March 28, 2023


Okay guys welcome back today i’m going to do my second acne update um and yeah so let’s get into it as you guys know i have been taking spironolactone for a while now and my skin did clear up um but i did stop taking it i’m gonna go back on it though as soon as i possibly can because as you can see my skin got um really bad again the reason that i stopped taking

It is actually just because my period got even worse i’m sorry i’m looking down right now i’m pulling up my period tracker on my phone so if you guys saw my first acne update video i’ll put a link for it up here but basically the only issue that i was having with spironolactone was when i moved up to a higher dose um it completely messed up my period and yeah um

I’m not about that actually i had my period at that point i’m gonna pull up my log on my period tracker by the way if you are a person who men straights you should really invest in a period tracker i mean i say invest but like this one was free um they’re super helpful but yes so basically when i switched from taking a regular dosage to a higher dosage my period

Went from you know uh normal length like 27 26 days twenty-eight days depending obviously it went down to 17 and then it went even further down to 14 days um and then i talked to my doctor and she said you know what we’re gonna go back to the original dose which i was originally on 50 milligrams of spironolactone so then it went back to normal and it was 26 days

And then it for some reason got a little bit shorter 23 but that’s like kind of still normal right so i was like okay fine but then it like dropped down to 14 days and i started breaking out horribly and i mean like yes i’m breaking out now and i really regret it so that’s why like i’m gonna go back um but i will put photos up but basically um my skin just like i

Could see where they were gonna be but i couldn’t like they weren’t they were like the ones that come from underneath like the cystic acne again and so i had like a bunch all over my cheeks and then like they got like really dry when they were like they weren’t even out you know what i’m saying they just like these red horrible read it looked like hives um but it

Wasn’t um but yeah and they got like really dry and really patchy and it just looked terrible no amount of makeup could cover it because you could see the texture um and yeah and so basically i was like you know what i’m gonna stop maybe it’s just as medicine yeah basically i stopped taking it and i really like i don’t know why i did that honestly because i gave

It a month and this is one month later of me being off of spironolactone and as you can tell or i don’t know maybe you can’t tell i’m not sure how the light is showing it but my skin is pretty bad again and i had like a huge huge huge breakout right here um like a very very large cystic acne which i have not had in months like i haven’t had this since last winter

And a part of me was thinking you know maybe it was just because of like the weather change in my last acne update video i showed you guys some of the products that i was using and they were really lightweight i am still using the murad acne acne clearing solution i really like this still um but i don’t see a big of a difference anymore with this but as far as it

Goes for moisturizer i do use a serum this is the anna lou naturals fruit stem cell science serum i’ve been using this forever underneath my eyes but now i use this also all across my face where i live is super cold right now and my skin just like is taking a beating honestly so i feel like that’s also contributing to the state of my skin however um even when i

Was on spironolactone like i was breaking out and i feel like my skin was already adjusting to the dry weather at that point so i’m like i don’t know what’s going on and as for moisturizer i am using the shade moisture raw shea butter anti-aging moisturizers is super awesome one if you really dry skin like me um but yeah i mentioned in my last video that i was

Supposed to be seeing a dermatologist very soon um that did not happen um i got a referral but literally i just got so busy with my finals in school that i literally missed the appointment so that is on me i’m gonna see if i can get that fixed see if i can go back uh not sure if uh if that’s okay but i will be trying my bed and if not i will let you guys know if

There’s maybe some other solutions that i can do i do plan on changing it my skincare again right now i am using a cleansing oil also from shea moisture and i really like it but i think i need to have something like i feel like i need something different i don’t know i like it i’m not sure if it’s what’s adding to the breakout so i’m not sure i’m gonna go back on

Spironolactone see if the cleansing oil is still if it’s causing my skin to break out i don’t feel like it is because these are things that come from underneath my skin if that makes sense um but and to be fair like these breakouts did start only when i stop taking the medicine if that makes any sense there’s this there’s just so many variables and i feel like

People with acne you guys understand how it’s like it’s hard to tell what’s exactly causing these issues so um i’m gonna do a lot of experimenting with my skincare with you know um everything that i’m eating and everything like that and see if maybe there’s something i can make a difference i have been eating a lot cleaner lately i mean right now it’s like all

Adei seasons oh okay i’m slacking a little bit but when all these breakouts started happening i started just you know eating like a ton more fruits and vegetables and so like i wasn’t eating them before but like more you know what i’m saying i already do a vegan diet so it’s already pretty clear of you know dairy which is usually like what causes so many breakouts

For so many people um which adds like the hormonal issues that a lot of people have with their skin i will be posting an update when my skin gets kind of back to what it used to be but as for right now i have so many breakouts as you can see like i don’t know how well it’s showing up on camera honestly because my row is super bright right now um i have like just

A time natural light just in my face um but i breakouts all across my face all on my i haven’t had breakouts along my chin in the longest time like i haven’t had breakouts on my cheeks in a very long time um i’m breaking on my forehead i’m breaking out on my cheeks i’m breaking out literally everywhere and it’s just like i don’t even know i i’m not a fan of this

At all um also something weird that happen and i’m not sure if this is related but i feel like i should mention this is i got acne underneath armpit which that has never happened to me and i know that it does happen to some people and that only happened when i stopped taking spironolactone to be fair i did change my deodorant to a more natural one i think it’s

Yeah it’s the tom’s long lasting 24 hour something i don’t know but it’s like a natural deodorant so i’m not sure if it was caused from that but it was only on one side um but i just wanted to mention that because i know some people do get that also hormonal ii so i’m not sure if that happened for me not taking spironolactone because of this failed experiment of

Me being like i can go off through in a lactone i’m gonna go back on it um i still have a huge supply my doctor basically uh when i was on that higher dosage she gave me like i could take like two of the pills of my regular dosage to get to that higher dosage to get to a hundred milligrams so um i still have like a ton of like 50 milligrams she just said you know

Just come back to me when you need more so i’m gonna just go back on it and go back to her when i need a refill basically um but yeah i i don’t know what caused my period to act up again i think it’s honestly because i like missed a day or two or something like that so i just need to get more consistent with um taking it every day that’s my problem with so many

Medicines i used to be on birth control for other health reasons but it did help my acne a lot and when i was on that i had issues taking it every single day and that’s why i stopped taking in the long run um it’s just because i can’t remember to take it which is a terrible thing because if you need it for your health or if you need it for like you know what i’m

Saying like that could that can really mess with your health um in your life so but yeah so i’m gonna go back to taking spironolactone actually today is gonna be my first day going back on it like i said i think i’m gonna just keep playing around with my skincare see if anything will help i do a lot of sheet masks as of recently i mean i feel like i always do a

Lot of masks just to help my skin in any way possible i still do those clay masks from shea moisture um well mud masks there’s three of them i try all of them depending on what my skin needs right now i’ve been trying a lot of these guys these are both of them have been opened but um the yes – brand yes to cucumbers and yes to grapefruit and then there was like

Yes to tomatoes that i tried which was for acne that one is like straight how well i don’t think i’m gonna use that and um but yeah i try a lot with my skincare um i don’t know this is very rambling but i hope that this helps you guys at all but just let you know this is how my skin is right now and i feel like this is such a downgrade from where i used to be so

So i’ll talk to you guys in another video and i hope this helped so see ya bye

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Why I stopped taking Spironolactone for Acne (and why I'll go back on) | Acne Update #2 By Hime Hime Star