February 8, 2023

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Now that covid isn’t such a huge concern i’d  love to cover a topic that i haven’t been able   to because that’s been the most popular topic of  all and it is which infections are most likely   while on prednisone and this study i’m going to  cover today happened before covid so we’re not   going to talk about that we’re done

Talking about  that we don’t talk about coven not today so which   other infections are most likely well in prison so  this study was done in the uk and they looked at   which in in people who took prednisone got an  infection compared to normal people who aren’t   that they were looking at people who had these   certain

Diagnoses they had asthma copd rheumatoid  arthritis inflammatory bowel disease polymyalgia   rheumatica cancer or connective tissue disease  and so only people with those conditions is what   they were studying to see which infections they  got while taking prednisone for those conditions   so of those they found that in within

The first  two weeks the most likely infection to happen   infection and that’s the most likely that’s the   most likely thing that will actually kill you on  prednisone and so then the next thing that you’re   most likely to get is called local candidiasis  which is also known as a yeast infection   the back of the

Throat maybe the tongue even   and it can also be in other places on your skin  in other strange places that would be a yeast   infection so those are the first two most likely  at any time but especially in the first two weeks   and that’s septicemia and that’s actually a  bacterial infection that’s all over the whole  

Body it’s not just limited to like your lungs  your nose or something it’s in your blood it’s   and so that’s a big problem if that happens   and then cellulitis that’s a skin infection of  bacteria and so but with both of these they’re   going to have to give you iv antibiotics which is  not at all fun and then the fifth one is

Herpes   zoster which is another fancy word for shingles  and so if you got chickenpox as a child it can   reactivate because your immunosuppressed and the  virus that’s been hiding in your nerve endings   can just reactivate and give you some seriously  miserable pain so those are the five most likely   to actually

Happen while you’re taking prednisone  for the infections infections that they couldn’t   people who aren’t taking steroids is varicella   dermatophytosis and scabies you’re as likely to  get that whether you’re taking pronoun or not   so what can we possibly do about these potentially  life-threatening complications and side

Effects of   prednisone and first of all um doctors can be very  aware that those are what to look for but what can   we do as pronouns own patients right excuse me so  first stay close in contact with your doctor if   you’re having any symptoms like me coughing that’s  not a good sign because that could be a sign of  

Pneumonia right and so what can we do to prevent  pneumonia from becoming a bad outcome so the two   most likely uh things you’re going to get infected  with that kills you with pneumonia you can prevent   with dententa a vaccine and so if you haven’t  already gotten your influenza vaccine every season   and a pneumococcus vaccine

If you’re a certain  age group or if you’re certain disease states   it’s over 60 people can get the pneumococcus   vaccine like the most common one is pneumovax and  then the flu vaccine every season and that way   pneumonia because that’s your most likely   complication from having taken prednisone and then  for the

Yeast infections it’s checking your mucous   membranes in your mouth having your make make  sure your doctor checks for that in your mouth the   back of your throat maybe your feet or other areas  that can be moist that’s where yeast likes to grow   you are on prednisone let me know what other  things you’re wondering about while

You’re   taking on taking prednisone just comment below  and if you liked this i appreciate you showing   subscribe and finally if you want more information   like this this is just a tiny bit of the tips  that i share excuse me my voice is so weird   checklist it contains this same information   worst side effects

That prednisone causes   and what you can actually do to combat them so  if you’d like a copy just click the link below   and you can get a copy of the prednisone checklist  you

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