June 4, 2023

Hey what’s up there i’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about dexedrine or the generic name dextroamphetamine so getting a lot of questions about people who number one i’ve never heard of it and are wondering why they haven’t heard of it and number two from people who know about it and are trying to get it and are wondering why they’re having such a

Difficult time in doing that when people will readily give them adderall and buy that so the answer is the simple and the obvious one its money and i’m going to break down that reason into three areas just to help you get a better understanding of what’s going on how these things work so number one they don’t market it because it’s a patent number two prescribers

Get money to prescribe these things number three i’m going to spend most of my time on macs that’s the one that you’re going to deal with the most and number three they run negative advertising against the old or drugs including dexedrine so we’ll begin with number one number one is pretty self-explanatory dexedrine is no longer on patent and that’s really the

Point of the adderall for spy vans video the reason that adderall and vyvanse exist is because you can’t continue to patent the same thing the patent expired so what they did is they came up with new mixtures and new ways of adding things onto the compound in order to reap at the drug is not to improve the drug in any way it’s just to do little things to it to

Make it repackage the bull so you’re trying to sell people the same thing so you mix it with stuff and you make small modifications to it so that you can sell it again and that’s what adderall is adderall is 75% dexedrine 25% level and fed amine which is the mirror image of dextroamphetamine or dexedrine so since it’s a new mixture you can repack with that and by

Vance is dexedrine bonded to an amino acid and once it goes into your body the amino acid comes off comes off and what are you left with you’re left with dexedrine so it’s exactly the same drug so you’re just repackaging it that’s a pretty self-explanatory reason the second one which i’m going to spend the most time on because it’s going to the one that is most

Relevant to people’s questions out there so i want to keep feeding myself prescribers get money to write these things and it’s not a lie it happens that i’m going to prove it to you and what i’m going to do is just give an example there are adopters who do videos on youtube as well do a tour offers finance and what i’m going to do is i’m going to show a video

Where a doctor gives a presentation on adderall verse 5 ants and he doesn’t mention the dexedrine or dexter and threatened me at all i’m going to do that on this side you watch that link each one of these videos is gonna be about two minutes are really short so watch that one i’ll put that one here and then the other one is going to be one that does mention it

And there is only real one real difference between the two and i’ll show that to you at the end okay and they say basically the same thing and i really want to show these two videos because these are very good examples of the type of consultation that you have likely received when you’ve gone to the doctor’s office and said you know i’ve heard about a door i’ve

Heard about five events i’ve heard about dextroamphetamine or you know i’m interested in stimulant medications that are like these they’re what are my options these are very likely to be along the you know in the avenue of what kind of thing you’re going to hear when you go to a doctor’s office when they explain to you the difference between of drugs you notice

That some mention it and most don’t though and that’s really going to address the people who are wondering why they haven’t heard of it and the reason again is just money and number three they run negative advertising against the older drugs so once a drug has gone off patent you can’t make any more money off of it and as i said before adderall vyvanse diction

Fighting they’re all more or less the same drug adderall is much more is is the most different out of all of them because it has level and fenneman which is a completely different compound as different effects has effects on the peripheral nervous system that’s why you have more heart palpitations more vasoconstriction and you just you know you feel more cracked

Out basically so basically but basically what you’re doing here is once the patent of one of them runs out it can’t really make you that much more money so you come out with a new drug let’s say you’ve got serene patent ran out now you come out adderall which is basically just a variation of the same drugs repackaging the same drug so now what you need to do is

You need to convert to the people who are happy on dexedrine do you adderall so what you do is you run negative advertising against it and if you want examples all you have to do is to search the drug on the internet you can search it on youtube even you’re going to see all kinds of videos or you know news articles and things like that is dexedrine dangerous are

People is it addictive is it this is it that and you won’t see it for the newer drugs like 5n so you what you’ll notice as well is you know the time frame of most of those videos is going to be about the time that dexedrine is patent expired and adderall came onto the market and now you’re starting to see the same sort of thing for adderall if you search adderall

Just on youtube now now all of a sudden you’re going to start seeing you know all kinds of videos that are like you know our college students abusing adderall is it dangerous as you know yada yada yada is it bad for you and what you’ll notice is that most of those started coming out pretty much all of them started coming out at about the time had a doors patent

Expired in finances coming out now if you search by vance you’re not going to see those same kind of videos even though it’s basically the same and it doesn’t have to make any sense so if you look at some of the old dexedrine you know negative advertising campaign videos a lot of the complaints are is it safe you know there was a child who died on it safe for

Your heart but the new drug that came out adderall and the wig it remembered extra dexedrine is just extra and feta means a 100 percent dextroamphetamine adderall is 75% dextroamphetamine 25 percent level and feta mean level and feta mean has much more effect on the peripheral nervous system and including your heart and the vasoconstriction and stuff like that

Then dexedrine that’s the dream mainly just effects your your mind your central nervous system so if you’re if people were really worried about the negative effects of dexedrine adderall is way worse it’s it would be even worse for your heart it’s going to because it has all those facts that ex adrene has plus a whole bunch of unnecessary heart side effects that

That dexedrine does not have so it’s everything dexedrine does plus a whole bunch of other stuff as well so it doesn’t make any sense from that perspective but that’s again that’s not the point the whole point is you want to convert people from dexedrine to adderall and if they think that adderall may potentially be somewhat safer you don’t the prove that it is at

All and you don’t you have to say anything you just run negative advertising for one and don’t for the other and people will convert and now you’re seeing the same thing with biman’s as they run the negative advertising against adderall and the reason they do that is just because it’s smart if if i would do the exactly the same thing if my sole purpose if i owned

That company which is to make as much money as possible that’s exactly what i would do because this is a smart business decision so now what we’ll do is we’ll look at each video and then i’ll explain a little bit more about it make sure you watch each one of those videos and then come back here and i’ll we’ll discuss them a little bit more so i’ll see you then

Welcome back so you finish watching those videos here’s the first video where the guy does not mention dexedrine at all here’s the second video where they mention it a few times and actually on a little side note here have a look there so you see what i’m talking about but anyways let’s continue so the main difference here is what i’m about to show you is money so

Here’s a guy doesn’t mention it here’s a guy that does what’s the difference in both say any more or less the same thing if you look at the first guy if i look them up in dollars for docs which is a pro publica website they’ve got it’s not a it’s not really that completed they’ve only the only follow like 20 or 30 companies basically out of you know the thousands

Of companies that are out there but what it will do is help us get an idea of what’s going on so you look up his name in there and you’ll start noticing payments like these five thousand dollars thirteen thousand four thousand four thousand eight thousand sixteen thousand thirty-five thousand six you know a few ones five thirty four thousand and goes on some more

Twenty five thousand fifty two thousand and it stops here so you can see that a lot of money is being paid out here and you’re going to start to notice a correlation between people and institutions that are getting big payments like this fifty thousand dollars at a time and those who you don’t find in there so the second guy i look him up in the pro publica system

And i find a guy with his name but i’m pretty sure that’s not him because he said he was from new jersey but either way it’s 61 dollars is basically nothing so you look at the difference here some guy mentions it several times and of course some people might say well maybe the first guy didn’t mention dexedrine at all because it’s an adderall verse five ants it’s

Not dexedrine versus vyvanse well that’s true but i’d really relate it to really put it to you this way imagine there is a restaurant and you you advise someone to go there but there’s a dress code are you going to tell them about the dress code or not if you don’t tell them about it they’re going to go there they’re gonna get turned away do you think they’re gonna

Be mad at you when they come back they’re gonna be like hey man why didn’t you mention there’s a dress code like oh well you didn’t ask they’re like what are you gonna say you’re like come on bro quit jerking me off that was it’s exactly what you’re gonna say right so you know that’s what this guy does i mean obviously he mentions it you know once or twice but he

Really doesn’t want to get into it because you know as you look in my video if you as soon as you start talking about it then you’ve got to get it into a long explanation clearly didn’t want to do that but you really have to mention it yet you just have to do it basically otherwise if you want to be honest anyways so you know and again just because i didn’t find

This guy in the system here doesn’t means not there me probably is not there but you know there are a lot of ways around the system i mean a lot of give you an example a lot of you who go to schools have a have an especially hard time getting dexter and freddy in fact most of the people who are to tell me they’re having difficulty getting dexedrine are people who

Go to school and the main reason for that is is and it’s not because dexedrine is hard to get as you saw there there are doc bunting and doctors who are willing to prescribe and write for it i’ve worked i work it i’ve used to work at an insurance company i’ve done you know thousands of claims for dexedrine happen all time every day single day i get one so it’s not

Uncommon at all but i know it’s less it’s harder at schools because the the pharmaceutical companies instead of paying the doctor is there because a lot of the doctors there are students anyways in training they’re not going to be getting paid by anyone what they do is they give you know they pay the schools or you know a chair a donate chair you know to make a

Charitable contribution whatever you want to call it pay the school and then what the school does is they set up policy so the kind of problems you’ve been running into where they say we just don’t prescribe that and then when you ask why they just say we just don’t do it you know you pick out a roll or buy it in so they can try to get you on vyvanse right so what

That’s one way to do it and you know there are plenty of doctors who don’t do their own practice anymore and what they do is they work for some other place and some other practice employs them and they don’t get paid i mean they can get paid directly by pharmaceutical companies but often what the place will do is the pharmaceutical company same thing will come in

To this to this company that has a bunch of primary care physicians they’ll say listen you know set it up the same way you know and you know basically the same sort of thing happens is where it’s just you know we have a policy where this is what we prescribe for but of course there’s just nothing wrong with the drug at all it’s just it’s just money as i showed you

It’s just money you can start to notice that correlation people who are getting paid a lot of money by different pharmaceutical companies they’re going to fail to mention things both of those guys tell you know everything they say is factual just one leaves out a lot of information one told you about the dress-code one didn’t tell you about the dress-code that’s

The difference so i hope you found this helpful if you have any comments leave them below otherwise see you next time

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Why Do People Not Prescribe Dexedrine (Dextroamphetamine)? By ONEEZE