March 28, 2023

My experience with Zoloft (Sertraline)

Welcome to my youtube channel jessica so today is going to be a different type of video this will be on top of my other mental health videos dealing with depression i want to talk to you guys about my experience being on antidepressants so yeah this is what this whole deal is going to be about in case if you guys are curious of what my experience has been so far

This is the video in case you think about starting it anything that i don’t cover in this video feel free to ask me in the comments below and i will get back to you so let’s go ahead and get started all right you guys saw my notes right here because i don’t want this to be like me jumping around from one thing to another in this video i’m gonna just be going off

These notes because i know i can get on and start rambling which is probably what i’m doing right now but what i want to start off with the reason why i started like my mental state was not in the best like shape at all like it was getting to the point if you saw my update you guys would know what i’m talking about but it just was not getting any better it was

Only getting worse by the day so i did some research on antidepressants but i didn’t go into like full like deep research like i usually do but i was just like you know what i’m gonna just go ahead and give this a try i was kind of scared of why my experience was side effects but i was like you know what something else gotta give something else gotta work for me

Because therapy obviously is not working meditating doing all that it’s it ain’t working you know what i mean i’m just being straight up i’m taking searchline which is so loft i just call it so often but i’m taking it from my major depressive disorder this is also used for anxiety also some other conditions that’s mainly why i can remember though actually kind

Of glad that is for anxiety as well because i do have anxiety so that’s like two on one you know so i started taking it on may 13th gnu started me at the 50 milligram so i wanted to go through the main side effects i was experiencing i would have to say like the number one top one was nausea number one for me and it lasted like a whole week i was either eating

Ginger chews sipping on ginger ale i’ve been drunk some sprite i don’t even drink spring that was what was keeping my stomach settled i mean i didn’t throw up anything first like couple days was the worst for me and i want to mention that i do take it in the morning i have the hour 16 beta or is i was 15 i don’t know one of them new hours beta pokeballs they got

Right now and they got where you can track your medication the login the time that you take it so that’s how i keep up with taking it every morning i’ve been set like for me to take at seven o’clock every day stays on the screen saying hey you still need to take it you supposed to take this at seven the other side of fat i experienced was drowsiness diarrhea loss

Of appetite yeah i did lose my appetite that week that was not just the first week but my appetite started coming back in the second one and then it just fully came 100 back so this is jazzy the editor i wanted to let you guys know one thing i did forget to mention i started at 50 milligrams i started to develop emotional blunting and that’s where basically you

Just don’t care about anything i’m talking about like savage like just incur so when i increased to a hundred that’s when it started decreasing but as soon as i hit 125 150 that’s when it went on to like the bat burner i still got emotional blending but it wasn’t as i don’t know like obvious i guess but i just wanted to throw that in there because you can also

Get emotional blunting while you’re on the into the person and i want to throw that in there so people don’t think that i didn’t experience it so i’m going to tell you guys how i ended up at the dos diameter right now so i don’t follow my doctor on june 15th i told her that was at 50 improvement which is a lot but i wanted to be at 100 so we ended up increasing

My dose we didn’t go to 75 milligrams we went straight to 100 any new side effects when i increased my dose i didn’t see no difference i think the only thing is like probably like tiredness on july 6 i did another follow-up i’ve been seeing her virtually but i will be going in person next week and that’s when we do another follow-up getting off track let me stay

On track so on july 6th i ended up telling her that i made 85 improvements so a big difference from 50 all the way to 85. everything is going good my motel was improving a lot but i wanted to be at 100 so we ended up increasing me to 125 milligrams but she ended up adding the 150 in case i do want to just go ahead and go up to that in case the 125 doesn’t give

Me that hundred percent my mouth is freaking dry i do know that another symptom is dry mouth maybe that’s why i’m experiencing right now or maybe because i just smoke i want to add in there that ends you lie my energy level has increased so much i got notification on my phone telling me hey your energy light increased like crazy in july i was like yes that’s what

I want to see improvement big improvement i was happy about that hallelujah august 4th i called my dog that acid can i go ahead and start taking the 150 mg i was like around like 90 percent when i started taking the 125. but i want to throw in there that you guys when you first start taking it it’s going to take a good maybe starting at two weeks you might feel

A difference but really for like the mass i would say a month to six weeks is when you start really feeling a change and then you can see hey if you want to increase or you know decrease depending on your side effects i wanted to throw that in there because i didn’t give you guys that information so i called her they called me back and she gave me the clearance

To take it and you always want to talk to your doctor first before you increase or decrease your medication this type of medication you can’t completely stop taking it cold turkey don’t do that you’ll get withdrawal symptoms and it can get crazy all right so currently i’m at 150 milligrams i would say yeah i’m at 100 my mental health has really really improved

Really improved i mean everything all clicked like last week i think it just like hit me all at once and i was like yo oh no it just clicked i don’t know how to explain it i know people that won’t answer the person they know all the time when you get to that point where you’re like okay this is peace this is happiness or whatever but i will be real there are

Some days where i’m just like bro i don’t want to be bothered with it’s not all peaches and cream 24 7 and i had to realize that i remember one day you know because i’m used to like and then one day i was like yo i’m not feeling it today i won’t be by the way i don’t talk to nobody i’m irritated blah blah that’s gonna happen see i’m thinking i’m about to be

Happy 24 7. it don’t work like that no ways i’d be 24 7 so i had to get that in my brain we could talk about the current symptoms that i’m experiencing right now i would have to say nausea here and there but for some reason i feel better after i eat why get nauseated not nauseous well i get nauseated my bad that means i need to eat if i don’t eat it’s just gonna

Feel worse which is so weird to me because you think nausea means like oh you’re not feeling but as soon as i get some food in my stomach man i’m feeling so much better i just noticed that a couple weeks ago i was like oh getting nauseous at me i need to eat i eat and i’ll be better i don’t know if anybody else experienced that one thing on the thorn that you

Can take this either in the morning or before bed sometimes it works better for people before bed but me i’m just the type of person i want to get over with like in the morning ain’t got worry about no more right now how i’m feeling i’m feeling really really good i do look back on how i was before i started this medication it just makes you reflect on how you

Were then how you are now and what’s gonna happen in the future that’s the person i used to be this the person i am now i’m growing so now i just push myself to be the best version of myself each and every day if i go out in public i’ll make sure i do something to help somebody in a way if that’s complimented them you know giving but they can’t see my smile kind

Of wearing my mask but you know i just try to find ways to make somebody else’s day better or for a second anybody i made the whole day just like oh wow that was a really good person you know what i mean last time i said is that it starts off rough but i’m telling you it is worth it and i know a lot of people are scared to try it because of the side effects but

I’m telling you my doctor recommended so a lot for me she was like that’s the best one she just had other patients good experience with it so that’s why she recommended for me to take it i just say it’s just trial and error you try it out and see if it improves if not then they’ll switch you to one day that works best for you the law it helps me but don’t mean

It might help the next person oh yeah you guys hope this video was helpful for you don’t forget to leave your question in the comments below tell me guys what you think your experience if you are an anti-depressant share your story below i love to read them and how they’re helping you or if it didn’t help you your experience negative or positive i would love to

Read it stay safe and i love you all seen as well all right you guys i forgot to put chester at the end of the video just a pool hey puppy look oh let’s see hey puppy puppy shea body daily game puppy bye i can’t get those eye boogers in your brush state but it’s okay i still love you

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