February 8, 2023

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Over 50 percent of heterosexual men have a fear that if they explore anal of some kind it’s going to turn them gay or impact their sexual orientation in some way and man i get it i’m a heterosexual guy i used to be afraid of this too this fear limits guys so much it limits you from so much pleasure a lot of heterosexual guys say that exploring anal pleasure internally

In themselves was one of the things that unlocked their ability to have full body orgasms and even non-ejaculatory orgasms and man if you have never gotten a while your girlfriend fingers your prostate or stimulates your prostate with a sex toy you are missing out dude it’s so pleasurable it’s it feels so so good so think about these three things number one

Any sex act between a man and a woman is a heterosexual act by definition you could be fingering her she could be fingering your you could be licking her ass or she could be licking your ass and you could all be enjoying it you could be her in the ass she could even be you in the ass with a strap-on dildo pegging and it would be heterosexual sex because it’s

A man and a woman having sex together the sex act does not determine sexual orientation it just doesn’t number two there is no specific part of your body that is oriented towards a specific sexual orientation that’s just not how it works your entire body is wired for pleasure you can experience pleasure in your arm you can experience pleasure in your face most

Guys experience most of their pleasure in their penis but also you have pleasure nerves that run into your anal region too those same nerves that run into your penis also run into your anus and your prostate area and those same nerves can go to your brain boom and cause orgasm and some of the orgasms you can experience through anal stimulation are incredible man

It’s like it’s so good and i’m excited about it you can tell and i’m like feeling passionate about it because so many guys limit themselves in this in this domain because there’s so much stigma about it there’s so much stigma and fear and concern and awkwardness and you just you got to get over that you got to get over that because it can open up so much and when i

Think back to when i used to be afraid of this i was really missing out i was really missing out not only from the pleasure that i could experience but also from the connection with my girlfriends that can come from opening myself up to receiving pleasure from her like wow it’s amazing point number three is whoever you are attracted to is what determines your sexual

Orientation remember that the sex act does not determine orientation it’s who you are attracted to so if you were really attracted to women and you’re a guy and you like touching their or or you like it when they touch your that’s boom simple you’re a heterosexual guy if you like men if you’re attracted to men and you want to touch their and that you want them

To touch your then you like men maybe you’re gay maybe you’re bisexual maybe you’re something other than heterosexual but it’s who you’re attracted to that determines sexual orientation not the sexual act not the part of your body that is being stimulated or that you are stimulating interesting fact there are a lot of gay men who don’t actually enjoy penetrative

Anal sex like a substantial percentage of these guys who are gay don’t like penetrative anal sex and so again it’s not the sex act it’s who you are attracted to and just for clarity i’ve experienced a lot in the anal exploration region and i’m still heterosexual for example i’ve fingered my girlfriend’s ass she’s fingered mine we both licked each other’s anuses

I’ve my girlfriend in the ass she has me in the ass with a strap-on pegging it has felt incredible and i still love women i do not find men sexually attractive part of my exploration as a sex coach and sex educator was to go to those levels and see like okay does this actually like what is the impact of exploring this on my system and orientation is it anything

At all no it’s nothing in fact it well it’s nothing on sexual orientation and it’s massive on the amount of pleasure that i can now experience because i’ve opened myself to explore in this way so if you’re curious about this if you want to go deeper if you want to go deeper i have a course about anal sex it’ll help you master the art of anal sex and experience all

The benefits from opening yourself to this pleasure also if your mind still needs a little bit of evidence and convincing around the possibility that straight men like anal check out this video right here that will help you out and cheers to your pleasure peace

Transcribed from video
Will Anal Turn Men Gay? – (Video for Straight Guys) By Taylor Johnson – Sexual Mastery Coach for Men