Use Inhaler: Albuterol For Asthma (Emergency, Rescue, Reliever Mist) By Cynical Mikey