February 1, 2023

A short film about why Albuterol whoops some serious ass.

Hi my name is zack and today i’m gonna be talking to you about albuterol and why kick so much ass first of all what is albuterol albuterol is a drug that has been found to relieve airway inflammation and as a result has been widely used as a treatment for asthma asthma zyk and is a chronic condition under which it makes it makes breathing very difficult due to

Airway constriction this is something like what a human airway looks like under normal you know normal conditions on the outside we have a muscle cell lining and on the inside we have an airway cell lining as you can see here there’s usually a very wide passage for air to pass through but under asthmatic conditions there are three things that happen first of all

The muscle cells on the outside contract second of all the airway lining becomes inflamed and as and as a result gets larger and on the inside than on the inside mucus builds up and as a trio it makes the airway much much smaller and it makes it much more difficult to breathe so how does albuterol go about fighting this issue so albuterol is inhaled through the

Lungs and through this it has the ability to come in contact with the cells lining the inside of our airways as you can see here there are receptors on those cells of our airways that can receive the albuterol and that has an effect on those cells now why why it is albuterol have an effect on these cells albuterol is very very similar to the structure of epinephrine

Epinephrine is commonly known as adrenaline now under normal conditions epinephrine is releasing the body and it allows for the relaxation of smooth muscle smooth muscle is found surrounding airways as well as blood vessels so when they are relaxed it allows for better airways for larger airways allowing for better breathing as well as larger blood vessels longing

For more blood to pass through now in the case of albuterol it is that only absorbed in the lungs so to absorb so it affects the cells they’re allowing for the relaxation of those muscles so as you can see here how you as you can see here the effects of albuterol on smooth muscles has a two-fold effect first of all as you can see here it binds and as a result two

Things happen first of all calcium is released from the cell not allowing those cells to be reactivated to cause flexion second of all the muscle fibrils inside those cells get looped up and are allowed to relax this is the short-term effect of albuterol on airway constriction but along with that albuterol has a long-term effect ha so how does albuterol have a

Long-term effect on airway constriction so under normal conditions the cells in our airways are very very mobile they are allowed to move around to remodel to allow for better breathing this is shown by a remodel of this house below so under normal conditions it the remodeling that occurs is in a beneficial way but due to the chronic nature of asthma the remodeling

That occurs then is any reverse direction and as a result is not beneficial for our abilities to breathe what albuterol does in this case is it decreases the ability for those month those cells move around so they get more stuck in a much better configuration suit similar to those of non asthma conditions thus albuterol has both a long-term and a short-term effect

Making it very very valuable for the treatment of asthma these are the references that i use to create this video both of them are primary references but if you want to look if you want to get a better look at just the basics of how this works wikipedia is always a great place to start so next time you see somebody that’s having a very difficult time breathing

And they have to use their inhaler just remember that this stuff in there kicks ass

Transcribed from video
Why Albuterol Kicks Ass By Zachary Pfeifer