June 1, 2023

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Which foods have you had to give up since starting prednisone because i certainly had to give up certain foods while on prednisone like this all the things let’s be honest it made me so hungry and the more i ate the more i succumbed the more i gained weight and it was terrible last time i talked about what people’s favorite tactics were for how to overcome

Prednisone weight gain this time i’m talking about how what do you have to give up while on prednisone what did you personally give up i asked the people on my prednisone warriors with dr megan facebook page if you’re not a member you should follow it and sign up to see all the cool stuff i post not only is it funny but it’s also educational helps you succeed

While on prednisone so i asked fellow partners and warriors what have you given up while on princeton i’m going to read them to you so that you can hear their best advice what they gave up that helped them and was worth giving up so first deborah said i still eat basically the same thing except a lot less of it sugar bread salt i do better if i don’t punish myself

And just eat a little we went to a nice restaurant and i ordered shrimp alfredo i ate the shrimp and a few bites of the pasta i was more than satisfied i eat a nice salad and steamed broccoli also i’ve been on prednisone for seven months and gained five pounds at all so that was deborah’s advice bronwyn said alcohol i agree with that that’s probably wise i have a

Whole video about alcohol you can watch all about why you need to get rid of alcohol on prednisone jim said carbs sugar salt that’s a nice quick summary of it what we really have to give up heidi said i will not give up my two scotch cocktails i gained some weight but it’s okay at least leah said salt bread and sugar carbs that don’t come with fiber vegetables

Are good no fruit at 60 milligrams for 52 days no weight gain no increased hunger that’s what she’s found helpful that’s a really high dose and to not be gaining weight is pretty amazing mary said because of the coumadin i’m taking due to the prednisone side effect of pulmonary embolisms i’ve had to give up vitamin k vegetables plus the fruit and veggies i had

To give up for the pemphigus so not sure what i gave up for the prednisone well prednisone caused the vitamin k issue right tiffany said bread and sugars and sodas darla said all the good stuff but i said to heck with that yeah i’ll gain weight again but i lose it again then when i’m back on it the cycle starts over i figure if i’m gonna die i might as well

Enjoy what life i have left why deny myself i give up i go to the gym because i enjoy it but i love to cook too and i’m good at it enjoy life while you got one i say so that was darla’s perspective tammy said pizza anything with ms msg or xanthan gum in it and salt that’s what she’s given up and i couldn’t agree more with that um i love i love these i’m just

Really glad that i didn’t know about these while i was on prednisone and they have 360 milligrams of sodium holy cow that is a ton so avoid it nancy said dairy she had to give up dairy beef wheat and sugar and then winslow said sugar completely i cannot do sugar at all ever again and so i agree with almost everything people have said here basically sugar and

Salt if you want to just slim it down to those two words sugar and salt right here sweet and salty there we go that’s what you got to give up unfortunately if it comes in a box probably not the best thing for you while you’re on prednisone if it’s got this kind of a package also not so hot for you if it’s got this lovely ingredient right here high fructose corn

Syrup not a good idea while you’re on fresno zone if it has enriched flour not so great if it has that much sodium no if they have to add all of these flavors in this is not what you want while you’re on prednisone so prednisone is a miracle and like darla said you can just live your life the way you want and gain the weight maybe it’ll come off maybe it won’t

It there’s no guarantee it’s not like when you stop taking prednisone that the weight just suddenly falls off that’s not how it works it’s real weight it doesn’t just fall off not like when you have a baby and the baby comes out so you automatically lose seven pounds instantly right that’s just not how it works with prednisone so if you gain that weight you have

To realize that it has to come off so if you’re taking all of these things out of your diet what are you going to put back in well next week i’m going to cover people’s favorite snacks while on prednisone so that’s one thing and then i invented this this is called neutronize it is a supplement designed specifically for people on prednisone these two go together

Like peanut butter and chocolate okay you probably shouldn’t eat that while you’re on prednisone peanut butter yeah just like the no salt added and no sugar added kind like the straight peanuts but these two go together like that like ranch and pizza okay you probably shouldn’t have that either because those are both super high in sodium or like um i don’t

Know i don’t know what other combination there is but these are go go together the best because prednisone steals nutrients all of that sugar mess up issues that’s because protozoans are glucocorticoid and this helps you deal with those sugars it’s got three ingredients in there that helps you not only overcome those cravings that prednisone gives you but it

Helps you have more stable blood sugar because prednisone is making your blood sugars go like this and this helps you have more stable sugar so you’re not having terrible consequences like the weight gain the moon phase the bloating all of the many consequences you give it back with neutronize so i’m here as your prednisone pharmacist to help you not just survive

Prednisone but thrive well on prednisone and this is the way i know to help you thrive the most over a thousand people have purchased this now it is amazing is life-changing people have told me it changes lives and that is the best way i know how to help you to overcome prednisone causing all of this misery for you signing off as dr megan your prednisone pharmacist you

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