January 27, 2023

There are many widespread myths about metformin as a longevity or performance-enhancing agent. In this podcast clip for a live IGTV that I did with @muscle__master on Instagram, I break down some of the science around the alleged performance-enhancing benefits for athletes–and why taking metformin might not be such a great idea if you are an athlete or bodybuilder and do not have diabetes.

Yeah so one of the one of the most interesting things is from from a physical performance perspective is that metformin tends to where it does impair um adaptation to exercise and it does this both for endurance exercise as as well like aerobic exercises as well as resistance training so they actually looked at it was once thought that um inflammation in the

Muscle might be one of the reasons why older people might have more of a difficult time gaining muscle than younger people so they thought that giving people metformin which is known to reduce inflammatory markers i think in the muscle it was thought that giving them metformin might actually help older people to gain more muscle but then when they did this they

Found that they actually gained less muscle whenever they took metformin than whenever they didn’t take metformin and this was a recent study that came out just a couple years ago um so that’s one thing to think about as far as like body composition stuff is concerned i know that metformin has often been used by bodybuilders for i think quite a few years now

But i think the research that’s coming out is is pretty negative as far as the the muscle gain aspect is concerned and so if you’re going to like pig out and cheat yeah like maybe it might help to to mitigate some of the blood glucose spikes but it’s certainly also going to mitigate some of the anabolism that you’re going to get from the taking out and cheating

Because often i don’t know about you but like often if i’ve if i like gain a bunch of weight at once usually i gain a bunch of strength at once and that’s usually a kind of a good thing is from a bodybuilding perspective so you’re going to mitigate some of that you’re going to lose some of those gains if you’re taking metformin at the same time the other thing is

Is you wouldn’t want to take metformin after after you do all of those things you’d want to take it a little bit before your body needs to to get metformin system for it to to mitigate some of the metabolic downsides of overeating uh and then the the other how was that how long before a big meal yeah no you it needs to build up so metformin has to become um it

Has to accumulate it actually takes i i can’t remember the exact time frame but it’s on the order of weeks so it needs to be weeks before you you uh you start fully acute like the metformin accumulates in the tissue it has to accumulate in the tissue and it takes weeks for that to happen so um simply like taking it like the day before is is is not really going

To help you nearly as much as as starting to take it a few weeks before so that’s the point so it doesn’t do the miracle you take one tablet and all the calorie tube that is gone well certainly it’s not going to mitigate weight gain right it’s not going to mitigate weight gain unless it’s giving you diarrhea if it’s giving you diarrhea and you’re using it as

A laxative then yeah but if it’s not giving getting you giving you diarrhea then it’s not going to mitigate those calories those calories are going into your fat so if you’re going to be interested in like mitigating weight gain from like eating a bunch take a laxative but don’t take a laxative that’s a terrible way to like try to get weight gain like that’s an

Eating disorder territory but if you’re not like getting diarrhea if you’re not have using it as a laxative you’re not being eating disorder basically then it’s not helping you to mitigate that weight gain that’s the first thing i would say thank you very much yeah

Transcribed from video
Why metformin is a bad idea for athletes By The Kevin Bass Show