February 7, 2023

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Another video on women’s nutrition clinic   youtube channel my question for you today is are you somebody that is on metformin has been on   metformin and struggling with unwanted gut issues like unexpected and urgent trips to the bathroom   gas bloating indigestion or smelly stool if so  you’re not alone today we’re going to talk

About   some of the reasons you might be having some of this gi upset about half of the women on   metformin actually experience gi issues and i was definitely one of those when i struggled with pcos   years ago the doctors put me on metformin and i didn’t last long at all one of the biggest   challenges to reaping the

Benefits of metformin is actually staying on it and adhering to it because   we’re just going to chat about some of the reasons   as to why this might be happening so give me a thumbs up in this video below if you are ready   to learn about metformin and what’s going on all right so for starters what is metformin well  

It’s a drug that’s commonly used to help regulate insulin blood sugar and it’s typically used to   support individuals with diabetes and even pcos because you might be someone like i was going to   the doctor getting that diagnosis of pcos and told that metformin would be part of the treatment plan   the mechanisms of metformin

Metformin can   actually alter the gut microbiome there’s been a study to show that women on metformin had a   different microbiome than women not on metformin so what this means is that the bacteria species   within the gut can change and be altered now it’s important to note that women with pcos   have some sort of

Precaution and know that maybe a little extra gut support could be helpful   because if you’re struggling with dysbiosis in  the gut you may struggle with ibs type symptoms   such as those unwanted unexpected and urgent trips to the bathroom gas bloating you name it   mechanisms as well there have been more recent  

An enzyme that helps to break down histamine   and it can also alter serotonin transportation so through these different mechanisms it can actually   contribute to increased gut motility now the exact reasons or the exact how metformin is working um   not 100 clear just yet but we do have some   detailed studies to go off of

And one other thing i want to mention is that metformin can alter a   bacteria that produces butyrate which is a short chain fatty acid butyrate may support in blood   that metformin may alter the gut microbiome   it may inhibit specific mechanisms and transport systems all of these can increase that gut   motility so

It’s important to always work with  your provider figure out ways to support your   gut health or possibly figure out an alternative route so that you’re not in discomfort so i hope   this video helped you in understanding a little bit more about what’s going on in your body what’s   going on with metformin and you’re not alone

You don’t need to be embarrassed this happens to a   lot of women i hear about this a lot and that’s why i felt like it was important to bring it to   you on the channel today so give me a thumbs up if you haven’t already if you like this video be   sure to subscribe or leave a comment below and let me know where you’re at

In your journey with pcos

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Why Metformin Makes You Poop By Women’s Nutrition Clinic